13 Best Wallpaper Maker Apps for iPhone

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The days of sticking with a limited number of wallpapers to customize your iPhone and iPad’s home screens are over. It’s time you take the charge on your own hand. It’s time you create your own wallpaper with one of the best wallpaper maker apps for iPhone.

There are many wallpaper apps on the App Store that provides wallpaper composing functions. We, however, want the best for you. With that mindset, we have sieved out the 13 best wallpaper maker apps for iPhone.

Best Wallpaper Maker Apps for iPhone

Who wants a default wallpaper when you can design your own best live wallpapers for iPhone? We gave a thought to your requirements and came up with 13 popular wallpaper maker apps for iPhone. Now is your turn to create the best wallpaper for your iPhone that can get wowing appreciation from your associates.

13 best wallpaper maker apps for iPhone

  1. Live Wallpaper 3D
  2. TurnLive -Live Wallpaper Maker
  3. Kappboom – Live Wallpapers 
  4. Wallpaper Maker- Icon Changer 
  5. Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD
  6. Clarity Wallpaper
  7. Monogram Wallpapers Lite
  8. Vellum Wallpapers
  9. Live Wallpapers and Background
  10. Make Your Own Wallpaper
  11. Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K 
  12. Icon Skins & Themes
  13. Live Wallpapers for Me 

Live Wallpaper 3D

wallpaper maker app_live wallpaper 3d

Beginning with the Live Wallpaper 3D for iPhone. It is one of the premium wallpaper apps that comes with a rich collection of wallpapers. This application for your iPhone is equally competitive in creating live wallpapers. With this exclusive wallpaper maker app installed on your iPhone, you can quickly make custom vibrant and vivid wallpapers, both still and animated.

Using this live wallpaper maker app, you can attire your iPhone screen with HD or 4K quality wallpaper. That’s not all; if you are wondering how to customize lock screen on iPhone, this app has the solution for that.

Next, you get trendy live wallpapers, still preppy wallpaper collection, and lock screens of various qualities including 1080p and 4k. Lastly, You get weekly updates for fresh content. Simply save your favorite ones in the app’s favorites folder, which you can select and use anytime you want.

Key Features:

  • A rich collection of animated and still wallpapers for your iPhone
  • HD and 4K quality wallpapers with no dead pixels
  • Create live wallpapers straight from a piece of video on an iPhone
  • Get new trendy wallpapers on every update
  • Let’s you set animated lock screen wallpaper
  • Get a plethora of animated themes in this wallpaper maker app
  • Auto-update for the latest wallpapers every time
  • Save and use any wallpapers or themes in the Favorite of this app

Learn how to change lock screen on iPhone using Live Wallpaper 3D

TurnLive -Live Wallpaper Maker 

wallpaper maker app_turnlive

Create the best live wallpapers for iPhone with TurnLive- Live Wallpaper Maker App. Choose a piece of video or GIF to create wallpapers. This means, creating live wallpapers is now at your fingertips. Additionally, you can edit live wallpapers fluently and add various filters to make them flawless.

With this wallpaper app installed on your device, you can trim out videos and GIFs, edit panorama and photo slideshows. It is also possible to create live wallpapers from still wallpapers that you can easily import from your desktops.

Key Features:

  • Create live wallpaper from videos, GIFs
  • Create Photo slideshows and live wallpapers from still images
  • Add filters to make wallpaper more dramatic
  • Fluent editing option while creating a wallpaper
  • Vibrant templets that you can choose from favorites of this app
  • Import from iPhone photos, edit, enhance, and use it as wallpaper

Kappboom – Live Wallpapers

wallpaper maker app_kappboom

If you want a wallpaper app that supports multiple Apple devices, we recommend you choose Kappboom-Live Wallpapers. It is one of the best cross-platform wallpaper apps, which lets you browse through thousands of best quality wallpapers. Now you can select cool stickers and vibrant themes for iMessage.

100,000+ wallpapers this app provides are exclusively designed for iPhone’s brilliant retina displays. Even the wallpaper selection and browsing process are very convenient here. There’s more; what makes this app possibly one of the best wallpaper maker apps is its quick background customization functions. Additionally, Kapp boom’s image search engine is very efficient. Lastly, you can conveniently share HD-quality wallpapers and themes with your friends with this application.

