11 Best Dictation Apps for iPhone – Reviewed

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11 best dictation apps for iphone

Dictation apps are useful and sometimes turn one’s life around, especially for amputees or disabled people. What the best dictation app for iPhone does is amazing. They identify and register verbal speech precisely and convert them into plain texts.

Why Best Dictation App for iPhone?

The booming technology and fast flourishing Ai have brought up some very effective dictation apps in recent years. These apps are useful in multiple sectors, including in scenarios where we have to consider disabled persons. Another widespread use of dictation apps is in the translation field. The live dictation function and instant conversion to desirable languages are beneficial for conversing with non-native speakers.

Best Dictation Apps for iPhone

When considering accessibility factors, dictation apps for iPhone hit the bull’s eye. Starting with the daily tasks enlisting to journal narrations, dictation apps are gaining popularity. In other words, dictation apps are the new trendy companion for you.

We have highlighted the 11 best dictation apps for iPhone in this article for you. Apps of this list are effective for expatriates, disabled persons, and users ready to narrate their daily journals hands-free. So, here’s the list:

List of 11 Best Dictation App for iPhone

  1. Translator: Translate Voice
  2. Day One Journal: Private Diary
  3. Temi – Recorder & Transcriber
  4. Transcribe Live
  5. Dictation – Speech to text
  6. Translator+ Free my voice now
  7. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes
  8. The Scribe App
  9. Translate King – Translator
  10. Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now
  11. Transcribe – Speech to Text

Translator: Translate Voice

The first app on our list is Translator: Translate Voice. This application is capable of translating more than 100 foreign languages into English and vice versa. What makes this app the best dictation app for iPhone is its clean interface. But the most appreciated feature lies in its speech registering option.

Translator offers a state-of-the-art category dictation option where users’ dictated speech instantly turns into texts. The speech recognition and registration are precise, and the responses are instantaneous.

Apart from translation and dictation recognizing functions, this app possesses a library of an offline phrasebook. Therefore, count it as one of the offline translator apps. This specialized tool can also recognize and translate content scanned on your iPhone camera, making it one step more dynamic.

Key Features:

  • Translate multiple languages; 100+ different languages in precise
  • Real-time voice to text algorithm integration
  • Scan and translate anything using your device camera
  • A compelling phrasebook packed with phrase templets for offline usage
  • Add favorite to all listed texts important to you
  • Clean and simple interface without clutter

Lets see a tuturial video on how to translate speech to text on iPhone

Install the Translator app on your iPhone for free

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Day One Journal: Private Diary

As the name suggests, Day One Journal: Private Diary makes daily journal entries much convenient. This app is our exclusive entry on the list and is one of the most competitive transcriber tools. However, you have to have the premium version to enjoy this function.

Nevertheless, the free version has unlimited text entry and formatting facilities. The uncanny data security measures make it one of the best dictation apps for iPhone. Other functions include media import, customizable templates, daily journal prompts, etc.

Key Features

  • Conveneint Speech to texty transcribing fucntion
  • Daily journal recording and journal composing function
  • Dedicated widgets for journaling
  • Templets and daily prompts for daily record keeping
  • Add reference notes, voice and photo along with your text

Temi – Recorder & Transcriber

Experience rapid transcription with Temi- Record & Transcriber. It offers instant speech-to-text conversion, which is convenient on the move.  You can manage the voice recordings separately and share them with peers with Temi.

The most fascinating part is that it is ads-free, and real-time voice-to-text streaming is also free. Temi offers several other fascinating functions relating to voice recording, transcribing, and content sharing functions.

Key Features:

  • Record and transcribe lectures, meeting, etc
  • It is the best dictation app for iPhone for its fast transcribe response
  • Record voice file and share them conveneintly with peers
  • Import audio files from external sources for transcribing

Transcribe Live

Count Transcribe Live in the group of the best dictation app for iPhone for its efficient real-time transcribing function. It transcribes meetings minutes, registers voice memos, and interviews conveniently.
Users can tag timestamps for individual speakers on this app, making the text conversion more usable. Transcribe Live can recognize multiple language speeches, including English, Arabic, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Key Features:

  • Best voice to text app for iPhone
  • Keep timestamps for important portion of the recorded speech
  • Strong security feature for safe content handling
  • Recognize multiple languages

Dictation – Speech to text

A straightforward app that converts speech to text. Dictation-Speech to text supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple watch and brings you an almost error-free dictation function. This transcription app works like a real-time transcriber and recognizes a plethora of languages. It uses a high-end speech-to-text conversion engine as a built-in algorithm.

