12 Best Apps to Blur Video Background on iPhone

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12 best Apps to blur video background on iPhone

You often want to obscure parts of a video clip you have recorded on your iPhone or iPad. Such blurring of video frames would have been a very complex process even a few years back.  But now, thanks to the advancements of mobile app technology, you can blur video background on your iPhone.

In this context, we have brought you the 12 best apps to blur video backgrounds on iPhone. Each of these video blur apps is specialized in defocusing unwanted portions of a video. They are also capable of bringing up some significant enhancements to any mobile video clips.

Best apps to blur video background on iPhone

We have analyzed many video blurring apps and narrowed our list to the best apps specialized in blur video backgrounds. Our chosen applications not only blur the video backgrounds but also enhance them in many ways.

List of 12 best apps to blur video background on iPhone

  1. Blur Video Background
  2. MovStash
  3. VLLO – Video Editor & Maker
  4. BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video
  5. Pixelify – pixelate blur video
  6. Video Mosaic App
  7. BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video
  8. Video Toolbox – Movie Maker
  9. Blur Video Spot 
  10. Video Mosaic – Blemish Remover 
  11. Blur-Video
  12. VideoShow Video Editor & Maker 

1. Blur Video Background

blur video background_blur video background

Beginning with the Blur Video Background. It is a fantastic application that lets you blur objects from a video frame by frame. This effective video enhancing app for your iPhone offers two distinct blurring styles; Gaussian blur and pixelate blur.

With this video blurring application, dynamically configure the blurring area and tune the intensity of the blur as per need. Additionally, you get tons of background filters, including Vignette, Fade, Vibrance, Matrix, Sepia, etc.

Other than configuring blur intensity and styles, Blur Video Background also lets you set blurring shapes. This application for iPhone allows you to render 480p, 720p, 1080p, and even 4K resolution videos. Lastly, the video file-sharing options are also kept very convenient with this excellent video blurring app on your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Choose different blur shapes on a streaming video clip
  • Configure blur intensity
  • Fine-adjust specific blur area of your video frame by frame
  • A rich library of background filters for your videos
  • Render videos in different resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K resolution
  • Convenient video file-sharing options over social platforms

2. MovStash

blur video background_movstash

Up next comes the MovStash. It is one of the best apps to blur video background on iPhone and is packed with several useful features. This app includes multiple blurring modes, face tracking, and timeline modes. You can also add several custom color filters. Next comes its blurring styles.

With this, you can choose to bring up your personal preference even when blurring anything on a video. If you are thinking about how to blur the background of a streaming video, try this app, and it will not disappoint you.

Key Features:

  • 4 different blurring modes
  • Video background filters
  • Automatic face recognition
  • Change blurring shape and position
  • Easy file saving and sharing option

3. VLLO – Video Editor & Maker

blur video background_vllo

Edit video like a pro with VLLO-Video Editor & Maker. It is packed with useful features and offers swift editing scopes. With VLLO, you can manipulate video speed, resize frames, and overlay videos, that is, layering pictures on a video area.

Blur the video area effortlessly using this pro-level video enhancer. You can also add chromakey and animated transitions to a piece of video. The application also allows you to add customized audio playback for a video clip.

Key Features:

  • Add mosaic of blur effects to video areas
  • Configure video speed and frame ratio
  • Add image layers to the any video
  • Comes with Chromakey functions
  • Add Custom music to any video

4. BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video

BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video

It is a simple yet powerful image and video editing and blurring application for your iPhone and iPad. You can edit, crop, or blur still images and videos effortlessly with this blur photo and video app.

The process of video blurring is simple on this powerful blur video background application. Simply cut unnecessary video parts, tweak brightness, add dedicated blurring effects and save the media file. You can add various blurring styles to your images or videos and easily share the content instantly.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated photo and video editor
  • Separate video blurring function
  • Simple UI and easy blur applying function
  • Multiple blurring styles for videos and photos
  • Easy file saving and sharing options

5. Pixelify – pixelate blur video

pixelify: motion Blur Video

Count Pixelify as one of the best video blurring apps on your Craig list.  The app allows you to obscure objects or faces on streaming videos. This application runs only on iPhone and offers you an easy- to-maneuvering UI.

Another useful function Pixelify- pixelate blur video offers you is the full metadata erasing option. With this, you can prevent data scrutiny by erasing accessible data from maps. Lastly, it is one of the best apps to blur video backgrounds on iPhone, with which you can conceal moving objects with ease.

Key Features:

  • Pixelate parts of a video or video background with ease
  • One tap to hide faces on a still or video content
  • Conceal moving objects or people when moving in a video clip
  • Remove metadata from maps and secure your private data

6. Video Mosaic App

video mosaic app

Fade attributes you don’t want to share with anyone from videos you recorded with your iPhone with Video Mosaic app. The purpose of this application is clear; add blurring effects to a video. You can blur the entire video or simply a portion of a clip.

