How to Get a Live Wallpaper on iPhone

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How to get a live wallpaper on iPhone

Before we start

Are you bored with your iPhone already? Liven it up by learning how to get a live wallpaper on iPhone. This will give your iPhone a more aesthetic look. Apply cool backgrounds and trendy live wallpapers on your iPhone home screen using the Live Wallpaper 3D App designed for iPhone.

Sure, Apple offers some live wallpapers, however like many of Apple’s other native features, they lack depth and personalization options.

How to get a live wallpaper on iPhone using the Live Wallpaper 3D app:

Step 1: Install Live Wallpaper 3D 

Install Live Wallpaper 3D

Visit the App Store and download Live Wallpaper 3D to get started on customizing the home screen on your iPhone with beautiful themes, HD wallpaper as well as 4K wallpapers.

Step 2: Choose your favorite wallpaper category  

Choose a live wallpaper from different categories

A plethora of different wallpaper categories can be selected to cater to your every need. Hundreds of top-notch live static and cool wallpapers are available in each category, ready to amplify the overall beauty and creativity of your home screen background and lock screen. This live wallpaper app’s categorization feature makes finding things like your favorite aesthetic wallpaper, anime wallpaper, 4K wallpaper more seamless.

Step 3: Make a favorites list and preview wallpapers   

List your favorite live wallpapers

By selecting your favorite wallpaper and pinning it as a favorite, you can access all live wallpapers. Then, use the quick preview function. It assists you in selecting the appropriate wallpaper without requiring you to finalize and apply it on your home or lock screen.

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The Basics:

How to get a live wallpaper on iPhone

To make use of the in-house live wallpapers on your iOS device, follow these instructions.

  • Choose a new wallpaper by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Live
  • Select your Live Photos album to utilize a personalized live wallpaper. Tap Set when you’ve found a wallpaper you’d want to utilize
  • Tap and hold the live wallpaper on the lock screen until the image starts moving to see it in action

It’s simple to view your new wallpaper in action once you’ve installed it. To do so, push the on/off button on the top or right side of your phone, depending on your model. To wake the phone, tap the screen or raise it, but don’t unlock it.

The following steps depends on the type of wallpaper you’re using:

Dynamic: Do nothing

On the Lock or Home screens, the animation simply plays

Tap and hold the image on the Lock screen until it starts moving.

How to get a live wallpaper on iOS

Differences between live wallpaper and dynamic wallpaper

  • Live Wallpapers: Until you long-press the screen, these wallpapers appear to be static images. They come to life and begin to move when you do this. A lengthy tap on the 3D Touch screen activates Live Wallpapers. Live Wallpaper animations are only available on the Lock screen.
  • Dynamic Wallpapers: These are more geared towards looping small video clips. They are compatible with both the Home and Lock screens. Furthermore, they do not require the use of a 3D Touch screen.

Closing statements

Lots of folks today use a live wallpaper app. Actually, people have been using them for quite some time now. The reason for this could be that iOS’s customizing features are limited. The Live Wallpaper 3D app allows you to be as creative as you want with your iPhone. As a result, be delighted to open your iPhone at how vivid and wonderful your iPhone screen may be.

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