12 Best Binaural Beats Apps for iPhone

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In this piece of blog, we will talk about the 12 best binaural beats apps for iPhone. What are binaural audio wavelengths? Binaural beats are unique audible frequencies our brain creates. A binaural beat is a byproduct of two different sound frequencies passing through our two ears.

Suppose your left ear received a 20Hz frequency, and the right one got 30 Hz. Your brain evaluates two different frequencies and creates a new 10Hz beats wavelength. Scientists in this field studied and analyzed various frequency differentiation. Scientists formulated beneficial binaural beats based on their studies.

Best Binaural Beats Apps For iPhone

We will describe 12 commercially produced binaural beats apps for iPhone throughout this article. Each makes binaural frequencies and soothing audio effects to help relax your brain and sleep well. We have listed several best apps for relaxing audio wavelengths and offer clinically approved functions to improve your neural health.

List of 12 best Binaural Beats Apps For iPhone

Below is our catalog of binaural apps for iPhone. This list is mandatory for a quick app introduction. Keeping that necessity in mind, here’s the list of 12 binaural beats apps for iPhone for you:

  1. Binaural (β)
  2. Noizio — Focus, relax, sleep
  3. Brainwaves — Binaural Beats
  4. Pause: daily mindfulness
  5. Binaural Beats Machine
  6. Inner Balance
  7. Hear – Advanced Listening
  8. Brain Wave™ 35 Binaural Series
  9. Chakra Healing Music Relax
  10. Brainwave Studio Free
  11. Chakra Opening-binaural beats for Chakra training
  12. Beatfulness

Binaural (β)

best binaural beats-binaural

Binaural(β) is an effective brain relaxing app that focuses solely on all types of binaural sound waves. This specialized application offers distinct audio wavelengths under Alpha, Beta, gamma, or delta categories. Select playtime or regulate each sound frequency.

One more feature of the Binaural app is its noise cancellation property that blocks annoying environmental noises. You can enjoy integration with health apps and additional wearable devices with this application.

Key Features:

  • Covers all types of Binaural beats
  • Users can select and configure playtime and beats
  • Noise cancellation properties
  • Integrates with multiple health apps
  • Configurable themes to soothe your mood
  • Supports Apple Watch to control remotely

Noizio — Focus, relax, sleep

best binaural beats-noizio-focus, relax, sleep

Indulge yourself with one of the best binaural beats apps for iPhone. Introducing Noizio – Focus, relax, sleep. It’s a great application that provides a library of soothing sounds. You will get a full-fledged audio composer to make your relaxing music.

Next comes the simpler design, offline sound playback, audio loop, and other useful functions. With Noizio, it’s easy to sleep or meditate. Noizio works great for your kids and helps them relax or fall asleep faster.

Key Features:

  • 40+ enchanting sounds
  • Soothing binaural audio to relax your brain
  • Comes with an integrated sound mixer
  • Offline sounds playback and audio loop
  • Minimalistic design

Brainwaves – Binaural Beats

best binaural beats-brainwaves-binaural beats

Brainwaves come next on our list. It is one of the strong binaural beats for sleep with its rich collection of binaural sound waves. It is one of the best binaural beats apps for iPhone for its 600+ soothing sound waves and isochronic tones. This app offers well-tested sound content and daily new downloadable content for a fresh start.

The binaural beats and isochronic tones interact with your brain effectively, resulting in you having a peaceful state of mind. The tones are well-proven. They promote better manifestation, focus, sleep, and effective brain function.

Key Features:

  • 600+ soothing binaural beats
  • Well-approved 320 bitrate isochronic tones
  • Linear design
  • Get daily downloadable content
  • Pursue better manifestation, concentration, and brain function

Pause: daily mindfulness

best binaural beats-pause: daily mindfulness

Pause focuses on meditation. It is proven to keep you away from psychological anxieties. The iPhone app offers ancient meditation practices. This app includes effective binaural beats and mind sound wavelength to increase focus and mindfulness.

It’s an effective app that quickly boosts focus and minimizes stress. Pause used scientifically approved EEG technology. A couple of other function includes meditation timer, ambient resonance functionalities, and more.

Key Features:

  • Concentrate mainly on meditation and mindfulness
  • Uses ancient meditation practices
  • Includes binaural beats and ambient resonance
  • Uses EEG technology which is scientifically approved
  • Meditation timer and sleep tapping functionality

Binaural Beats Machine

binaural beats machine

Select the binaural beat as per your mood and activity on one of the best binaural beats apps for iPhone. The Binaural Beats Machine gives you the best binaural sound waves for studying and sleeping. It provides precisely tuned binaural frequencies that boost focus and minimize mental anxieties.

Binaural Beats Machine is the ultimate beats app for the iPhone. It has a whole collection of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta category beats perfect for increasing focus. The app pledged to give you a total solution for relaxing sleep sessions, meditating, or living an anxiety-free day.

Key Features:

  • Includes all categories of binaural apps
  • Perfectly tuned sounds for relaxing sessions
  • Tons of ambient sounds
  • Well-balanced audio content for increased focus
  • Brain detoxing sessions

Inner Balance

inner balance

Inner Balance is the perfect example of a scientifically proven relaxing tool. The app uses Bluetooth-enabled HEARTMATH® SENSOR or HeartMath Lightning sensor for iOS. With those extensions, this application conducts all its relaxing brain sessions.

