How to Add Text to a Video on iPhone- Full Guide

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How to Add Text to a Video on iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to add text to a video on iPhone and improve your watching experience? Here’s a neat trick: add some text! Subtitles are fantastic for understanding different languages and tutorials, but you can do more.

Imagine watching a movie in a language you don’t know or learning from a how-to video – having text can help. But it’s not just about subtitles.

You can put names in your videos to give credit, add titles to explain each part, and even throw in logos to show your brand. And if you want to protect your stuff, watermarks are like a secret code for your videos.

This article will dive into the many techniques for adding text to a video on iPhone. We’ll guide you through the choices, so you can pick what you like. Whether you want to talk better, show off your brand, or keep things safe, adding text to your iPhone videos is fantastic. Ready to make your videos stand out? Let’s get started!

How to add text to a video on iPhone using the Clips app

Meet Clips – your iPhone’s creative sidekick. It’s a free platform that lets you add text, stickers, animations, and artsy filters to your videos. Excellent bonus: it can even turn your spoken words into text in the video. You can also throw in music, animated backgrounds, and emojis for extra flair. Plus, sharing your edited videos is a breeze with iPhone’s built-in services like iCloud.

Let’s add text to a video on iPhone using the Clips app. Here’s what you do:

How to add text to a video on iPhone using the Clips app 01
  1. Open the Clips app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Photos Library icon beside the red shutter button and select Photos.
  3. Select the video and tap Add > Add to Project.
  4. Once the video appears on the workspace, tap on it and then select Effects.
How to add text to a video on iPhone using the Clips app 02
  1. Then tap on the “Aa” icon, and a bunch of text styles will appear.
  2. Select the style that you like, and it will appear over the video.
  3. Tap on the text box in the video to type your own text.
  4. Once you are done, tap Done to save your video.

Easy, right? Your video is ready to shine!

How to add text to a video on iPhone using iMovie

Imagine turning your ordinary video into a cinematic masterpiece – that’s what the iMovie video editor brings. All you need to do is add the correct text and give it a touch of magic using its advanced tools. And the best part? It’s super easy to use, and you can find it on the Apple App Store.

With iMovie, you’re in for a treat. You can add cool gradient backgrounds, drop in your favorite tunes, and even tinker with the playback speed to get that perfect vibe. It’s like a toolbox of creativity at your fingertips!

Ready to add words to iMovie? Follow these simple steps:

How to add text to a video on iPhone using iMovie
  • First, open up the iMovie app and get your video into the timeline.
  • Now, keep an eye out for the “T” icon – tap on it to jump into text mode.
  • Choose a font that vibes with your video’s style from the list. Then, type in the text you want to add.
  • Feeling good about your text? Awesome! Just tap ‘Done,’ and you’re all set.

You’re all set! Your video’s now rocking that excellent text you added.

How to add text to a video on iPhone using FilmoraGo

You know what’s really neat? FilmoraGo, this excellent video editing app, is free for Android and iOS. Thought not exactly free. It is free to install but there are still in-app purchases. The fabulous people at Wondershare, who also made that popular video editing software for computers called Filmora, came up with it.

And guess what? It’s super easy to use, even if you’re new to this app. You can make your videos look fantastic by adding text and trying all sorts of features. The iPhone users will love this – FilmoraGo is like a magic tool for adding text to your videos!

Let’s break it down in simple terms:

Step 1: Get the FilmoraGo app from the App Store. Simply download and install it like any other app. Then open the app; look for the option that says “+ New Project” and give it a tap.

Step 2: You’ll see a screen with everything on your phone, like photos and videos. Then pick the “Video” option at the top and choose the video you want. Then, hit “Import.” Your video will then appear on the screen. Move the little bar to the part of the video where you want your text to show up.

Step 3: At the bottom, tap the “Text” option. Next, hit the button with “T+” on it. The text you typed will be displayed in the video. You can also make it bigger or smaller by tapping and using the arrows around it.

Step 4: Want to change how the text looks? Click on “Style” to play around with the font, alignment, and space between the letters. You can change the text color if you’re into colors. Click on the text, then “Style,” and find the Color Palette icon. Pick the color you like. Feeling fancy? You can add some cool animation to your text. Please tap on the Animation Icon (it’s beside the color palette) and choose an animation style.

Step 5: Almost done! Tap the checkmark in the top-right corner. Boom, your text is now on the video. To save it, hit “Export.”

That’s it! You’ve just spiced up your video with some text using FilmoraGo. Enjoy your incredible video creation!

Why add text on your iPhone videos?

Putting text in your videos is an excellent way to share important stuff and make your videos stand out.

Whether you’re using Clips or iMovie, adding text is simple and doesn’t take long.

Check out why it’s great to add words to a video:

1. Help More People Understand

When you add text, it’s easier for folks who can’t hear well to follow along. It also helps those who might not get the spoken language.

2. Get Creative with Looks:

Text isn’t just about info—it can give your videos an extraordinary and unique style.

3. Grab People’s Attention:

Text makes your videos more engaging. You can highlight excellent parts, give your video a catchy name, and add fun emojis or stickers.

Some tips for writing texts over a video on iPhone

Make Your Text Easy to Read

When adding text to your videos, make sure it’s big enough for people to read comfortably. But make it smaller so that it covers up important stuff.

Pick a Font that Works

Choose a font that’s easy to read on any device. Fonts like Helvetica or Arial without fancy details are good.

Keep It Short

Write only a short text. Keep it quick and precise. You want to ensure people get enough info and keep them from the good parts of your video.

Watch the Background

Don’t put your text on top of really busy backgrounds. The same goes for things like moving skies, water, or trees.

Give Time to Read

People read at different speeds. So, give them about two seconds to read each line of text. That way, everyone gets the message.


So, let’s wrap this up. In this article, we’ve covered a lot about how to add text to a video on iPhone.We checked out three ways: the Clips app, iMovie, and FilmoraGo. And guess what? We also discussed some intelligent tips for making your text look excellent on videos.

No matter which way you pick, adding text is like giving your videos a boost of coolness and info. With the tips we spilled here, you’re ready to make videos that catch the eyes and stick in people’s minds. So, give it a shot, and make those videos shine with text!

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