How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone

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How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone

Do you want to add custom music to a video? Here, we will discuss how to add music to a video on iPhone in different procedures. Often you wish to add your favorite music as background audio for a mobile video. Whether it’s your Valentine’s special moment or kid’s birthday, the moments captured on compelling deserve dramatic audio playback.

When a feature like adding music to iPhone video is in demand, you don’t want complicated software. So, the best alternative option is the Video Editor app for iPhone. It is a compelling video modifying app built exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

We will explain how to add music to a video on iPhone using this Video editor throughout this content. We will also explain the video editor app Apple offered to us. This app is called iMovie, and it also lets you add music to iPhone videos. So, with no more delay, let’s get started.

How to add music to a video on iPhone using the Video Editor app

Video editor is a versatile video editing and enhancing application for iPhone. It trims any video; lets you add filters and customizable audio. You can also import music from multiple sources, including iTunes Music and the phone’s storage tracklist.

Users can also record their voices and add them as background sounds for any video. In other words, rendering music for any video is way easy with this particular app. You just have to choose a video clip from the library of saved videos.

Now, you will be on an interface with Add Music option at the bottom of the video player. Tapping on it will give you three access paths to import and add music files for your piece of video; Tracks, iTunes Music and Record Audio.

Choose Tracks or iTunes if you have to import an audio file. Choose the Record Audio if you want to record your own voice and add that to the video. At this point, you have to choose your preferred audio to add music to a video.

At this point, you will be at the interface with your chosen video stretched frame by frame against the selected music. With this app, you can individually trim video as well as audio content. Tap on the video frames to trim the footage or chop off extra music on the audio section.

Once done, tap on the save and share icon at the top right corner of the app. Now you got new content saved on your device with custom audio at the back. You can share your video with friends online right from the video editor app.

How to add music to a video on iPhone- Brief processes

To make things easy for you, we have shrunk the descriptive portion of the music adding procedures into more gullible steps:

  • Launch the Video Editor app
  • Tap on the Videos option
  • Select your video from the Saved Videos gallery
  • Selecting the clip will lead you to the video player interface. This also includes a frame-to-frame video timeline and an Add Music option.
  • Add a song of your preference by tapping the Add Music option.
  • On tapping that, you will get three options; Tracks, iTunes Music, and Record Audio. Use them to source-in your music
  • Now you will find your imported audio file against the video timeline and a preview window
  • From here, you can trim both video or audio frames individually by tapping on the respected frames
  • Save and share the edited video after tweaking and trimming video and audio frames.

What else can you get besides music adding function

By this time, you should have the solution of how to add music to a video on iPhone.  Now the question lies, what else this best video editor app for iPhone and iPad can offer you. The Video Editor comes with an easy-to-tune video and audio cropper. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the distinct audio tuning option and an audio enhancer against the chosen video on this app.

You can do all minor audio configuring and trimming on the Audio trim interface of the app. Here, apart from the trimming function, you can raise the volume and make subtle audio adjustments. You will find options like Fade In, Fade Out, and loop under the Sound Settings in the Audio Trim interface.

How to add music to a video on iPhone- Using iMovie

Another option many users prefer is Apple’s iMovie. The process of adding a soundtrack to a video is simple and pretty similar to Video Editor app. With the video open on this app, simply tap on the Add Media icon. After that, tap Audio followed by My Music to browse through songs.

Add the music of your preference by tapping the add icon next to the music to set it against the chosen project. Play it as a preview before permanently setting it as video background audio. iMovie automatically sets the audio against the video. It fits and adjusts the length of the chosen music according to the length of the video. 


Raising the subject about adding music to a video on iPhone brings out several plans in hand. You can either use the Video Editor or native video editing app of iPhone. You can, however, get many other apps to do this task. But we want you to use the best app on the App Store.  

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