7 Best Font Style Apps for iPhone in 2023

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7 best font style apps

Tired of the boring old fonts and layouts on your iPhone? We sure are. A custom font style app transforms the appearance of your texts and overall fonts design. We have 7 recommendations for the best font style apps for iPhone available on the App Store.

Best font style apps for iPhone with amazing keyboard themes

People looking for font keyboards and tweaking their iPhone fonts are enriched by the beauty and quirky style of custom letters and characters.

Impress your friends with cute typefaces and fascinating lettering that can be on your iPhone. You can create a fancy font design and reinvent the look of your iPhone screen with these cool font apps for iPhone.

Here are the 7 best font style apps for iPhone:

  1. Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard
  2. Fonts – Cool Keyboard Changer
  3. BumBum Fonts Keyboard
  4. Fonts for iPhone Cool Keyboard
  5. Fancy Text Symbols
  6. Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard
  7. Cool Text: Symbol Characters

1. Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard

The best font style app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard allows users to apply a distinctive set of fonts to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of their friends and peers. The custom keyboard themes on this app will boost your user experience and enjoyment by allowing you to display your creativity and enhance the beauty of your iPhone. It changes the fonts on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The complimentary collection of both unique as well as trendy fonts and keyboards is immense, which is why it is on the number one spot on our best front style apps for iPhone list. Learn more about the Fontix app for iPhone from our featured app section.


  • A trendy and unique font collection to choose from
  • Fonts can be used on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, and Snapchat, among other places
  • A plethora of emoticons to express yourself
  • A beautiful set of keyboard themes
  • Extensive symbol library for metaphorical statements

Lets watch a tutorial on how to change fonts on iPhone using the Fontix App

Install the Fontix app on your iPhone for free.

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2. Fonts – Cool Keyboard Changer

Second best font style app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

With this fonts and keyboard app, you can create amazing social media posts with a unique touch. You can make your online profiles stand out with eye-catching biographies, captions, and other components. Its UI is relatively simple to navigate and offers a generous amount of fonts and symbols.


  • A wide range of symbols
  • Fonts that are stylish and unique
  • Simple to operate keyboard
  • Keyboard with a dark theme
  • Change to unique fonts
  • Copy, paste fonts and texts
  • Generate text

3. BumBum Fonts Keyboard

BumBum font style apps

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 11.2 or later

BumBum Fonts Keyboard is one of the well-known font style apps for iPhone. It has a simple user interface which won’t confuse users when selecting fonts and keyboards of all sorts. The dark theme keyboard is great for night mode on your iPhone.


  • Keyboards that are both simple and elegant
  • Hundreds of typefaces to choose from
  • New typefaces introduced on a regular basis
  • A wide range of symbols
  • Theme for a dark keyboard

 4. Fonts for iPhone Cool Keyboard

Fonts for iphone fonts style apps

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

This fonts application will change the look of your iPhone home screen. It provides hip and trendy fonts and keyboards that are easy to use. Customize your social media handles and captions with a long list of unique symbols and emojis.


  • Write fantastic stories with custom keyboard
  • Create a one-of-a-kind Instagram profile with fancy fonts
  • Custom fonts may be used with any texting app
  • Get a wide range of symbols and emoji
  • Make use of the keyboard’s dark mode

5. Fancy Text Symbols

Fancy Text Symbols

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later

This is one of those font style apps for iPhone that provides a beautiful text generator with over 120 unique styles and a slew of other fun features. Creating a memorable nickname for games or social media profiles with your own charisma and personality is super easy.


  • Over 120 distinct styles are available in this cool fancy text generator.
  • It’s simple to copy and paste into any program.
  • There are over 250 text art images available for you to use to deliver your message to the receiver.
  • With over 1400 characters available, you may make a stylish, distinctive, and eye-catching nick name.
  • Invert your text

6. Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard

Stylish Text – Fonts Keyboard

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

Stylish Text & Fonts has a huge library of Unicode text styles that allows you to highlight certain words in chats, texts, tweets, and biographies in social applications. Using the stylish text keyboard, you can create stylish text and fonts to send to anybody.


  • More than 110 gorgeous text styles to choose from
  • 15 number styles to choose from
  • There are sixty different types of decorative art
  • Text Keyboard in a Sleek Design
  • Any app can be used to quickly share
  • UI and themes in bright colors

7. Cool Text: Symbol Characters

Cool Text: Symbol Characters

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later

This is one of the more unique font style apps for iPhone. Users can text using cool symbols and unusual characters seamlessly. Kaomoji and text symbols, as well as beautiful fonts, can be used to make fancy text and nicknames for video games. A collection of custom characters and cool emoticons that you can share with anyone via any app is available. Use chat themes and elegant text fonts to make your talks look amazing.


  • Change your name or add embellishments to your nickname
  • Special characters and symbols are included in this collection
  • Fonts that are cool to look at and conversation styles that are cool to talk about
  • For mails and conversations, create beautiful text
  • Emoticons and cute text faces

Wrapping things up

We at Xlightmedia like our iPhone devices with vibrant fonts and unique texts. If that sounds like you, check out any seven of the best font style apps for iPhone in this article to change your whole iPhone user experience.

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