How to Add Filters to Photos on iPhone

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how to add filters to photos

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We live in a society where a natural photograph just does not receive the same amount of attention as it once did. If you enjoy unique camera filters and want to learn how to add filters to photos on iPhone, then read on.

Learn how to add filters to photos with the Photo Editor app

We are all aware that it is relatively simple to apply cool filters to an iPhone shot. We think even children can do it. Furthermore, your iPhone itself has the ability to apply numerous iPhone filters to your images. However, suppose that isn’t your primary choice for editing images. In that case, the App Store offers a plethora of applications that can help you make your photos more appealing with a variety of cool photo effects using Photo Editor for iPhone.

A Guide on how to add filters to photos with Photo Editor

Before we go any further, download the Photo Editor app from the App Store.

image of Photo Editor app store

Step one:

To begin, either choose an image from your collection or take a photo using the app’s camera.

choose image screen on Photo Editor app

Step two:

Choose from over 100+ filters such as aesthetic filters, color filters, and vintage filters, to name a few.

Add filters screen of Photo Editor app

Step three:

Use the color splash tool to apply a greyscale or recolor to your photographs for a more refined effect.

Color splash feature on Photo Editor app

Check out how to add filters to photos with Blur Photo Editor app?

Another excellent app that allows you to add numerous hip and trendy filters for images taken on your iPhone is the Blur Photo Editor. This app can apply filters, but it also takes it to the next level by adding blur and bokeh-based filters.

Steps on how to add filters to photos with Blur Photo Editor

Firstly and go and download Blur Photo Editor from the App Store.

image of Blur Photo Editor app store

Step one:

Start by either selecting an image from your library or using the app’s camera to shoot a snapshot.

choose image screen on Blur Photo Editor app

Step two:

Apply a filter effect to your picture. Some filters include blur focused filters such as fuzzy filters and bokeh effect filters.

Add filters screen of Blur Photo Editor app

How to add filters to photos using the default iPhone Photos app

Step 1: From your iPhone’s home screen, open the Camera app.

image on iPhone home screen showing default photos app icon

Step 2: Just swipe up from the bottom of the app if you are using the most recent version of iOS. Keep in mind, if you’re on an older version of iOS, you can just hit the filter symbol in the top-right corner of your device.

Filter effects on image

Step 3: When you press the filter icon, you’ll be sent to a list of all the filters accessible in the app. You’ll also be able to watch live previews of each effect, which will assist you in picking which one to use.

How to use filter effects on iphone | Best photo effects app

How to use stock filters in the Photos app

The iPhone Photos app’s basic filters are among the most user-friendly die to it’s simple layout. The easiest way to make the most of them is to start by taking nice images with your iPhone.

There are total of nice built-in styles are available at your disposal, including three subtle effects for black and white buffs. Choose from three varieties of Vivid, three Dramatic filters, or the Mono, Silvertone, and Noir B/W effects. All of the picture effects are completely safe as it doesn’t drastically change the overall vibe of your photos. Therefor, This you can change or remove your filters at any moment without affecting the original image.

Final statements

You may use a variety of iPhone camera filters to enhance your images. If you want even more alternatives, there are definitely third-party applications that can help you identify and apply various unique effects to your iPhone images. Indeed, these instructions will assist you in doing so on your iOS device.

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