How to Black Out Something in a Picture on iPhone: 5 Easy Steps

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How to Black out something in a picture on your iPhone-Main

How to black out something in a picture on iPhone? This is a common query many users come up with when it is necessary to obscure parts of their snapshots. Fortunately, there’s a reliable app that can blur something in a picture on iPhone without costing its quality or authenticity.

Introducing Blur Photo Editor for iPhone, a superb photo beautifying app that specializes in obscuring unwanted elements. We will discuss how to black out something in a picture using this specialized app. We will also talk about the default image bokeh process iPhone offers at its default level.

Getting familiar with Blur Photo Editor app

Blur photo editor for iPhone and iPad is an excellent choice when it comes to image beautifying and editing process. There’s a number of featured functions this app offers to blur images and enhance photos. Down you will see a list of goodies that justifies our recommendation of this app to you.

Useful features of Blur Photo Editor:

  • Blur portion of any photo smoothly
  • Use the magnifying window to blur the smallest part of any image
  • Add multiple blurring styles to make the image blacking out more interesting
  • The app allows you to choose filters from a rich library
  • Featuring a set of full-fledged photo editors
  • Easy share options of your edited images

How to black out something in a picture on iPhone using Blur Photo Editor

As mentioned earlier, Blur Photo Editor is undoubtedly one of the best photo blurrings and enhancing apps on the App store. Here we will explain how to black out something in a picture on iPhone using this specialized photo-improving app.

Step by step process of blurring parts of an image using Blur Photo Editor

Blurring images are comparatively simple in the Blur Photo Editor app. We saw users try YouTube tutorials to familiarize themselves with the complicated functions of many high-end image enhancer apps.

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Blur Photo Editor, on the other hand, seemed to us very handy in the first place. Usability is simple, but at the same time, the app is packed with features. So, with no more dues, here are the process to black out something in a picture on iPhone with this app:

Step-1: Launch Blur Photo Editor

You will experience the intuitive graphics from the beginning of using this app. The automated Sliding images will showcase all the goodies you can enjoy on this app. You can choose the desired function you need straight from that slider.

Step-2: Choose an image

The app automatically fetches all the photos on your device and shows them in its own gallery. You can browse image galleries under the banner ‘Choose a photo to start’ at the beginning of this app.

Step-3: Time to blur the image

Selecting a photo you want to work on will instantly take you to the image modifying window. Here, you will get all picture enhancing and tweaking functions, including the plain fading option.

Simply choose the blur icon. Set the blurring intensity preference from no blur to heavily faded effects. Select the brush icon and adjust the blur radius according to your liking. Move your finger on the image parts and see it go blurry.

Step-4: Try other blurring effects

Don’t just stick with the plain blackout function. With this app, you can choose multiple blurring styles. The filter module right beneath the brush icon includes tons of blur styles stacked under five distinct categories.

Choose your preferred fading styles from hundreds of styles racked under the Basic, Glass, Distortion, Paint, or Water category. Select the unblur icon and unmerge any portion of the image by simply moving your finger over it.

Step-5: Save and share your edited image

If you feel that you have added sufficient fade effects to your image, tap the next icon (“>”). It will take you to the next window containing tons of photo filters to give your image more dramatic attires.

You can either choose and add photo filters or tap on the download icon in the app’s top-right corner. The Blur Photo Editor will save the image on your device’s storage instantly. The app also comes with multiple photo-sharing gateways. This allows you to share the image with multiple social platforms.

How to black out something in a picture on iPhone: Default feature

Blur Photo Editor is an All-In-One photo blurring app. That means you not only can blur images but can add filters and carry out basic photo editing processes. When talking about the image black out function, iPhone’s default camera bokeh option also shows some of its efforts. 

However, the portrait bokeh is not customizable. It’s a static defocusing feature that appears to define the depth of field in a snapshot.

If thinking about how to black out something in a picture on iPhone using the default feature, the solutions are simple. Just play with the depth of field while taking a photo or simply use the portrait mode.

Play with depth of field when taking a photo

While taking a photo with the iPhone, keep the distance between the focused object and any object you want to defocus. The optimized software of the iPhone will track the focused object in the frame and fade the unwanteds far from the camera lens.

Use the portrait mode

This is a more profound option if you want to blur the background of an image. iPhone’s image processing software plays a major role in this mode. Using this option of the iPhone’s camera unit, you can keep the main focus object. It can be any inanimate object, animal, or person. Keep the object in focus and choose the mode of focus. 

You will get to choose from Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, or High-Key Light Mono. Using the Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and High-Key Light Mono will give you an aggressive level of background wash-up result.

Nevertheless, you cannot configure, fine-tune, or revert the blur effect like the Blur Photo Editor app. However, you get other image editing functions at the iPhone’s default platform. But for blacking out part of an image, this is the limit.


How to black out something in a picture on iPhone is a high-volume query many users make when editing images on iPhone. We have tried the Blur Photo Editor app several times. It is by far the most optimized app that allows you to defocus part of an image just the way you want.

However, you have the right to choose the best for your device. So, we tried to make your life a little easier. We have compiled a list of the 11 best censor apps to blur face on picture for iPhone and explained each of their features thoroughly just for you.

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