Key Features:

  • Over 10000 amazing wallpapers
  • Wide range of stickers and themes for iMessage and Apple Watch
  • Supports a wide range of Apple products
  • Add filters, enhance and modify selected wallpapers before applying
  • Efficient image search engine and tags to categories wallpapers
  • Sharing HD wallpapers across social platforms

Wallpaper Maker- Icon Changer 

wallpaper maker app_wallpaper maker icon changer

With 1000+ amazing preloaded wallpapers comes one of the best wallpaper maker apps; Wallpaper Maker- Icon Changer. Not only does it have rich content, but it also allows you to create wallpapers for your iPhone. You can design and develop various app icons and enjoy 1000+ stylish themes on the Wallpaper Maker app.

That’s not all. Now you can get cool widgets and regular content updates for fresh widgets, wallpapers, and themes, all in one package. So, grab this app if you want to create 100+ cool fonts, icons, and a mammoth collection of themes and wallpapers.

Key Features:

  • 1000+ amazing preloaded wallpapers and themes
  • Create live wallpapers from videos on the phone
  • Create app icons using this application
  • Gets hundreds of widgets and amazing fonts
  • Get 100+ monograms which you can personalize

Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD

wallpaper maker app_walli

Walli- Cool Wallpapers HD is known for the best lock screen backgrounds collection. With Walli, you can have 4k wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad. Moreover, wallpapers here are unique and one of a kind, so they can easily make your iPhone or iPad screen stand out flawlessly.

If you are fond of artistic wallpapers almost out of this world, Walli can give you that.  Get popular artworks in the form of wallpapers. If you think you are creative enough, submit your own design, and the Walli team will evaluate it. If your creative work passes its quality test, your wallpaper will be showcased with other unique ones on this platform.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of creative wallpapers
  • Custom wallpapers submitted by artists all around the world
  • Get new and exciting content at every update
  • Three individual wallpaper sections; Featured, Popular, and Recent
  • Get to know the artists who created your chosen wallpaper

Clarity Wallpaper

wallpaper maker app_clarity wallpaper

Get daily wallpapers and create custom ones using Clarity Wallpaper; probably one of the best wallpaper maker apps. Like most other live wallpaper makers for iPhone, this application works on both iPhone and iPad. Along with the still wallpapers you can create or get from the rich collection, you also have live wallpapers.

The daily content update is also effective. With this, the app assures fresh wallpapers every time you browse through the wallpaper library of this app. Additional features include smart search, profile creating, and incredible scenery icons that perfectly fit your iPhone home screen.

Key Features:

  • Create aesthetic wallpapers
  • Get a rich stash of elegant still or live wallpapers
  • Daily updates and inclusion of fresh contents
  • Create a community profile and share your wallpapers
  • Cool scenery icons that fit perfectly on your home screen

Monogram Wallpapers Lite

wallpaper maker app_monogram wallpapers lite

It is claimed to be one of the easy-going apps to create your own wallpapers for both iPhone and iPad. The free version of Monogram Wallpapers Lite comes with 60 Free preloaded wallpapers that are utterly beautiful. Use trendy surroundings or your own image to custom create wallpapers.

This fun-filled application comes with many customizable tools to customize wallpapers, fonts, colors, and more. Lastly, this Monogram Wallpaper Lite lets you change the lock screen frequently. With this app, you can send your newly created wallpapers to peers anytime.

Key Features:

  • Easy to create wallpapers
  • Comes with 60 wallpapers in the free version
  • Use trendy images from the iPhone Photos app to create wallpapers
  • Comes with a large number of image customizing tools
  • A plethora of lock screens to add or change lock screens frequently
  • Share your creative wallpapers with peers with sharing options

Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers is renowned for providing pleasant hand-picked wallpapers for quite some time. They recently came up with their new wallpaper packs, which are already popular for their superb quality.

Vellums Wallpapers is additionally one of the best wallpaper maker apps. It provides a range of tools to enhance and make any wallpaper of your choice even more dramatic. For instance, you cannot ignore the blurring option that makes your typical wallpaper stand out even more. Lastly, rest assured that you will get fresh wallpapers with every update if you have this app.

