How to Blur Something in a Video on iPhone

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How to blur something in a Video on iPhone

Before we start

The camera on an iPhone is quite powerful, making it ideal for recording high-quality films. However, this might lead to fantastic videos being spoiled by something or someone in the backdrop. To do so, you’ll need to know how to blur something in a video on iPhone.

Luckily for you, nowadays, you don’t need to be an expert to blur video, which is fortunate for you. All you need is an iPhone app that blurs photos and videos, such as the Blur Video Background app.

Find out how to blur something in a video on iPhone

You can record beautiful and meaningful moments with your iPhone while spending time with family and friends. Some videos can involve humiliating moments that must be blurred.

If you want to blur something in a video on iPhone then make sure to install the Blur Video Background app to apply bokeh effects to your videos.

Though several film editing applications with video blurring features are available on the App Store, none are worthwhile. Blur Video Background is a specialist app that blurs and pixelates video.

Therefore, we’ve covered two of the most effective techniques to blur things out in an iPhone video:

  • Blur Video Background app
  • iMovie app

Check out how you can blur something in a video with the Blur Background App:

How you can blur something in a video with the Blur Background App for iPhone

Are you looking for a way to blur a portion of a video on your iPhone? Simply use the Blur Video Background app to easily filter or pixelate any amount of your video to create a blurred screen.

Follow the below-stated guidelines to learn how to blur something in a video:

  • Start the Blur Video Background application
  • Assign where you want your video to be blurred – Gallery, Camera, or My Videos
  • Toggle between the Blur and Pixelate effects on the editing page by tapping the toggle bar
  • From the bottom taskbar, choose the blurring path’s form. You enjoy the liberty of choosing between a Circle and a Rectangle
  • After you’ve finished blurring your movie, press the Upload icon
  • To decide the size of your video, choose the video quality. There are four resolutions to choose from: 4K, Full HD 1080P, HD 720P, and Normal 480P
  • After you’ve finished editing your video clip, you can save it to your Camera Roll or share it on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Drive

How to blur something in a video using iMovie

blur something in a recording using iMovie
  • On your iPhone, take a blurry or black photo
  • Then open the iMovie application
  • Tap the Plus + icon and pick Movie to begin a new iMovie project. You might also work with current projects
  • Tap Create Movie when you’ve found and selected your video

To overlay the blurred or black photo on top of your video, do the following:

follow the steps to edit pictures in video
  • To find your image, use the Plus + symbol and choose Photos
  • Select your photo and touch the three dots symbol once it’s been located
  • Then select Picture in Picture from the drop-down menu

When your photo displays on the editing page, do the following:

  • To blur something in your movie, edit and drag the photo
  • If necessary, ensure that the defocus is applied for the whole duration of the video

When your video is finished, you should:

  • To save your completed film to iMovie Projects, tap Done
  • Alternatively, press the Upload icon to share your video

The need to learn how to blur something in a video the right way

defocus something in a recording the right way

Let’s face it, you don’t want outsiders to know about your personal life, and determining what personal information is gathered and by whom may be difficult. That is why, if you appear in someone’s video by mistake (or on purpose), it’s a good idea to obscure yourself or whoever you want out of the movie before publishing it to the web. More problematic is information sold from one company to another or media purchased and disseminated without your awareness.

At the end of the day, this is identity theft and a violation of personal information. As a result, good video blurring software is a must-have nowadays.

On the internet, video privacy should be respected in the same way that other aspects of privacy are. When you have a private conversation behind closed doors or just submit financial information to your bank. Online privacy is essential for many reasons.

Final statements

When it comes to our personal videos, not everything is always meant to be down. That is why now, more than ever, we need a video censor app to get the job of maintaining our privacy done. The video blur background will surely assist you in achieving the hallmark of video privacy. Therefore, that you don’t have any doubts considering the safety of your videos after being published.

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