13 Best Graphing Calculator Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2023

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13 Best Graphing Calculator Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2022

A calculator has a long history since engineering and mathematics took over the development of human civilization. Although the core function of a calculator remained the same, the form factors and several add-on functions made the calculator even more demanding for students and professionals. Even better is that this useful hardware is now available in app form, just like some of the best Compass Apps for iPhone that took over traditional compasses. We have brought up some graphing calculator apps for iPhone and iPad that are specially developed for students, scientists, and engineers in the field.

 Best Graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad

Apart from typical sum, subtraction, multiplication, or division, graphing calculators offer several specialized functions. These functions are relatively more complex and not meant for ordinary accounting functions. With no further due, let’s get to our 13 best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad in 2023

13 best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad

  1. Class Calc Graphing Calculator 
  2. HyperCalc Graphing Calculator 
  3. Tydlig
  4. Calc Pro HD – iPad Calculator 
  5. Quick Graph
  6. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator 
  7. Graphing Calculator X84
  8. Taculator Graphing Calculator 
  9. Ncalc – Graphing Calculator 84 
  10. EduCalc Classic
  11. Symbolab Graphing Calculator 
  12. Graphing Calculator Pro² 
  13. Handyman Calculator

1. Class Calc Graphing Calculator 

Class Calc Graphing Calculator

We will begin with the Class Calc Graphing Calculator. It is one of the best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad, providing plenty of statistics, graphing, scientific, and matric functionalities. The app is well-built, easy to use, and comes with a test-mode lockdown.

This powerful calculator app provides plot functions, binomial distribution, chi-square test, log, linear regression, CDF, derivative, histogram, normal distribution, intercepts, polynomials, regressions, tables, min, median, etc. The app additionally brings in line Matrix calculator and Linear Algebra.

Key Features:

  • A whole lot of graphing options, including statistical features
  • Linear equations and complex statistical testing tools
  • Powerful scientific calculating functions
  • A full-fledged matrix calculator
  • An innovative test-mode lockdown feature

2. HyperCalc Graphing Calculator 

HyperCalc Graphing Calculator

HyperCalc Graphing Calculator brings you a powerful yet eye-pleasing scientific calculator that includes many mathematical functions. You can use MATH, NUM, PROB features, and complex sin, cos, tan, ln, Σ, log, etc. An additional attraction is an intuitive touch-responsive graph interface.

If you are a student majoring in statistics, matrix, or complex calculus, this is a must need app for your iPhone and iPad. Additional goodies include table analysis features and a graph zoom-in function for accurate work. All the relevant functions are well arranged and cataloged adequately in this app.

Key Features

  • Advanced Graph math command understanding algorithm
  • Solves complex functions of sin, cos, tan, e, ln, Σ, and other MATH, NUM, PROB functions
  • Smooth touch-enabled graph interface with up to 10 different plotting options at once
  • Zoom-in feature for graphs for analyzing intersects, min, max, zero, integral, and derivatives
  • Helps you analyze tables, statistics and matrices efficiently and more accurately

3. Tydlig


Take calculation to a whole new level with Tydlig calculator app; considerably one of the best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad. The app offers responsive calculations and automatic changes on changing any given variable. One of the valuable facilities of this app is that the calculation history never gets deleted.

Real-time graphing is excellent using this app. Moreover, the graphing results are instantly viewable, making it even more effective. Lastly, the app offers robust functions even when offline. The app assures 20+ complex mathematical functions which run flawlessly without any hitch.

Key Features

  • Quick and responsive answers upon changing any variables
  • Scrolling canvas feature saves all history without deleting
  • Use the app as an open spreadsheet for number annotations and text attachments
  • Real-time graphing and get instant graphing results side-by-side
  • Easy sharing and printing functions along with 20+ complex Maths functions

4. Calc Pro HD – iPad Calculator 

Calc Pro HD – iPad Calculator

Calc Pro HD is an effective graphing calculator that has been exclusively developed for iPad. Unfortunately. This app is a combination of 10 calculators, including scientific ones. It also offers financial worksheets for business solutions.

When they mentioned ten calculators in one, this means you are going to calculator functions ranging from standard one to all the way up to complex statistics and graphing features. The display options for users are also dynamic and specified for all types of usage. For the best usability, you get five distinctive modes that include algebraic, direct algebraic, expression, and RPN.

Key Features

  • Advanced graphing functions
  • 10 calculators in one app
  • 10 financial spreadsheets in one module
  • Five display options; regular, scientific, engineering, fractions, and fixed
  • Five calculating modes, including direct algebraic, algebraic, RPN, and expression

5. Quick Graph

Quick Graph

If you require a simple calculator app that happens to be one of the best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad, then this is it. It is easy to use, has no excess clutters, and focuses solely on 2D and 3D graph functions.

The app is perfect for solving equations and comes with a rich library of frequently used equations in daily math problems. Next comes the app’s excellent equation plotting features and an intuitive expression evaluation function.

Key Features

  • Robust 2D and 3D graph plotting functions
  • Inverse, Hyperbolic, Min, Max, and if functions
  • Configure 2D graphs and axis decimal / π
  • A powerful expression evaluation function
  • A rich library of frequently used equations

6. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator 

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

This app on our list is focused exclusively on graphing functions. Whether it’s plotting, coordinating, or pinpointing roots, min, max, intersections, this app can handle everything. It assists you in creating the best-coordinated lines for regression equations. Once satisfied with the result, you can save and share the work with friends or your course coordinator.

