The Best Free Photo Editor App for iPhone – Reviewed

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Best Free Photo Editor App for iPhone

Initial Statement

Gone are the days when you had to sit back with your desktop pc or Mac and edit the images you took on your iPhone or iPad. It’s time to experience the power of undoubtedly one of the best free photo editor apps in the market. Behold, the Photo Editor for iPhone. The best photo editing app that can overtake big dogs in the image editing app industry straight from your iPhone and iPad.

Key features at a glance

  • Best photo editor in its class, exclusively built for iPhone and iPad
  • Large collection of image effects and photo filters
  • Adjustable brush tool and precise image editing facility
  • Wide range of picture editing tools including magnifiers and brush tools
  • Fast photo saving, downloading, and image sharing functions

Getting to Know the Best Photo Editor App in Town

So, what makes this photo editor app distinct from the rest of the league? This image-enhancing application has everything a user seeks when it comes to improving photo quality. From image color adjustments to clearing background images, you name it. Developers put a good deal of effort when developing this app.

Retouching and enhancing pictures have never been so convenient and enjoyable until the Photo Editor app came to light. Now is your chance to show some creative photography editing skills starting right from your iPhone and iPad. This photo editor application comes up with a broad spectrum of image enhancement features. However, note that not all features are made free; you have to use in-app purchases to access some of the premium features of this app.

The Best Free Photo Editor for iPhone Comes Packed with Awesome Features

What makes this picture editing app for iPhone so alluring is its stuffed goodies. Let’s give a look at the remarkable features that made this picture editing app for iPhone and iPad one of a kind in the market.

Top features of the Photo Editor app:

  • Pick and add colors of your choice on selected portions of an image
  • photo enhancing is more fun with an adjustable brush
  • Use zoom functionality to enlarge photo size for precise image editing
  • Add photo filters and color photo effects to make your image wowing
  • A bouquet of useful tools to adjust and fine-tune your image
  • Save your perfect image and share it using the one-touch photo sharing option

Want the best picture editing app for your iPhone? Then install the Photo Editor app for free from the App Store.

Photo Editor App That Works as A Photo Color Editor

Photo Editor App Color Splash Feature

One of the amazing features that make this photo editor app for iPhone standalone in the market is its specific color splashing functionality on the image. What this function do is simply fantastic. With this app in hand, you can easily put vibrant color filters to a not-so-interesting photo making it outstanding.

  • Use this particular photo enhancer function to pick and fill custom colors to a selected image.
  • Apply the color of your choice on a plain grayscale image and make it interesting.
  • You can choose vibrant colors from the app pallet to turn your basic photo into a piece of art.

Precise Image Retouching Starts from Here

Image Retouching with Photo Editor App for iPhone

This versatile portrait editor comes equipped with a dynamic brush tool to make precise color
adjustments to your image. With this best free Photo Editor for iPhone & iPad in hand, you can now include excellent touchups to a piece of a picture.

  • Configure the brush size to ease the color filling action of an image
  • Use zoom in out functionality for an accurate brush tool action on an image
  • This fine image editing process works excellent when you proceed to remove bg or, more precisely, remove background from an image.

Bedazzle Images with Impressive Photo Filters

Various photo filters and photo effects

With the photo editor application for iPhone, now is the time to go bedazzled with its excellent collection of photo filters onboard. So bring up the warmth, or give rather a classic look to your image with a wide collection of in-app photo filters. You can easily add filters to photos on your iPhone with the Photo Editor app.

  • You get 10+ categories of image filtering mode. Each mode garages more than twelve filter effects.
  • Add dramatic photo effects on your cool image that diverts the conversation towards you.
  • Adjust the photo effect intensity of your image the way you like.

Photo Editing Tools Redefined

various photo editing tools

A wide collection of photo editing tools are ready to serve you during the image-enhancing task. You can access a full range of image editing tools when working with this photo editor. Be it adjusting the photo contrast, crop image, flip a picture, or other options, this image editing app for iPhone and iPad has it all in the stash.

  • Play with the contrast in photography
  • Adjust Brightness, Saturation, Hue of your selected image
  • Put some mask or add cool tones on the photography

Save And Share Images Straight From The Photo Editor App

image save and share functions

When you have put sufficient charismatic effects on your photo, and it’s finally ready to disperse, simply save the image on your device. Be assured that you now have a perfect photo stored on your device. Thanks to this best free Photo Editor for iPhone.

  • Pause your image editing task in the middle and save it for future touch up.
  • Save the photo on your device’s memory once you are done editing. You can also download image you have enhanced from the device.
  • Next, photo sharing is way easier right from the Photo editor app. So, share your artistic image to multiple social media platforms or simply share via airdrop with other Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
Best Photo Editor App for iPhone

Final Summation

When browsing through the App Store, you might have come across tons of photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad. Some might be doing good, but not all can provide functionalities you actually desire to skyrocket your favorite photo.

Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad is specially built for this very purpose. This dedicated app offers all the necessary functionalities and tools you probably need to turn a typical image into an extraordinary one, making it the best free Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad. So, keep no doubt when installing this best free photo editor and turn your not-so-interesting transparent image into a vibrant, lively photo that you will love to flaunt before the world.

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