How to Blur Text Messages on iPhone

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Blur Text Messages on iPhone

Before we start

When you post a screenshot of text messages, don’t you black out the name and image of the sender? Or, posting a picture of a receipt but hiding sensitive information like name, address, credit card info, etc.? In both cases, blurring parts of your photo is important to ensure privacy and protect your information. For this, you need to know how to blur text messages on iPhone.

Here we’ve shared two methods on how to blur out words on the part of a picture on an iPhone. You could either use the picture censor app called the Blur Photo Editor or the iPhone image markup tools on the Photos app.

How to blur text messages on iPhone with a third-party app

You should undoubtedly censor any sensitive elements from your photos before sharing them with friends or the web at large. For the best results, you should try using a dedicated blur censor photo app for your iPhone. Often, third-party apps provide better results than built-in apps or features that comes on iOS.

Are you wondering how to blur text messages on iPhone? Don’t worry! Download the Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone for free from the App Store.

With the Blur Photo Editor app, you’ll have access to an amazing collection of blurring effects. Other than applying a usual blur, you could use mosaic, pixelate, Hexa pixel, and many more blur effects on your image. These features of the Blur app make it the best app to blur out parts of pictures.

You can achieve a censored picture with the Blur Photo Editor app and also be able to blur the background. So, if you want an app to blur out words on iPhone, then this is your best choice. Check out this similar guide here on Xlightmedia on how to black out something in a picture on iPhone.

Installation process of Blur Photo Editor App

You can install the blur photo editor in two easy ways. First one is by searching on the app store and second one is by clicking on the direct link.

  • To install the Blur photo editor app from the app store, go to the app store first.
Opening the App Store on iPhone
Opening the App Store on iPhone
  • Then Tap on the search button at the bottom right corner.
Tapping on the search button
  • Then search with Blur Photo.
Searching with the word Blur photo
  • Scroll a bit down. You will see an app called Blur Photo Editor. Tap on that app.
Tapping the blur Photo Editor App
  • Then Tap on the Get button to install the app on your iPhone
Installing the Blur Photo Editor app
  • Then follow the steps bellow to blur text messages on iPhone. Moreover, you can also install the Blur photo editor app directly.

Steps on how to blur text messages on iPhone:

How to censor text on iPhone with Blur Photo Editor app
  • Launch the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone and select your picture or screenshot from the opening screen. You can easily access your images from your iPhone Camera Roll.
  • After you have selected your picture, you’ll immediately be taken to the blur editing screen.
  • On the Blur section, you can adjust the intensity of your censoring effects by moving the sliders.
  • For the accurate application of blur effects, you can control the size of your blurring path by tapping on Brush.
  • Tap on the “Blur Filter” symbol and choose the type of blur you’d want to apply.
  • Once you have redacted your image, tap on the “Right-facing arrow” icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • After that, tap on the Download icon to save and share your photo.

How to blur text messages on iPhone with the Photos app

Another way on how to censor a picture on iPhone is to use your built-in Photos app. With this app’s photo markup feature, you can easily blackout any words or confidential bits from your image. It is a straightforward process and a good option if you’re unwilling to use a third-party app. Here we’ve discussed the process of how to blur out words on photos on iPhone using the Photos app.

Steps on how to blur a picture or screenshot on iPhone:

how to blur out something in a photo on iPhone using the Photos app
  • Open the iPhone Photos app and choose the image or screenshot you’d want to blur.
  • Then tap on Edit from the top-right corner of your screen to open the photo editing screen.
  • After that, tap on the photo Markup symbol at the top-right of your screen.
  • On the image markup screen, you’ll see several objects at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a marker or pen to hide words from your photos or screenshots. Then tap on Done to exit the Markup screen.
  • Finally, tap on Done again to save your picture or screenshot on your iPhone Photos app.

Finishing Remarks

It is important to censor private or confidential details from your iPhone photos or screenshots before sharing them with others. Though you could use the markup tool of the native Photos to hide texts, using a picture blur app is the better option.

With the Blur Photo Editor, you can easily blur sensitive words, hide your car license plate, or blur your picture background. If you’ve liked this article, check out this guide on how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone.

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