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Welcome to XlightMedia. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing on iPhone & iPad apps that help you to solve real-life problems. Moreover, we post iOS app reviews that help you to find the best free iPhone apps in the App Store.

Let's become more productive

The iPhone and iPad apps offer many benefits to make our lives easier. The utility and productivity-related blogs help you solve the iOS-based real-life issues that the iPhone or iPad apps users often confronts with. Thus, you will be more productive everyday. The “How to” blogs help you answer the productivity or utility-related problems you face, and the review blogs offer the best apps to solve those problems.

Utility and productivity apps for iPhone and iPad

Be creative with your photos and videos

Experience iPhone photography and video making better than ever. We offer valuable tips and tricks that helps you to modify, blur and beautify your photos and videos taken with your iPhone camera. The how-to blogs will help you get the best solutions for your iPhone photography-related questions. The Product review will present some useful blogs that you will need when you do photography or videography with your iPhone. 

Photography apps for iPhone Photo and video

Make your business better on iOS supported devices

We offer lots of apps suggestions and tutorials that will enhance your business. Say no to  clutters due to daily business-related issues. Solve every business problem with the business apps. For instance, you need to archive business contacts? We have content covering the best business card scanner apps for iPhone. We also cover various types of business apps to help your business accelerate. 

business apps for iPhone and iPad

Get a better music experience

Reading out the post on our music category will sharpen your knowledge music experience on your iPhone. You can boost the bass, adjust the volume or customize your music preference after going through these blogs. Moreover, you will also get reviews and comparisons of the best musical apps for iPhone and iPad.

music apps for iPhone and iPad

Maintain better health using the best iPhone apps

Maintaining good health and balanced sleep makes you more energetic and productive. The health and fitness category offers lots of iPhone app-based tutorials that always keep you fit. Also, this category covers lots of valuable fitness app reviews and comparisons. These reviews are written by health app specialists. Thus you can install the best health and fitness app on your iPhone and iPad. 

health and fitness apps for iPhone and iPad