How to Change Autofill on iPhone

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How to Change Autofill on iPhone

The Beginning

Bringing automaticity and convenience among modern phone users is one of the prime visions of the mobile app industry. With that vision in the frontline, phone app developers brought up another iPhone integration, the autofill function. So, what is an autofill, and how to change autofill on iPhone? We will find out these answers in this piece of content.

Understanding Autofill on iPhone

What is this autofill integration on iPhone? Say, for instance, you have to fill up an online form, and you have limited time left for submission. This may get daunting when filling up every field with your credentials manually in a short time. This is where the autofill feature comes in.

With this feature on your iPhone, the device automatically stores your credentials when filling up the first form for the first time. After that, iPhone autonomously fills up your credentials on your online forms, saving valuable time. You can also change or alter the autofill credentials whenever needed.

How to change autofill on iPhone: 2 easy ways

There are two most convenient ways to change autofill on iPhone. That means following these ways, you can change your autofill cards instantly. So, here are some most accessible ways to alter the autofill cards you have saved on your iPhone.

  • By using Password Manager: PassKit
  • Change personal info by using the default AutoFill of iPhone

We will describe two of these methods from here onward. We will also explain several other useful features of Password Manager: PassKit safeguards passwords and credentials.

Change autofill on iPhone using Password Manager: PassKit

First, let’s focus on the Password Manager: PassKit. PassKit is a fantastic password manager app that not only secures all your passwords but also manages all autofill data. So, now you can update or change autofill on iPhone easily. With this app in action, generating your autofill data or passwords for online forms and website is one tap away.

Additionally, this application for iPhone is a secured hub for all your passwords. Answering how to change autofill on iPhone with PassKit is one of the solutions this app provides. You can also secure, manage and share all confidential credentials without any chance of scrutiny. The app readily offers multi-level authentication gateways for the absolute security of your passwords. Therefore you can also keep passwords safe on iPhone using PassKit besides the autofill option.

Personalize autofill credentials using default function of iPhone

Are you someone who doesn’t like to install a third-party app on the device? Lucky for you, as here will also describe how to change autofill on iPhone using the embedded function of iPhone. Of course, changing autofill data at default state isn’t as linear as Password Manager: PassKit’s. Nevertheless, the default feature will do the job if altering autofill data is the only function you want.

So, how this preset function of the iPhone works? The process involves your Contacts application on your iPhone. There you will come across the My Card option. Tap on it, and you will get the Edit function. Proceed with this feature to edit credentials according to need.

Finalize the editing, and it will be implemented on your device. Auto-fill function will automatically be executed once you attempt to fill up online forms or add login credentials to any website.

Steps of how to change autofill on iPhone using the default feature:

  • Tap on the ‘Contacts’ on your iPhone
  • Locate the ‘My Card’ function at the top of the interface
  • Tap on it, and will further come across the ‘Edit’ function
  • Tap Edit and change any credentials such as name, phone number, email address, physical address, etc.
  • Complete the process by tapping on the Done

Adding Autofill data on your iPhone

Let’s discuss a more complex portion of the default autofill apart from how to change autofill on iPhone. It is compulsory to enable autofill function on your device first. Without activating that, your device cannot identify and implement auto-fill data. Do it by going to the Settings function of your device, followed by Safari in the menu.

Tap on the Safari, and you will further get a plethora of options as Safari settings. You will get Autofill right under the banner ‘General’ of the Safari Settings. Tapping on this function will give you further options in the Autofill segment. Toggle switch the on to activate the autofill function on your device.

Now tap on the My Info right beneath the ‘Use Contact Info’ toggle option. Select your contact data from the list of others saved on the device, and it’s done. Your contact information is now enlisted for autofill.

The process goes even harder at the complex level if you wish to enable or change IDs and passwords. In that case, you have to activate the iCloud keychain feature of your device. The whole process is time-consuming and complex until you are someone who’s not too busy with their life.


We believe that adding and changing autofill data should be linear and must not reach the complexity of rocket science. That leads us to the recommendation of Password Manager: PassKit. When it’s about how to change autofill on iPhone, this particular application keeps things genuinely simple. Moreover, this application additionally offers secured management of all your IDs and passwords, ensuring peace of mind.

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