How to Blur a Face in a Video on iPhone

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How to blur a face in a video on iPhone

Before we begin

To learn how to blur a face in a video, you don’t have to be a professional video editor these days. The reason is, there is already a slew of blur video applications available that will blur the face in the video without requiring you to use something like Photoshop.

Learn how out to blur a face in a video with Blur Video Background app

To make a stand-out video, many may think they need a DSLR camera of some sort. With the Blur Video Background app, you won’t need any professional equipment anymore for video blur. With just your iPhone camera and the video blur app, applying face censor in your videos is a breeze.

Of course, there can be a bunch of reasons why you may want to censor videos with a blurred face effect. For example, you’re doing an interview, and a particular person requests anonymity, or you’re capturing a film that can feature not-so-appropriate scenes for viewing by the general public. Mentioned are just minute reasons why you want to blur out faces or scenery from a video on your iPhone.

A rundown on how to blur a face in a video with Blur Video Background

A rundown on how to blur a face in a video with Blur Video Background

Before you proceed on how to blur a face in a video on iPhone, first install the Blur Video Background app for free from the App Store.

  • On your iPhone, open the Blur Video Background app
  • Choose the video to which you want to apply a blur. Choose from the Gallery, Camera, or My Videos sections to upload your video
  • From the top of the blurring options screen, select Blur or Pixelate from the toggle bar
  • Then touch on the blurring path’s form, either Rectangle or Circle
  • To blur a face from your video, use your finger to apply Blur or Pixelate
  • When you’re finished, go to the top-right corner of your screen and press the Upload symbol
  • Then choose the blurred video’s export size. The possible resolutions are Ultra HD 4K, Full HD 1080P, HD 720P, and Normal 480P.
  • Save your movie to your Camera Roll or post it on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites after it’s finished.

How can I use iMovie on my iPhone to obscure a face in a video?

How can I use iMovie on my iPhone to obscure a face in a video?

Though iMovie doesn’t include a blur effect for live videos, it is still a get-around to this. Using the Picture in Picture feature in the iMovie app allows you to blur something in a movie. This basically means you’ll need to use your iPhone to download some sort of black or blurred image. You’d have to apply that picture over the video segments you wish to blur. Although it is possible to blur films with iMovie, the procedure is not simple.

Here’s how to blur a face in a video with the iMovie app in detail:

Here's how to blur a face in a video with the iMovie app
  • On your iPhone Camera Roll, save a dark black, fuzzy, or pixelated image
  • On your iPhone, open the iMovie app
  • Then, to do a new project, click the Plus + symbol and pick a video. You can also edit projects that have already been created
  • From your media library, select the video whose sections you wish to blur and press Create Movie
  • Now, from the iMovie editing timeline, press Plus + to add the photo with which you’d like to obscure sections of your film

To apply the blur on a face in your video, do the following:

  • Find your image by pressing the Plus + symbol and choose Photos
  • Select your photo and touch the three dots symbol once it’s been located
  • Then select Picture in Picture from the drop-down menu
  • To blur something on your movie, edit and drag the photo
  • To save your completed film to iMovie Projects, finally, tap Done.

Why online video privacy is important

Why online video privacy is important

Video privacy should be valued online in the same way other things are given importance on privacy. When you conduct a private chat behind closed doors or merely provide your bank your financial information. For a plethora of reasons, online privacy is crucial.

Similarly, you don’t want strangers to know about your personal life, and it’s challenging to know what personal information is collected and by whom. That is why when you accidentally or intentionally appear in someone’s video, it is crucial you blur yourself or whomever you want out of your video before uploading it to the web. Information sold from one firm to another or media acquired and shared without your knowledge is more troublesome. At the end of the day, this is identity theft and a privacy breach. Thereof an excellent video blur app is a necessity today.

Final statements

Part of editing a video includes censoring a person in a video. In addition, applying a blur to the backdrop of a video or an object may sometimes improve it. Fortunately, you can simply blur your photos and videos using iPhone applications. Though you can blur faces from your iPhone movies with the iMovie, the Blur Video Background app is a far more accessible option.

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