10 Best Business Card Apps for iPhone

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10 Best Business Card Apps for iPhone

Even if you aren’t collecting business cards as you did in the past, you may still need a modern way to gather and exchange contact information, whether it comes from a face-to-face meeting, a virtual event, or a chance encounter in the supermarket. And there’s no better time to check out the best business card apps for iPhone so that you can create, share, and organize your contacts.

The best business card apps for iPhone

Any particular business’s success depends on its ability to network with the appropriate individuals. Establishing relationships is critical whether you meet with a client to negotiate a new project or attend an industry conference to promote your product. Nothing develops professional contacts more effectively than exchanging business cards.

Despite the rise in popularity of email and social media, exchanging contact information via business cards remains the most efficient method. However, digital address books have replaced paper ones, and no one has the time to save business card information on their iPhone physically.

Below are the 10 best business card apps for iPhone:

  1. Business Card Scanner HD
  2. ScanBizCards – Lite
  3. Wantedly People
  4. Business Card Reader
  5. CamCard – Business Card Scanner
  6. Contacts+ | Address Book
  7. Business Card Scanner +
  8. CardKeeper App
  9. Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner
  10. Rapid Cards, Contacts, Scanner

1. Business Card Scanner HD

Business Card Scanner HD

Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

Business Card Scanner HD is the best business card scanner app we’ve tried currently from the App Store. This is because this card scanner app can do much more than just scanning business cards. It takes data from the card and stores, organizes, and uses it. Use the information directly from the app to contact the owner via phone numbers or email addresses. Furthermore, it includes a QR code scanner, which makes data retrieval from multiple sources even easier, thus making it on top of this business card apps for iPhone list.


  • Scan and precisely detect all data on business cards
  • Has sophisticated fields for finding and identifying cards fast
  • Right from the app, you may make a call, send a message, or send an email
  • Option to change card information and history in a convenient manner
  • Retrieve data from your photo gallery’s business card images
  • Includes a QR scanner for scanning information from cards or other sources rapidly
  • Multiple cards are saved and organized, and they are always available when needed
  • Airdrop allows you to quickly transmit card information with colleagues or corporate partners

2. ScanBizCards – Lite

ScanBizCards - Lite

Price: Free (Offers in-app-purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

This scanning app lets you quickly scan business cards and corporate credentials. This program allows you to scan as much as you want. For intricate business visiting cards, human transcription is even better, more dependable, and accurate.

It includes notes, reminders, and the ability to store and update business credentials, just like other high-quality business card scanning apps. It also has an option that allows you to integrate data easily.


  • Recognition and detection of intelligent cards
  • There are no restrictions to the amount of business cards that can be scanned
  • Data exports from HubSpot, Outlook, and other external sources
  • Add extracted business contacts to your iPhone’s phonebook quickly and easily
  • Any difficult-to-understand business card will be identified by human transcriptions
  • Send vCards to friends through email or MMS in real-time

3. Wantedly People

Wantedly People app for iPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 13.3 or later

It’s a handy business card scanner app specializing in scanning business cards with the addition of AI. With this free scanner app installed on your iPhone, you may scan and capture 10 business cards at once. It intelligently analyzes and arranges many cards at the same time, even if they are strewn around. Furthermore, offering other features, such as creating profiles and recording notes and contact information from the card, and an easy data sharing option.


  • At the same time, scan and detect up to ten business cards at a time
  • The OCR detects all of the card’s contact information and builds a faultless contact directory
  • Searching for business cards has never been easier
  • Keeping track of each contact is simple
  • Online information sharing options include email, message, and chat.

4. Business Card Reader

Business card reader app for iPhone and iPad

Price: Free (Offers in-app-purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

Business Card Reader app comes in second place. This app will surely speed up the process of expanding your company network. It allows you to scan business cards with precision. The app’s sophisticated technology scans card edges and information automatically. It uses distinct colors to highlight unrecognizable characters. Now take a clear photo of the card with all of its information clearly visible. In addition, the app provides several ready-to-use features. Auto-correction, great data backup, and sync with multiple external sources are just a few of the features.


