How to Add Custom Emojis to iPhone

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How to Add Custom Emojis to iPhone

Emojis are part of our daily life now. Many of us use them more or less every day. Emoji is a type of small image or icon generally used to express emotions or expressions. Although iPhone has many emojis, making your own emoticons and emojis is more fun. Also, the system emojis cannot always express what we are trying to express. Therefore, if you need a solution on how to add custom emojis to iPhone, this guide will help you through.

Tip: You can access the default iPhone emojis from your keyboard. Simply go to any text field to bring up the keyboard and tap the Emoji icon located at the bottom.

How to add custom emojis to iPhone keyboard | 3 easy ways

On iPhone, your choice of emojis is limited to the default ones. Throughout this guide, we will find out how to add custom emojis to iPhone. To add emojis to iPhone, you need to change the keyboard from default. Currently, many apps with emoji keyboards for iPhone are available in App Store. As added functionality, some of them let you change the keyboard background too. From all the candidates, we tried to find the best emoji keyboard for iPhone.

From our experience, we find Emoji Up, Emojily, and Dog Emoji as the top contenders for the best custom emoji keyboard. Note that after installing the apps, you need to tap and hold the globe icon on the bottom left side of the keyboard and select your app.

How to make custom emojis with Emoji Up: Emoji Maker

If you want to add emojis to iPhone keyboard, this is quite a good app with many features. In addition to pre-made emojis, you can also add your own custom made emojis on your iPhone. With so many functions, you can have a lot of fun making your own emoji. Lots of new love and compassionate emojis can be found in the Emoji Up app’s emoji and sticker packs.

Ultimately, you can easily use custom emojis, stickers, and animojis on Tik Tok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more applications to communicate with your friends and loved ones.

Steps to create custom iPhone emojis with Emoji Up

How to create custom emojis with Emoji Up Emoji Maker 01
  • Locate and open the app on your iPhone.
  • Next, tap on the plus icon and select your emoji shape, color, and other elements.
  • After finishing customization, tap on the green button from the upper right corner.
How to create custom emojis with Emoji Up Emoji Maker 02
  • Give a name of the pack and hit Export.
  • Finally, you can save it to the library or use it on other platforms.

How to add custom emojis with Emojily

If you are trying to find out how to add emoji keyboard with custom emoji on your iPhone, Emojily is a good option. You can create a one-of-a-kind look by picking from a wide variety of options. Additionally, you can also try the “crazy randomize” function.

You can easily create emoji from pictures to send them to your contacts by text, iMessage, or other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Steps on how to add new emojis to iPhone using Emojily

How to customize emojis on iPhone with Emojily
  • Locate and open the Emojily app on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on “New.” You will find many emoji patterns and elements.
  • After creating an emoji with all the elements, tap the green save icon on the left. The emoji will be saved in your gallery and ready to be used.

How to add custom emojis to iPhone with Dog Emoji

If you are trying to find out how to add custom emojis to iPhone with funny dog faces, this is a good choice. With the Dog Emoji app, you can easily create animated emojis that resemble your dog. Additionally, emotional expressions are included in all of the emojis.

Also, it is possible to select among a variety of animations, including yawning and snarling.

Steps to add custom emojis to iPhone keyboard with Dog Emoji

how to create your own emoji on iPhone with Dog Emoji
  • Install and open the Dog Emoji app on your iPhone.
how to create your own emoji on iPhone with Dog Emoji 02
  • Select your preferred dog model and features or photo of the dog and hit save.
  • Finally, your dog emoji will be saved and ready to use.

How to add custom stickers to iPhone keyboard

You can add custom stickers on your iPhone alongside emojis. There are tons of sticker maker apps for iPhone on the App Store. And if you want a quick and easy option, you may go with the Sticker Maker app. There are many fun and unique stickers to choose from and the function to design your own with this free iPhone app.

For instance, you can create your own sticker sets by cutting, reshaping, and adding emojis to your photos. Additionally, this app has integration functionality with Messages and WhatsApp.


Here we explored the answer to how to add custom emojis to your iPhone. Emojis are a creative and simple way of expressing mind and tone. So, using them carefully on text is good practice. Additionally, you can also check out the best emoji apps for your iPhone.

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