Key Features

  • Plot graphs conveniently with the right tools and tables
  • Focused exclusively on plotting graphs
  • Experience points and functions such as min, max, intersections, and roots
  • Do regression equations with a coordinated line
  • Get additional equation and graphing resources from the app

7. Graphing Calculator X84

Graphing Calculator X84

Graphing Calculator X84 comes on our list with huge popularity among students and engineering professionals. It is a universal calculator that fluidly supports complex intersections, local Maxima, Minima, statistics, equations, and integral functions. The features also include polynomial, regression, and quick Solve Equations features.

Key Features

  • Perfectly designed mathematical display
  • Complex math calculation
  • 2D graph plotting options
  • Matrix, Static, Regression, and Test functions
  • X Y calculations and other graphing functions

8. Taculator Graphing Calculator 

Taculator Graphing Calculator

Coming up next is the Taculator Graphing Calculator. It has a comprehensive and compelling range of functionalities, including a full-color graphing interface, list, statistics, and distribution features. A touch-enabled work interface made graphing and complex equations more intuitive and engaging on this app. You also get a blazing fast function with matrix, command catalog, and syntax assistant.

Key Features

  • Colorful and intuitive graphing interface
  • Graphing functions include intersection, zero, minimum, maximum, integral, derivative, etc.
  • Complex math features like fractions, nPr, nCr, factorial, random numbers, etc.
  • An effective matrix calculator and List, Statistics, and Distribution functions
  • Offers Command Catalog and Syntax assistant

9. Ncalc – Graphing Calculator 84 

Ncalc - Graphing Calculator 84

With a good user review and an enticing bunch of features comes our next best graphing calculator app for iPhone and iPad. This app is equipped with all-in-one scientific functions designed for TI-84 plus. It includes complex polar and param graphs, roots, intersections, and critical points.

The app gives matrix, symbolic calculations, vector, etc. The app provides detailed equation evaluation and explanation for better understanding. The result format is dynamic and supports decimals, fractions, prime factors, or roman numbers.

Key Features

  • Designed for TI-84 plus scientific calculator
  • Super calculator with dynamic  graphing features
  • Supports symbolic calculation, algebra, complex calculus, etc.
  • Includes matric, vector, polar, param graphs, intersections, roots, etc.
  • Calculation detail and evaluation for explaining equation solution

10. EduCalc Classic

EduCalc Classic

If you are searching for a powerful graphing calculator, then this is it. EduCalc is specially built for complex graphing functions and can graph up to four equations at a time. The app interface has pinch zoom, polar coordinator, parametric equations, and several other complex graphing features for users. Apart from graphing, it has a unit converter and dynamic scientific calculator functions.

Key Features

  • Powerful graphing calculator with multiple functions
  • Robust scientific calculations with easy to use functions
  • A dedicated unit converter
  • A rich range of graphing functionalities
  • Parametric equations, fractions, and statistics

11. Symbolab Graphing Calculator 

Symbolab Graphing Calculator

Get your attention on one of the best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad. This app offers interactive graphing functions and relevant complex equation features for free. By complex functions, we mean conics, inequalities, and multiple graph operations. Moreover, you get instant results of extreme points, asymptotes, and intercepts. All functions are shown with steps and explanations.

Key Features

  • Intuitive graphing interface
  • Supports most complex graphing functions free of cost
  • Supports graph functions, conics, inequalities
  • Get instant results for extreme points, asymptotes, and intercepts
  • Shows evaluations with steps

12. Graphing Calculator Pro² 

Graphing Calculator Pro²

Get Graphing Calculator Pro2 if you are a school or graduate student dealing with complex math problems. It is a premium app for your iPhone and iPad that supports a complete set of graphing and advanced scientific functions. The app didn’t leave aside matrix, statistics, and list functions and deal with them flawlessly. It is the best tutorial app for students and helps you prepare for SAT, ACT, or AP tests.

Key Features

  • Covers all graphing functions smoothly
  • HD graph interface with Wabbitemu Calculator emulator
  • Powerful scientific calculation functions
  • Handles matrix, statistics, and lists functions effectively
  • A great assistant for school and college math courses

13. Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator

The last graphing app on our list is the Handyman calculator. It is the best calculator app for professionals. It can handle mathematical problems of pretty much all situations ranging from constructions and unit conversion to electronic engineering measurements. Therefore, this app not only deals with typical graphs and vectors but solves a range of complex math problems.

Key Features

  • Offers one-stop math solutions for all professional fields
  • Provides accurate and quick results for all math problems, including graphs
  • Built especially for engineers, retailers, handymen, and other technical individuals
  • The functions are offered in multiple languages

Final Thoughts

We brought in our list a whole bunch of the best graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad available on the App Store. These apps are competitive and, without any doubt, offer a bunch of compelling graphing functions along with plenty of other functions for both professionals and pupils.

Providing you the information about the 13 best Graphing calculator apps for iPhone & iPad is just the tip of our task list. We want you to learn about all the up-to-date awesome iOS apps available. For instance, 13 best VR apps for iPhone, or a more trendy one like the best wallpaper maker apps for iPhone. Be in touch with Xlightmedia blogs and keep all new tricks and guides at your fingertip.

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