A part of this app’s brain healing session includes well-tuned binaural audio waves for effective meditation and relaxing sessions. Other processes of this best binaural beats app include real-time guides for HRV monitoring, guided meditation, real-time tips, etc.

Key Features:

  • Scientifically proven relaxing therapy
  • Integrates with HEARTMATH® SENSOR or HeartMath Lightning sensor for iOS
  • Provides numbers of binaural soundwaves as part of the relaxing program
  • Effective meditation sessions
  • Real-time meditation guide and tips

Hear – Advanced Listening

hear-advanced listening

Filter your hearing perimeter with Hear- Advanced Listening. Hear-Advanced Listening has seven delicately tuned audio frequencies capable of controlling and filtering real-world noises. The fine-tuned binaural beats help to get rid of anxieties.

Enjoy your favorite tracks and keep harmonized beats parallelly. This app includes a professional augmented sound integration function. has been implemented on this application to give you a soothing state of mind.

Key Features:

  • Effective audio filters to boost hearing and focus
  • 7 delicately-tuned Binaural sound frequencies
  • Emulate nature and control real-world noises
  • Includes 9 different multiple audio filters
  • Augmented sound for soothing brain and mindfulness

Brain Wave™ 35 Binaural Series

brain wave 35 binaural series

Brain WaveTM Binaural Series is one of the best binaural beats apps for iPhone with multi-stage Binaural programs. This application gives you the highest quality brainwave entrainment and background audio playback function.

The powerful brainwave music comes in four categories; Focus, Relax, Meditate and Sleep. Each of these categories is well-calibrated and effective to your brain. Users can use binaural programs for different occasions, mainly to heal and relax. Other features include multi-alarm setup, broad customization, etc.

Key Features:

  • A powerful source of binaural beats
  • Offers highest quality brainwave entrainment
  • Background audio playback function
  • 4 brainwave categories: Focus, Relax, Meditate and Sleep
  • Multi alarms and support iPhone, iPad, and dark iOS mode

Chakra Healing Music Relax

chakra healing music relax

It is a meditate-focused app that produces multiple channels of healing music to soothe nerves and heal your stressful brain. This best binaural beats application aims to heal every chakra of your body, from root to crown.

Chakra Healing Music Relax contains a couple of healing binaural soundwaves that coexists with the meditation sessions. This application supports iPhone, iPad, and iMessage. You can choose your daily dose of meditation audios and healing tracks from this application.

Key Features:

  • Focuses on healing chakra
  • Meditation based sessions
  • Binaural audio playback
  • Configurable audio functions
  • Choose favorite relaxing music

Brainwave Studio Free

brainwave studio free

With five different categories of relaxing sound functions come the Brainwave Studio Free. This app covers relaxation, meditation, sleep, anxiety, or mind training category with specialization. Next comes its rich ambient sound collection and a whole bunch of pro-level relaxing music.

Brainwave Studio Free offers sufficient isochronic sounds and a different spectrum of soothing binaural beats. As for utility, you get a sound mixer, Airplay support for convenient audio sharing, and a custom playback timer. 

Key Features:

  • 5 categories of audio planning
  • 10 binaural and isochronic sounds
  • 12 pro-level soothing audio tracks
  • 18 ambient sounds
  • Sound mixer, Airplay support, and customer timer

Chakra Opening-binaural beats for Chakra training

chakra opening binaural beats for chakra training

If you need proper binaural beats along with brain soothing ambient sound, Chakra Opening is the app for you. It is without any doubt one of the best relaxing beats apps that puts an impact on your brain.

The app claims to cover all chakras and guarantees instant results. The effective beats of the Chakra app do not need any pre-arrangement. This application effectively works like sedation for users. It boosts cognitive abilities and assists in better meditation practices.

Key Features:

  • Effective binaurals for effective healing
  • Works on all chakra of the body
  • Instant relaxation from anxieties, and stress
  • No practices and arranagments needed
  • Enhance cognitive abilities and concentration



Bitfulness is a binaural sound frequency producing app. It relaxes your mind, body, and soul. Here you get the best binaural beats for studying equipped with tailored soothing sound frequencies. Beatfulness offers 30+ binaural beat categories, meditation, relaxation sessions, etc.

You can play offline relaxing sessions and 10 minutes of ambient music for meditation and mindfulness. The premium version of Beatfulness comes with 200+ binaural sounds. These audio frequencies are excellent and well-calibrated for focused and optimistic brain function.

Key Features:

  • 30+ binaural audio waves
  • Offers a wide range of relaxing music
  • Multiple 10 minutes ambient meditation sessions
  • Premium version allows well-tuned 200 binaural sounds
  • Meditation and brain optimizing sessions


You can choose the right app from the best binaural beats apps for iPhone. Now, it’s your turn to install the app of your preference and go astral to maximize your brain potential. If you like relaxing apps, apps like Sleep Sounds & White Noise is the one you are looking for.

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