15 Handwriting to Text Apps for iPhone

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15 Handwriting to Text Apps for iPhone


Do you know you can easily convert handwriting to text files without manually dictating and transcribing? Thanks to the immense development of the mobile apps industry. With reliable handwriting to text app, the automated conversion is just one scan away.

About handwriting to text app for iPhone

You can easily convert handwritten notes or memos instantly into digital text by scanning with an iPhone camera. Sound interesting? It can be done when you have competitive handwriting to text app on your device.

What iOS apps under this category do is, use the device’s camera to scan the handwritten contents from external sources. Text scanner apps use the algorithm to convert handwritten content to texts.

Listing out 15 handwriting to text apps for iPhone

Several mobile apps are available online to convert handwriting to digital fonts. We have schemed through the mass and pulled out the 15 handwriting to text apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Scanner App – PDF Editor
  2. Evernote – Notes Organizer
  3. Microsoft OneNote
  4. Text Scanner (OCR)
  5. INKredible 
  6. Pen to Print – Hand-writing OCR
  7. Penultimate 
  8. Notes Plus 
  9. Notability
  10. ZoomNotes Lite
  11. Notepad+: Note Taking App
  12. QuickNotes X 
  13. Pen & Paper – Digital journal 
  14. Nebo: Note-Taking & Annotation
  15. LiquidText 

Scanner App – PDF Editor

handwriting to text app - scanner app pdf editor

Scanner App- PDF Editor is the first entry on our list of the most reliable handwriting to text apps for iPhone and iPad. This text scanner has features that you might find useful. With this application, you can text both in Image format or PDF format. The process of storing content is simple; launch the app, tap on the add (+) icon at the bottom of the interface. This will give you three options.

You can import text from the cloud and create a new folder to store files. You need to tap on the third option, ‘Scan with Camera.’ Tapping this option will automatically launch the iPhone’s camera function. Now you are ready to scan the handwritten text or any other document to extract their data.

Key Features:

  • Scan using the camera or simply import a text from the cloud
  • Use OCR to identify and convert the handwriting to text
  • Add highlights, markups or do minor edit on saved PDF or jpg files
  • Convert any text into PDF or JPG
  • Create unlimited folders for your saved texts
  • Edit stored texts  by rotating, adjusting, or re-orienting
  • Add handwritten signature on PDF content
  • Supports multiple PDF page scanning and merging

How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone (Video Tutorial)

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Evernote – Notes Organizer

handwriting to text app evernote

Evernote is a renowned app developed to organize and manage notes, handwriting, and other text documents. With this very app for iPhone and iPad, the conversion function of handwriting to text is easy and reliable. You can also use this app as an ultimate note organizer and composer.

Key Features:

  • Scan and store handwritten contents to the text
  • Scan doc, pdf, business card, or anything with text and data
  • Easy note-taking services
  • Mark and doodle on an image with markers and writing tools
  • Daily task update and management function
  • Capture contents and data straight from the internet

Microsoft OneNote

handwriting to text app microsoft onenote

Write and draw straight on your iPad using Microsoft OneNote. Now it’s easy, accurate, and gives you a broader scope to compose notes, plans, project ideas, memos, and more. You can create and store colorful virtual sticky notes for every appointment and reminder. You can write doodles and notes directly on the app and share them instantly.

Key Features:

  • Handwriting to text function for iPhone
  • Create and sync sticky notes and keep daily reminders
  • Write or doodle on a word note or saved doc on your iPad
  • Multi-platform and easy data sharing options

Text Scanner (OCR)

handwriting to text app text scanner

This is an OCR-based application. It works on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. What Text Scanner does is straightforward. The OCR of this specialized app claimed to be 99% accurate. The app can recognize 90+ languages. As for the outline, it can scan and extract texts from images and instantly share content.

Key Features:

  • Reliable OCR integration
  • Works for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Recognizes 90+ languages
  • Scan and extract text from images
  • Share files conveniently


handwriting to text app inkredible

Inkredible is one of the best handwritten-to-text apps for iPad. This particular application doesn’t support iPhone, and it is one of the best alternatives to typical papers. With this saying, you can write, scribble or draw anything using INKredible. Moreover, you can select document texts and add annotations on PDFs.

Key Features:

  • Make scribbles and creative artworks on your iPad
  • Resize and move handwritten contents and other text
  • Supports iPad and Pencil features
  • Fine edit annotations, drawing with zoom in and color modifying options
  • Clean interface for doodling or scribbling

Pen to Print – Hand-writing OCR

handwriting to text app pen to print

It is one of the effective handwriting to text apps for iPhone that also works effectively on iPad. It can scan and recognize handwritten content and instantly convert them into text. The app also allows you to cross-check handwritten content against converted text line by line to ensure better accuracy. Other than this, you can create notes and edit PDFs on the go before exporting and sharing them with peers.

Key Features:

  • Specialized handwriting to text conversion with OCR
  • Line by line cross-check function for content accuracy
  • Convert any text content into editable content
  • Instant conversion of handwritten content into text on iPad
  • Easy content editing and sharing options


handwriting to text app penultimate

Penultimate brought to you by Evernote is one of the best handwriting to text apps for iPad. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the version of this application for the iPhone. However, the task it delivers on the iPad is outstanding.

