10 Best Apps to Slow Down Videos on iPhone

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Best apps to slowdown videos on iPhone

Add some dramatic slow motion in your video. It’s not that hard to slow down or speed up any video on iPhone when you have the right app. The good news is that fetching the right app for your iPhone is exactly what we do. Keeping our duty in the frontline, we have featured the 10 best apps to slow down videos on iPhone.

Best Apps to slow down videos on iPhone

So, what characteristics do we see in an app that offers a slo-mo function? We observe how the app speeds up videos on iPhone, apart from slowing them down. We also evaluate apps in this niche based on their peripheral features like video clipping, filters or stickers adding, etc.

List of 10 best apps to slow down videos on iphone

Below is the list of apps we have compiled that allow users to decelerate any video on iPhone devices. The enlisted applications provide a plethora of video-enhancing functions other than just speed manipulation.

  1. Screen Recorder for iPhone
  2. Slow Motion Video Fx Editor
  3. SloPro
  4. Slow Motion’
  5. SlowCam
  6. SpeedPro Slow speed video edit
  7. Slow Fast Motion Video Maker
  8. Slow Motion Video Player – EasySlow
  9. SlowMe – Slow motion video editor 
  10. Video Speed slow motion editor 

Screen Recorder for iPhone

Let’s begin with a one-of-a-kind app called Screen Recorder for iPhone. It not only allows you to control video speed but also lets you edit, enhance and record the screen with perfection. This app turns out to be one of the best slomo apps in the crowd.

You will get the speed tuning function once you have selected a video clip from this app’s ‘My Recording’ segment. Next, tap on the Video Editor option at the bottom. Tapping this will give you a range of tertiary options, including the ‘Speed.’ Module.

It is this particular function that does all the speed tweaking of your video. In summary, if you are looking for apps to slow down videos, this particular application can easily beat the competition.

Screen Recorder for iPhone- Finest screen recording and streaming app on App Store

Key Features:

  • App to make video slow motion or fast forward
  • Edit or enhance videos with tools and filters
  • Multiple resolutions for screen recording
  • Live Stream multiple platforms
  • Screen record with audio
  • Face Cam reaction
  • Audio commentary
  • Create GIF from a video

Slow Motion Video Fx Editor

slow motion video Fx Editor

Coming on next is the Slow Motion Video Fx Editor for iPhone and iPad. This is a fantastic tool to put your video at a slow or fast pace. Using this application on the device, you can add slo-mo or fast-forward effects at any video frame.

Moreover, you can record an entire slow-motion video and add music to the background. For enhancing, got a plethora of filters for your video. Share the video masterpiece instantly with family and friends when the final finishing is done.

Key Features

  • Record slo-mo, stop motion, or time-lapse videos
  • Add speed effects from any frame of a video
  • Add background music to any video
  • Multiple filters to enhance videos
  • Share completed video to multiple social channels



SloPro is one of the best apps to slow down videos. Here you get multiple video speed control options that can sloth a clip up to 50%. The app even has a super slow-motion option that you can add to a video.

SloPro offers an incredible rendering option of 1000 FPS optical flow output along with frame blending and Ghosting effects. The rapid transitioning of slow-mo and accelerated videos is impressive. You can show creativity with this app before exporting and sharing the media file conveniently with peers.

Key Features:

  • Multi-level slow motion and times lap
  • Super slow effects; Optical Flow, Frame Blending, Ghosting
  • Render less editing for a quicker outcome
  • Rapid transition from slo-mo to times-lap
  • Easy video export and import function

Slow Motion’

slow motion

Add one of the best apps to slow down videos on iPhone. Chip in the Slow Motion app on your device to get incredible slow-motion outcomes for your videos. This effective app slows down any streaming clip up to 240 FPS.

With Slow Motion, adding music to the video is easy. Even better is the multi-channel share options of videos from this app. This app supports multiple products, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, making it more of a flexible application.

