How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

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How to free up space on iPhone

In response to how to free up space on iPhone, one cleaner app comes forth with flying color, and that’s Cleaner for iPhone. It is a well-built app that deletes duplicate photos and contacts with precision. Now is your chance to free up valuable space and optimize your phone.

If you are wondering how to clear storage on iPhone, below are the options we got for you. We will evaluate each option straightforwardly. This will help you choose the most convenient way to boost mobile storage:

  • Clean up iPhone memory using our the Cleaner app
  • Delete duplicate photos/contacts manually to free up storage

How to free up space on iPhone using the cleaner app?

You store hundreds of media files, contacts, and schedule notes on your iPhone every day. Many of them do no good but just take up space. As a result, your device often shows low storage. This condition calls for freeing up space. A good storage cleaner can do the whole cleaning up conveniently.

Possibly you might have a list of event recordings you have made using the best screen recording app. Those video recordings already took a lot of your device’s space. The Cleaner app removes those excess media files from your device and frees up your phone storage.

The step-by-step instructions of freeing up your phone memory using this cleaner app start henceforth:

Step-1: Download and install the iPhone storage cleaner app

First thing first, download Cleaner for iPhone app from the App Store. It’s reliable and, even better, free to download. Install it on your device and browse through its easy and intuitive storage cleaning functionalities. Here’s what you should do:

  • Visit the App Store and search Cleaner for iPhone app
  • Once you find the app download it to your device
  • Launch the Cleaner app
  • The cleaner app’s interface will let you perform an effective cleanup process once started

Step-2: Select cleaning modes to delete duplicate photos/contacts

cleaning modes to delete duplicate photos/contacts

When you have installed the cleaning app, the app interface leads you straight to the core app functions. You can either clean duplicate media files or merge the same contacts to save valuable storage. The second option is for users who want to clean up their phone memory with one go.

Delete duplicate photos and media contents effectively

You get three available options once you start this app. The ‘Fast Clean’ option, clean photos, and clean contacts module.

Here’s what happens when you choose the ‘Clean Photos’ options:

  • The initial page shows you the unnecessary or duplicate images
  • These images can be under similar photo categories or under screenshot groups
  • Select or de-select duplicate images from a similar photo category.
  • Once selections are finalized, you will get the Delete selected option.
  • Click on that option. A second screen will pop up as confirmation.
  • All the duplicate images will be deleted once you touch on the delete option

Delete or merge duplicate contacts

Not just you can clean duplicate images. But with this app, merging duplicate contacts are also way more convenient. Get a clear understanding of how the app merges duplicate contact from our tutorial video for Cleaner on YouTube.

  • The ‘Clean Contacts’ option will lead you to a new page
  •  On this page, you will see all duplicate contacts this smart app has already detected for you
  • Click on the duplicate data box for further action
  • The new page will show a list of duplicate contacts
  • Select or de-select repeated contacts
  • Merge duplicate contacts using the ‘Merge Selected’ option and save some storage

A perfect phone cleaner with a ‘Fast Clean’ option

This option is developed for users who want to see their memory cleaned up in a flash. This option is just for those who are busy enough to choose duplicate images and contacts individually.

One-touch of this option, and the ‘Fast Clean’ does every cleaning process automatically for them. It cleans up duplicate images and merges all contacts instantly on your iPhone.

Step-3: An iPhone storage cleaner with a smart dashboard

iPhone storage cleaner with a smart dashboard

Wondering how much free space you have got after clearing out junk from your device? The smart dashboard of this cleaner app offers you an intuitive animated dashboard.  You get accurate stats of your current device space right after every memory cleanup process.

How to free up space on iPhone: The in-built process

How to free up space on iPhone: The in-built process

This is rather a more conventional way of clearing cache on the iPhone. This procedure is way more time-consuming as well.  

Typically, this process is for users who like to stick with the old method of clearing phone space. They don’t prefer third-party apps like Cleaner for iPhone over default cleaner.

You can simply browse through the photos, select and delete media contents manually. However, in that case, you can’t exactly figure out how much memory you have saved in that process. Our recommended approach goes like this:

  • When you got the insufficient storage notification, go to the phone’s Settings option
  • From there, navigate through the General segment and look for the Storage option
  • Once in storage, you can select or unselect media content such as photos, videos, apps, etc.
  • Delete selected contents to free up device space
  • See the storage status after deleting junk contents using this default cleaner
  • In case of duplicate contacts, you have to search for a particular contact number or scrawl through the phone directory of your iPhone to manually delete unnecessary contact details.


Throughout this blog, we tried to bring up simple processes regarding how to free up space on iPhone. Cleaner for iPhone app is undoubtedly one of the most acceptable options. It efficiently removes unnecessary media files and contact junks in a brief time.

Whether deleting duplicate photos/contacts, or other media files, our Cleaner app has a high demand. However, your optimized iPhone can use a secured vault as well. Looking for an app that can hide and secure your confidential files from others? Try the best app to hide photos on iPhone from the same developer’s rig. 

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