  • Scanning that is both accurate and quick
  • Business cards are automatically detected and captured
  • Missing data identification and rectification properties Smart data recognition procedure from an acquired image
  • Data backup and syncing is simple
  • Support the QR scanning method for retrieving information from business cards.

5. CamCard – Business Card Scanner

CamCard - Business Card Reader App

Price: Free (Offers in-app-purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

CamCard is a rather popular business card app that aims to provide the most valuable features to its users. If you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, or businessperson, this software can help you get the most out of professional communications. With simple scanning, you can simply store cards and retrieve saved cards on your iPhone to update information as needed.


  • Organize your contacts by adding notes and reminders.
  • Receive contact information updates. Be the first to congratulate them.
  • Add additional information to your profile to give others a better idea of who you are.
  • Look up your contacts’ company news to start a conversation.
  • Use the map to find contact information.
  • Use multiple devices to access contact information

6. Contacts+ | Address Book

Contacts+ | Address Book App for iPhone

Price: Free (Offers in-app-purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

Contacts+ | Address Book, unlike most card scanner programs, has a unique feature: a cloud-based address book. When you scan business cards using the app, for example, you may sync and preserve the card across different devices right away. The program also allows you to examine saved photos of business cards and afterward transcribe the information.


  • Contact deduplication and combine all of your contact information into a single, comprehensive profile
  • You’ll never have to worry which pieces of contact information are correct again
  • Sync across devices and platforms – Your address book is now accessible from anywhere
  • Scan and save the business, transcribe and add the information to your address book.

7. Business Card Scanner +

Business Card Scanner +

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

Business Card Scanner Plus is an easy-to-navigate app for your business contacts that can read and store card info on iPhone. With this corporate contact management app, you may go digital with your day-to-day communications. Scanning, reviewing, and saving information from visiting cards is as simple as scanning, checking, and saving it on your iPhone. You can also alter and update the data whenever you like.


  • Innovative scan new technology to read any business cards instantly
  • Save contact details into predefined fields
  • Update contact info anytime
  • Share and exchange business cards directly from the app

8. CardKeeper App

CardKeeper App for iPhone

Price: Free (Offers in-app-purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

CardKeeper App is ranked second on this list due to its ease of use and high level of accuracy. With this software in your pocket, networking with business cards is a breeze. Enjoy its easy-to-use interface for scanning and saving business cards on the fly. It also functions as a digital business card holder, storing your card information for future use.


  • With rapid scanning, you can add business cards to your iPhone.
  • Organize business cards in the address book of your phone.
  • An interface that is simple and straightforward to utilize
  • Share digital cards with other CardKeeper users using AirDrop.

9. Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

This Microsoft scanner combines many scanning features, including a business card scanner. It’s also reasonably precise and capable of storing all of your company communications in one location. It is, nonetheless, one of the best receipt scanner applications for iPhone for storing purchase details and business cards.


  • Business cards can be scanned and saved to your phone, OneDrive, or Google contacts
  • Save your cards as PDFs or images
  • Saved digital cards can be shared between apps.

10. Rapid Cards, Contacts, Scanner

Rapid cards, contacts, scanner

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

Hand out digital business cards that will never run out and make new contacts that will never go missing with our business card scanning app. RAPID Cards is a free card and contact organizer as well as a digital business card printer. Using a QR business card or a built-in card scanner, you may simply share your virtual card with everyone you meet.


  • Share your card or contacts with those who don’t have the app
  • Each digital business card has its own website where you may acquire new connections, expand your network, and advertise your brand and products
  • It’s a useful free app for business and personal meetings, as well as conferences, online and offline events, and online and offline activities
  • Every new contact in the app can be added to your phone’s address book automatically.

Closing Statements

With a plethora of business card scanner apps out there that are exclusively built for scanning business cards, our list narrows it down to the very best. What do you use to scan business cards nowadays? Whichever it is, make sure it stores your business contacts accordingly while staying simple to use.

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