How to Change Texting Font on iPhone

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How to change texting font on iPhone

Let’s Start

Want to enhance your typing experience by using new and stylish fonts on your iPhone? Unfortunately, you cannot do that unless you’re using a third-party fonts app. Apple only provides two types of font styles: San Francisco (SF) and New York (NY). However, if you want variations, you’d need to learn how to change texting font on iPhone.

Here we’ve discussed how to change the font style on iPhone using a third-party fonts app called Fontix. Additionally, we’ve explored how to change the size of the default font on your iPhone.

How to change texting font on iPhone using a third-party app

Using cool font styles to type your messages is an amazing way to customize your iPhone. Whether it is iMessages, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or other similar texting apps, you can now send your texts with fancy font styles. With these cool fonts, your messaging experience will be better than before. So what you need is the best font style app for your iPhone.

There are two types of font style apps: a font keyboard app and the other is a font app. A font keyboard app like Fontix has a collection of typefaces stored on your app. You can access it when you’re typing using your keyboard. However, for the fonts app, you’d need to first install and set it through your iPhone Settings before using them.

Want to know the best way on how to change texting font on iPhone? Download the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for free from the App Store.

Step-by-step guide on how to change texting font on iPhone with the Fontix app:

Step 1: Before you proceed further on how to change texting font on iPhone, download the Fontix app.

Install Fontix font app on iPhone
  • Open your App Store and navigate to the Search tab at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Type “fontix” in the search option and then find the app.
  • Select the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app icon from the App Store.
  • Finally, tap GET button at the bottom of app’s icon to install the app for free.

First, you’ll need to go to the App Store and locate the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app. Then select the app and tap on GET to install the app on your iPhone. With this app, you’ll have access to a unique and aesthetic collection of text fonts.

Step 2: After that, enable the Fontix keyboard to have full access using the iPhone Settings app.

how to add fonts keyboard to iPhone Settings
  • Launch the Fontix app and tap on the “Add Keyboard” button at the opening screen.
  • Or, open the Settings app, then scroll down and tap on “Fontix.”
  • On the Fontix app’s iPhone settings, tap on “Keyboards.”
  • Under Keyboards, turn on the “Fontix” app toggle bar.
  • After that, turn on the toggle bar to “Allow Full Access.”

Step 3: Change the text font on your iPhone from your keyboard

how to get different fonts on iPhone with the Fontix app
  • Launch any messaging or texting app such as Whatsapp, Instagram, iMessage, Messenger, etc.
  • Open its texting keyboard and tap on the Globe symbol at the bottom of the keyboard screen.
  • Select Fontix from the options menu (if any), and your default keyboard will switch to Fontix keyboard.
  • At the top of the keyboard theme, there is a list of different font styles offered by the Fontix app.
  • Select the text font you like, and your keyboard keys will change according to the style you’ve selected.
  • Start typing using the text fonts you’ve chosen and change if you like to try another one.

Here’s how to install fonts on iPhone from the App Store:

You can download text fonts on your iPhone from third-party apps on the App Store. Once you’ve installed a font on your iPhone, it will remain on your device even if the app itself is uninstalled.

Steps on how to download fonts on iPhone:

  • Launch the App Store and download a fonts app on your iPhone.
  • After downloading an app that contains a rich collection of fonts, launch the app to install the fonts.
  • After you’ve installed the fonts, you’d need to manage them through iPhone Settings.
  • Open the Settings on your iPhone, go to the “General,” and then tap on “Fonts.”
  • Select your installed fonts to change your iPhone’s default typeface.

How to change texting font on iPhone using the Settings app

Though not exactly changing the current font style into another but actually adjusting its size. You see, Apple doesn’t offer any default feature to change your current iPhone text font. Continue to follow this guide to learn how to change the font size on your iPhone.

Here’s how to adjust font size on iPhone with the Settings app:

In this section, we’ve explored two methods on how to change the texting font size on your iPhone, and they are:

Method 1: Change the iPhone text size from the Settings:

change the text font size on iPhone
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness.
  • After that, tap on Text Size.
  • Drag the slider at the bottom to right or left to change the font size.

Method 2: Make iPhone font size bigger from the Settings:

change the text font size on iPhone 02
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and select Accessibility.
  • Then tap on Display & Text Size.
  • After that, tap on Larger Text.
  • Finally, move the slider right or left to change the size of your font.

Wrap up

The only way to use different and cool fonts while texting on your iPhone is by installing a third-party app. With apps like the Fontix, you’ll have a rich collection of typefaces that is easily accessible through your iPhone’s keyboard. Using stylish and unique fonts is a great way to personalize your iPhone and enhance your typing experience.

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