Key Features:

  • Focuses solely on dictation transcribing
  • Real-time and error free transcribing function
  • Recognize multiple languages

Translator+ Free my voice now

With the capability to recognize 50+ languages, Translator+ Free my voice, also known as Vocre, is our next entry. It’s one of the offline translator apps that’s a translator as well as a compelling speech-to-text conversation tool. The simple interface and effective dictating operation, making this one of the best dictation apps for iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Identify 50+ foreign languages
  • Real-time speech to text conversaion
  • Instantly translate foreign languages
  • Easy communication path for business

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Keeping notes and reminders up-to-date is now easy with Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes. This application lets you capture all your meeting notes and reminders in one hub. Moreover, the voice-to-text converter is also reliable on this application making the real-time note-taking blazing fast. As you use Otter, it learns more with its optimized learning algorithm. Lastly, enjoy a quick note-sharing option with this dictation app.

Key Features:

  • Record and review meeting notes in real-time
  • Transcribe voice notes
  • Optimized learning algorithm for precise note-keeping
  • Quick note sharing across multiple platforms

The Scribe App

Change the way you take notes at the meeting or during a class lecture. With The Scribe App, you can conveniently record the whole conversation and turn that into readable messages. Transcribe every instruction and comment without any skip and save those in a single storage. Flag any moments of your recording that sound important to you. Next, with this app, you can add photos as supplements for your transcribed content.

Key Features:

  • Quickly Convert voices into readable text
  • Precise transcription and text saving function
  • Flag the favorite to trace it fast lateron
  • Add media files such as photos as your text suppliments

Translate King – Translator

Translate King -Translator is another translation app on our list that offers excellent speech-to-text functions. Translator King can recognize 100+ languages and has a superb photo translation function.

With this, you can scan any context in a foreign language and convert it into the language you need. Features like real-time speech translation for conversing in foreign lands, three integrated dictionaries, etc. make this app the best dictation app for iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Translate multiple languages instantly
  • Can recognize 100+ languages
  • Reak-time transcribe from speech, and even photos
  • Comes with three compelling dictionaries for references

Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

Dictate anything and see it in text form instantly with Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now. The app design made work more productive for you and helps make the best use of your time. Dragon Anywhere keeps useful templates for phrases that can shorten your writing time even further, considering your precious time. Finally, the auto-correction and easy sync functions add up cherries on the top when using this application.

Key Features:

  • Dictate any document using voice
  • Use templetes for faster text composition
  • Auto correct and easy sync facility for your text
  • Clean interface for better productivity

Transcribe – Speech to Text

We will draw an end to our list with the Transcribe- Speech to Text app. This app does exactly what its name says; It transcribes, and it does this task precisely. You can import voice records and transcribe them all in this app.

Subsequently, here you get the privilege of multi-language supports; 120 in precise. Lastly, with Transcribe, the sync processes are easy for texts and recorded contents across multiple devices and platforms.

Key Features:

  • Known for its accurate transcibing function
  • Enjoy computer transcription instantly
  • Search important text with convenient manner
  • Supports 120 languages along with dark theme


Be productive. Make good use of your time. These are what we believe are the only keys to success. Having the best dictation app for iPhone can surely help scavenge those keys. Our team at Xlightmedia constantly attempts to give you top-quality apps for your iPhone and iPad. This article explaining the list of the 11 best dictation apps for iPhone is one such attempt.

Read more about such useful utility apps for iPhone and iPad on our Utility and Productivity section of the website. Get in touch with our featured apps such as Translator: Translate Voice and make productive use of your iPhone and iPad.

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