This app also allows you to detect the face and add pixelated effects. Users can choose between various blurring shapes and styles and apply them on a video frame by frame. With this blurring app, you can also add filters to enhance your video.

Key Features:

  • Blur part of a video or entire clip
  • Add multiple blurring shapes on a running video
  • Auto-detect face when it comes to face blurring
  • Multiple blurring and filter styles for your video

7. BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video

blureffect: Blur photo and video

Developed exclusively for iPhone and iPad, Blur effect is one of the well-developed apps to blur videos background on iPhone. The video blurring format is kept accessible here. Simply scroll your finger to obscure a portion of the image.

Along with this comes the multiple blurring frames and pixelated options right on your video. You can even control the fading intensity up to your preference. Lastly, you can enjoy several other defocusing functions on this application.  These include options such as zoom blur, motions blur, halftone, etc.

Key Features:

  • Easy blurring features on video
  • Multiple blurring frames
  • Configure blur intensity
  • Other features include zoom blur, motion blur, etc.

8. Video Toolbox – Movie Maker

video toolbox

Enjoy the full-throttle video editing facilities from Video Toolbox-Movie Maker. With this specialized application that runs on iPhone and iPad, you can easily tweak and enhance video and blur backgrounds. This app boasts with30+ smooth video transitions and 20+ subtitle styles for any streaming video.

Another useful feature of this video editing application is its separate audio integration module. With this, you can set customizable music as audio playback to any video clip. Other than this, you get various video filters, watermark applier, chroma key, and spot masking facilities.

Key Features:

  • Full-fledged video editing functions
  • Spot blurring or masking facility on any video clip
  • 30+video transitions and 20+ subtitle styles
  • Separate audio input, watermark, chroma key functions

9. Blur Video Spot 

blur video spot

Blur moving objects precisely using the Blur Video Spot. The core aim of this application is straightforward. Tap on a thing you want to blur and play the video contact until that particular entity is no longer on the frame. Blur Video Spot will detect and obscure that entity on a video.

The app ingeniously calculates the selected object. Evaluate its speed frame by frame and keep the focused object faded without missing a frame. It additionally provides a secured sharing module. This app allows you to send any file with sensitive objects on a video.

The app ingeniously calculates the selected object. Evaluate its speed frame by frame and keep the focused object faded without missing a frame. It additionally provides a secured sharing module. This app allows you to send any video file well-obscured.

Key Features:

  • Easy blur any object on a video
  • Calculates speed of the blurred objects on a video
  • Doesn’t miss focused blurs in any video frame
  • Easy share videos with objects well blurred

10. Video Mosaic – Blemish Remover 

video mosaic

Video Mosaic is a workable application that supports iPhone and iPad devices with iOS version 9.0 or above. The application can enhance and blur both video and images and offers a range of blur styling on any video clip.

Video Mosaic also removes unnecessary objects from videos and still images. The edit options, however, are a little complicated and need some time to become accustomed to. With this application, you can magnify any object for precise editing and bring artistic changes to your images. Additionally, you can highlight any object/s on a video with a tweak of a few functions on this video editing tool.

Key Features:

  • Blur, mosaic part of a video and add transitions
  • Blur, pixelate, or highlight portions of a video
  • Magnify objects in a video for precise blurring
  • Add filters, stickers or remove unwanted objects from a video

11. Blur-Video


Up next is the Blur Video application for iPhone and iPad. This app for iPhone is compact and convenient. It is easy to use and makes video blurring more accessible to you. It can blur single or multiple objects at a time on any video. The application can also add keyframes for animated effects.

With Blur-Video, you can add multiple blur areas. This is a one-of-a-kind feature on this app field. Users can add various blurring shapes such as rectangles or ellipses to make videos’ fading effects visibly pleasant.

Key Features:

  • Video blur and mosaic
  • Can blur multiple areas in a single video
  • Keyframes for animated touchups
  • Multiple blurring shapes and intensity adjustment

12. VideoShow Video Editor & Maker 

videoshow video editor & maker

VideoShow Video Editor & Maker is our show stopper on this list. It is no less than any other apps to blur video background on iPhone. The reason is that this app also comes with several excellent features, including background removing or altering, unique video transitions, etc.

This application also gives you a library of cool filters, video background speed control, pop-up stickers, and text-on video functions. Another useful function can be its separate audio integration option. So, add custom music and audio file to your video with this fantastic application.

Key Features:

  • Good video blurring and editing functions
  • Custom audio playback for any video
  • Good collection of themes and filters
  • Add graffiti and subtitles to your video


It often gets necessary to blur sensitive content on a video. Simply hiding or cropping down part of a video cannot be the only resolution. We have, therefore, come up with the above-mentioned apps to blur an object in a video on iPhone.

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