Key Features:

  • App to make video slow motion
  • Slows down video content up to 240 FPS
  • Add background music to any video
  • Easy media file sharing options
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch



It is one of the most robust slomo apps that bring real-time slow-motion effects for video. Simply tap and hold the Slow-motion button and watch the whole video go as slow as 240 FPS. Additionally, one can zoom in or out of the video to add effects between the slo-mo function.

SlowCam also brings basic editing and enhancing functions for all the available videos. Next comes the background rendering option. That means you don’t need additional Time for rendering after wrapping up with video enhancing process.

Key Features:

  • Real-time video slow motion
  • Tap and hold for slo-mo during recording
  • Up to 240 FPS depends on hardware
  • Edit and enhance videos; exposure, zoom
  • Render content in the background

SpeedPro Slow speed video edit

speedpro slow speed video editor

SpeedPro is the perfect answer for your query of how to make slow motion videos. It has a heap load of features to record, edit, enhance and share videos. The application comes with a dedicated video speeder module and an effective toolbox to edit media content.

SpeedPro is also known for its cinematic effects, text, and sticker editing features. More than 1000 music are available in the app’s library to aid background sound effects for a video. Additionally, this particular application brings forward quick sharing access for your created video content.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated video speeder module
  • Increase or decrease the pace of a video
  • A comprehensive video editor section
  • Cinematic video effects
  • Compelling sharing options

Slow Fast Motion Video Maker

slow fast motion video maker

Equip your video with one of the robust apps to slow down videos. Now adding pace transition is much easy with Slow Fast Motion Video Maker. Subsequently, adding all these effects when recording video is now a matter of a few taps.

Additionally, enhance color, add filters, and trim or minor -edit any video with the Slow Fast Motion Video Maker app. Enhance audio pitch and adjust any video resolutions before exporting your content.

Key Features:

  • An app to make video slow motion or fast forward
  • Add speed tune-up at multiple stages of a video
  • Enhance color, add filters and do video editing
  • Audio pitch and video resolution enhancement
  • Export content in high resolution and full optimization

Efectum – Video Editor & Maker

apps to slow down videos_efectum

Enjoy pro-level videos with Efectum. It brings you excellent slow motion and video speed acceleration facilities. Efectum allows you to select a portion of a video for special functions such as slo-mo. What’s more impressive about this app is that you can mix up multiple clips to create one video.

The compelling library of stickers and text addicting facilities opens up pockets for creativity. Additionally, this app’s filters, music, and unique collages bring upon better opportunities for those who love unique videos.

Key features:

  • Offers both slow motion and times lap video effects
  • Add text, filters, stickers, and background music to a video
  • Mix different video clips to create one
  • Make video collages from multiple contents

SlowMe – Slow motion video editor 

From our stash of apps to slow down videos, SlowMe- Slow motion video editor comes our bold with effective features. It has easy to operate video speeding, slowing down, and clipping modules. Add different audio backgrounds for each video clip segmented with this app.

In summary, this app allows different frames per second options for slow-motion outcomes. The SlowMe comes with video cropping and basic editing functions. The content export and sharing gateways are also convenient after the clipping and enhancing process.

Key Features:

  • Choose different frame rates for slow motion videos
  • Split single video into multiple segments and works separately
  • Add different audio and editing options for each segment
  • Easy content export and sharing pathways

Video Speed slow motion editor 

The last app on our list of 10 best apps to slow down videos on iPhone is the Video Speed slow motion editor. The app is simple, compact, yet effective with its specific functions. Nevertheless, this app with an easy-going interface brings you real-time video speeding up and down process.

Although the flexibility is limited, changes you make on the speed are apparent on the streaming media content. You get several other editing and video enhancing options other than speed controls. Another standard function to end up the feature of this app is its easy-going video share module.

Key Features:

  • Simple interface for speeding up or down a video
  • Multiple video editing functions
  • Implement changes to a selective part of any video
  • Easy video import, export, and sharing module


Go creative! Find the best app from our list of the 10 best apps to slow down videos on iPhone. Make the best use of your chosen app while processing videos on iPhone or iPad. A dynamic app like Screen Recorder for iPhone can reliably serve you with multiple tasks other than speed control.

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