How to Block a Number on iPhone

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How to Block a Number on iPhone

Before we begin

Are you frequently being contacted by telemarketers or spam callers? How about a past acquaintance you no longer want to chat with? If so, I’m sure you have wondered how to block a number on iPhone at least once. Well, we have got you covered!

On the iPhone, you can block specific numbers manually. However, to prevent and completely block spam calls, robocalls, unsolicited and irritating phone calls, start using the Call Blocker for iPhone app. It can be found free on the App Store now.

Let’s see how to block a number on iPhone

As mentioned above, our iPhone does include a feature that allows you to block an unwanted number. But, this is only a basic approach to a blocking calls remedy. To block numbers individually is a rather time-consuming endeavor if you want to completely eradicate robocalls or any type of unwanted callers, for that matter.

Some cell providers provide a call blocking feature. In addition, it’s also better to register your phone number with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry. Nonetheless, this will not stop unethical telemarketers and spammers from calling you.

Combat this and learn how to block a number on iPhone by first heading over to the App Store. Once there, download the Call Blocker for iPhone app to get started.

How to block a number on iPhone using Call Blocker for Phone App

How to block a number on iPhone using the Call Blocker for iPhone app:

Step 1: Enable call blocking           

How to enable call blocker on iPhone

The first step is to enable caller identification, which will allow you to monitor and identify any undesirable phone numbers you want to block. This is accomplished by heading to the iPhone Settings and then selecting the Phone option. Then tap on call blocking and identification before turning on the call blocking function.

Step 2: Add numbers to the block list       

Add numbers to a call block list

Access your contact book directly from the Call Blocker app to block numbers. You’ll be able to block a cell phone number or unblock any contact with just a single tap. Customize your blocked contacts list by selecting the calls you want and don’t want to receive and modifying them when desired.

Step 3: Add a personalized spam caller list

Personalized spam caller list

Pick a call type from the drop-down menu to add numbers to your spam list. Then, apply separate flags from categories, including robocallers, survey spam, text message spam, and prank calls. Use personalized tags to categorize spam callers to accurately eliminate unwanted calls. Marking a phone number as spam (or any other category) will automatically detect any subsequent calls from that number.

About The National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry is a database of phone numbers from people who have expressed a desire to receive fewer telemarketing calls. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection body, is in charge of the registry. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and state agencies enforce it.

The register was established in 2003 to provide customers more options when it came to telemarketing calls. The Federal Trade Commission’s decision to develop the National Do Not Call Registry came after a three-year review of the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Furthermore, the FTC’s considerable experience implementing the Rule during the preceding seven years. The FTC also hosted several seminars, meetings, and briefings to gather input from interested parties. It evaluated over 64,000 public submissions, the majority of which supported the registry’s creation.

Important tips to follow after you learn how to block a number on iPhone

tips to follow before giving out your number
  • If you happen to sign up for services, don’t just give away your phone number without some due diligence. For example, if you’re filling out online forms, don’t give out your phone number unless it’s absolutely mandatory.
  • Get well versed with your legal rights. If you receive unsolicited calls from actual businesses daily, you can urge them to stop. Also, in most cases, you can opt-out of receiving marketing-related calls or texts from most firms.
  • When browsing through social media, make sure not to post your phone number. Far too often, many individuals make the mistake of including their phone number and email address on their profiles. This is usually a horrible idea, and you will ultimately ask yourself how to block a number on iPhone.

Closing statements

For blocking spam calls, robocalls, fraud calls, and telemarketing calls, the Call Blocker for iPhone app is the finest option. Using this app instead of other call blocking apps or methods will yield more effective results. Be assured that all of your calls are correctly monitored and screened. Whether you’re a victim of scam calls, have a stalker, or just want to help shield others by warning them about spammers, this app has got you covered. An all-in-one free app protects you from those annoying and awkward spam callers interrupting your precious daytime moments.

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