How to Amplify Sound on iPhone

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How to amplify sound on iPhone

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It’s not uncommon to boost the volume of a song to enjoy it further. Also, sometimes when listening to music, you realize your iPhone sound is not up to the mark. You can control the way you’d want to enjoy your songs with your iPhone. For this, you’d need to learn how to amplify sound on iPhone.

If you want to increase your iPhone speaker volume, there are a few ways you could do that. If you’d like to enjoy your music to the fullest, try a volume booster app for iPhone like the Equalizer Fx. Or, you could boost sound without any apps by changing your iPhone volume settings.

How to amplify sound on iPhone using a third-party EQ app

If you’re an audiophile and obsessed with listening to songs, you’d definitely need a bass booster app for iPhone. With such apps, you could experience every beat and note of your music. Supposing that you’re having a party, you could share music by connecting your iPhone with a speaker and boosting your volume. So if you’re seeking a way on how to make your music louder on iPhone, then there are plenty of apps available.

Want to explore how to amplify sound on iPhone? Try installing the Equalizer Fx – Bass Booster App for free from the App Store.

With 7 band equalizer settings and over 15 customizable presets – the Equalizer Fx is one of the best EQ apps for iPhone. This app will make you experience breathtaking sounds. Continue reading this guide to find more about how to turn up the volume on iPhone.

Here are the steps on how to amplify sound on iPhone:

how to make volume louder on iPhone with Equalizer Fx app
  • Open the Equalizer Fx app on your iPhone and select a song to play it on the built-in music player.
  • Tap on the Equalizer symbol at the bottom-right of your screen.
  • From the EQ setting screen, find and select the Loudness preset. Or, increase the sliders of the 7 bands to boost volume on your iPhone.
  • Once you’ve adjusted the EQ bands to something you like, tap on Save to create a custom preset.

How to amplify sound on iPhone with the Apple Music app

Almost similar to the third-party app discussed earlier, you can turn the volume up on iPhone with the Apple Music app. The preset option Late Night raises softer sounds to the amplitude of the loudest parts. This will make your volume louder on iPhone when you’re playing a song from Apple Music.

Steps on how to make the sound louder on iPhone:

how to make your sound louder on iPhone via Apple Music app
  • Open the iPhone Settings app.
  • Scroll down and select the Apple Music app.
  • Under the AUDIO section, tap on EQ.
  • After that, select the equalizer preset “Late Night.”

How to make sounds on iPhone louder in the Settings app

Another way to increase your iPhone volume is by disabling the Reduce Loud Sounds from the Settings app. This will adjust the sound of your headphone on your iPhone. So, you can now enjoy louder audio sounds when listening to your iPhone with your headphones.

Steps on how to turn volume up on iPhone using the Settings app:

how to make your iPhone louder in Settings app
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose Sounds & Haptics.
  • Under Sounds & Haptics, tap on Headphone Safety.
  • Ensure that the Reduce Lound Sounds is turned off. If it is on, then tap on its toggle bar to switch it off.

More tricks on how to raise the volume on iPhone:

The first two methods discussed are very useful when you’d want a flawless music listening experience. However, if you’re wondering how to make your overall iPhone sound louder, then follow this section. Here we’ve discussed some common techniques on how to increase volume on iPhone.

Use the volume buttons on your iPhone:

There are two volume buttons on the left side of your iPhone. One at the top is to raise the sound, and the one at the bottom is to reduce the volume. So press the top volume button to increase the iPhone volume level.

Rest your iPhone on a bowl:

The speaker of your iPhone is at the bottom. The curvature of the bowl will allow the sound waves from your speaker to bounce up everywhere. This will enable a louder iPhone speaker sound.

Add an external speaker to your iPhone:

You can connect your iPhone with a speaker. This will significantly improve the sound quality as well as make your iPhone louder.

Increasing iPhone volume through the Control Center:  

Open the Control Center on your iPhone. You can do this by doing a swiping-down gesture at the top-right corner of your home and lock screen. Then drag the Volume slider upwards turn volume up on iPhone.


We’ve shared a number of ways on how to amplify sound on iPhone in this complete guide. For enjoying your favorite tracks on iPhone, try the Equalizer Fx app. Additionally, there are other techniques mentioned that can boost volume on your iPhone.

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