Key Features:

  • Hand-picked wallpaper collection
  • Thematic wallpapers for every mood and conditions
  • Add blur to a typical wallpaper and make it dramatic
  • Backgrounds for both home screens and lock screens
  • Regular updates for fresh contents

Live Wallpapers and Background

With over 100+ categories and a mammoth stash of wallpapers organized under them comes the Live Wallpapers and Background. The live wallpaper collection of this app is also fabulous. If you have a hard time choosing among these amazing wallpapers, try the one-tap preview option.

Other than still and 3D wallpapers, you can also enjoy offline background image shuffling. You can also store all the wallpapers you actually find interesting on the Favorites. This can later be browsed even when you are offline. Other functions include a 4X4 view mode as preview and new wallpapers update every day.

Key Features:

  • Bundles of wallpapers under 100+ categories
  • Amazing live wallpapers
  • One-time preview options
  • Offline wallpaper shuffling
  • New wallpapers every day

Make Your Own Wallpaper

Create amazing custom wallpapers and some of the best live wallpapers for iPhone with Make Your Own Wallpaper. It is this feature that makes this application one of the best wallpapers apps for iPhone. You can apply random colors, fonts, effects, and stickers to compose your creative wallpaper.

That’s not all; you can even draw vectors and lines for creating professional wallpapers. Once it is done, you can preview wallpapers and share them with your friends for reviews and compliments. This live wallpaper maker for iPhone is genuinely dedicated to composing wallpapers, both still and live.

Key Features:

  • A wallpaper maker app with full-fledged tools
  • A rich collection of HD quality wallpapers
  • Wallpapers are built exclusively for iPhone and iPad
  • Preview modes for right wallpaper selection
  • Share your wallpapers with friends over social networks

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K has a rich collection of premium quality HD wallpapers for retina screens. You get new backgrounds on every update. All these wallpapers are racked and well organized.

Being one of the best wallpaper maker apps for the iPhone, it also supports Apple Watch. This iPhone application pledges to give you wallpapers that fit perfectly on your devices’ screens. Lastly, the aesthetic widgets of this wallpaper app are an added bonus you can enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Key Features:

  • A library of HD to 4K wallpapers
  • New wallpapers on everyday
  • Wallpapers are racked under distinct categories
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Thematic wallpapers and widgets

Icon Skins & Themes

icon skins & themes

Get high-quality background images for your iPhone. It is one of the aesthetic wallpaper apps you can download, and the content here will simply amaze you. With Icon Skins & Themes, you can get your hands on a thematic wallpaper collection. Most importantly, all these beautiful background images are categorized in a uniform pattern to make searching easy.

All the wallpapers are designed for either iPhone or iPad exclusively. In addition to that, images on this app are well-optimized for retina displays. Next, the icons skins are just like an added bunch of goodies. Lastly, the scheduled updates bring a new batch of wallpapers and icons every time on the pallet.

Key Features:

  • Quality background images
  • A rich collection of icon skins and themes
  • Wallpapers and themes are well-categorized
  • Exclusively designed backgrounds for iPhone and iPod
  • Icon skins and scheduled updates for fresh contents

Live Wallpapers for Me 

live wallpapers for me

The last wallpaper application on our list is the Live Wallpapers for Me. It is one of the best wallpaper maker apps that can provide you with amazing live wallpapers. With this application installed on your iPhone, you can parallelly create HD quality animated wallpapers without any hitch.

Having a jaw-dropping background is not too far when you have Live Wallpapers for Me. The app is packed with HD to 4K wallpapers, amazing editing functions to create custom background images, and more. You can find all wallpapers and lock screens well-organized in standard categories.

Key Features:

  • Create your own animated iPhone background screens
  • Enjoy a plethora of preloaded still and live wallpapers
  • Weekly updates for new animated wallpapers
  • Interactive lock screens for your iPhone
  • Save and store your created wallpapers on the Favorite


This list of 13 best wallpaper maker apps for iPhone can be your true source of getting the perfect wallpaper application. Now you can easily create your own plain blue, red, or white wallpaper. With some creativity using these apps, even preppy wallpaper and pink aesthetic wallpaper can be redefined. So, get your hand on the best quality wallpaper maker app for your iPhone and iPad. Visit the Utility and Productivity segment of our website for useful blogs on wallpapers and other best blur iPhone photo apps.

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