The instant handwriting to text conversion, handwriting recognition, and easy notes management function are top-notch. Even the quality of note creating seems high-class and loss-less on maximum zooming.

Key Features:

  • Supports only iPad
  • Instant handwriting to text conversion
  • Easy notes management function
  • Loss-less out of the notes created
  • Find your notes across devices having Penultimate app

Notes Plus 

Take note in style with Notes Plus. It is one of the most fun note-taking apps for text editing functions. This application offers several gestures such as pinch-zoom or scrolling with handwriting to a text conversion facility. Other than that, you can experience best-in-class handwriting experiences on your iPhone or iPad with this app.

Key Features:

  • Easy handwriting input app
  • Versatile text editing tools
  • Handwriting to text conversion functions
  • Annotate on DOC or PDF files
  • Quick folder managements


It is a fun-to-use note-taking and annotation application that allows you to be creative by adding hand-drawn content. With this application on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can sync recorded audio with your piece of note.

Besides this feature, Notability also offers easy scanning and a text to PDF conversion function. Even better is it’s over the PDF annotation facility. You can scribble, make handwritten notes, highlight sentences, or add markups on top of any PDF file according to need.

Key Features:

  • Take notes and annotations
  • Supports Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Attach audio recording to a text note file
  • Mark up PDFs and other text files
  • Scan, sketch, and share your creative content

ZoomNotes Lite

Probably one of the best handwritten to text apps for iPhone that can create a PDF presentation and take notes quickly. ZoomNotes Lite brings convenient, rapid note-taking features and organizes multiple files features. It has a massive workspace for your scribbling sessions on PDFs, MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint content. The app also offers various integrations such as a library of symbols, different text editing, and markup tools.

Key Features:

  • Supports iPhone and iPad
  • Easy note-taking and managing features
  •  Manage multiple files at a time with massive editing options
  • Large workspace with readily available multiple tools and symbols
  • Annotate over PDFs, MS words, PowerPoint files, and Excel sheets
  • Export and save files with ease

Notepad+: Note Taking App

Bring flexibility in note-taking and drawing tasks. Make it more convenient and keep them at the tip of your Apple Pencil. Notepad+: Note Taking App is a brilliant handwriting-to-text app that can give you this flexibility. Using this app’s top-notch designing and drawing tools, you are bound to cross all limits for creativity.

On top of that, you can annotate on PDFs, which means more fun in the note-taking process. Additionally, you get tons of templates to work on and a powerful authentication process for securing content.

Key Features:

  • Tons of editing and drawing tools
  • A flexible but robust working area
  • Annotate PDFs
  • A library of predefined templets
  • Secure your contents with passwords

QuickNotes X 

Enjoy lossless digital notes on QuickNote X. It is a robust handwriting to text app for your iPhone and iPad. Using this application, you can create a library of notebooks and organize and manage your useful text contents in individual notebooks. What’s more appreciated is its superb authentication process. You can add a password for individually customizable notebooks whenever you want.

Key Features:

  • Scribble, annotate or create a custom note from a scratch
  • Create notebooks for each of your new projects from templets
  • Customize cover, and edit the look of your individual notebook
  • Enjoy lossless content even after maximum zooming
  • Convert your content into PNG or PDF format when exporting

Pen & Paper – Digital journal 

Dive into the world of scribbling and doodling with your Apple Pencil. Pen & Paper journal is one of the best note-taking and drawing apps for your iPad. You can record your daily do’s and don’ts and save it on your iPad using this handwriting to text app. Keep multiple journals and add daily notes with Pen & Paper.

Key Features:

  • Keep daily journals
  • Draw or doodle with Apple Pencil
  • Works only on iPad
  • Manage multiple journals
  • Take notes anywhere, anytime

Nebo: Note-Taking & Annotation

Make annotation on any PDF or instantly convert handwritten content into text with Nebo. What Nebo does is productive and handy. It makes PDF and similar file-sharing convenient right after editing and annotating them. Even better is its content resizing function. You can resize the entire handwritten content on a PDF or image diagram and export them easily on the go.

Key Feature:

  • Smart handwriting to text apps for iPhone
  • Creative annotations that work perfectly with Apple pencil
  • Convert handwritten text to text instantly
  • Make handwritten content-adaptive even on PDF, images
  • Easy file export and sharing options


Enjoy one of the best handwriting to text apps for iPhone. LiquidText brings you fast and organized data storing and distribution throughout multiple platforms. This application works on Mac and iPad and includes instant OCR functions and easy file import options. The annotated functions and interactive sync facilities are among the best in this app.

Key Features:

  • Import various types of text files including from multiple cloud storage
  • Robust OCR scanner for accurate search and scanning
  • Easy workspace with searching, editing, or organizing your content
  • Freely annotate on your original content and share them conveniently

End Notes

Apps similar to Scanner App- PDF Editor is always anticipated for multi-tasking where handwriting to text conversion isn’t the only task on your pallet. Now it is your turn to choose the right handwriting to text app for iPhone and iPad and accelerate your daily tasks in text-related fields.

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