How to Change Saved Passwords On iPhone

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How to Change Saved Passwords On iPhone

Passwords keep your personal content safe. Managing strong passwords for your social or bank accounts is vital. Therefore a scheduled alteration and update of the password is necessary, especially to prevent compromising your online security. This writing will explain how to change saved passwords on iPhone. We will bring in a specialized app for iPhone called Password Manager- Passkit. It is exclusively developed to keep passwords safe on iPhone and other password managing activities. The aim is to keep your online activities safe from unwelcoming scrutiny.

Saving passwords on iPhone with Password Manager: Passkit

Before moving into the focus topic, which is how to change saved passwords on iPhone, we first have to get a clear view of the Password Manager: Passkit app. It has a reputation for keeping passwords safe and secured from unauthorized bodies.

The Password Manager: Passkit is your personal wallet on your iPhone that keeps all your passwords and login credentials in one hub and keeps them secured. It is specially built to keep stand against unauthorized access and scrutiny. All it needs are registered face ID or Touch ID to access the app content.

The app provides a random password generator to give you extra protection against unauthorized login data access. There are several other features, and all of these have one focus: to keep all your login credentials, online or offline safe. Next are the change password features that this app offer readily.

How to change saved passwords on iPhone with Password Manager: Passkit

The Password Manager: Passkit specializes in creating and editing a strong password for uncompromised login accessibility. This section of the content will highlight how to change saved passwords on iPhone with this premium Password Manager app.

Process of changing saved passwords on iPhone

To change the stored passwords on iPhone using Password Manager: Passkit, you must follow several steps. The procedures are provided hereafter:

  • Launch Password Manager: Passkit
  • Log in to the app by providing the correct master password
  • You will see a list of options under My Vault in the app
  • Tap the Logins option from the menu
  • On the Logins interface, you will get a list of websites with your login credentials
  • Tap the web address of which you want to alter the credentials
  • You will get a username, password, and URL on the following interface. There is an Edit option at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Edit function located at the top right-hand corner of the interface.

What do you get at the Edit option of the Password Manager app?

The editing option of the Password Manager app holds all the main roles of data editing functions on iPhone. Following is the process of updating or editing saved passwords and login data in the Edit section:

  • Tap on the Edit feature at the top right corner of the app interface
  • Edit the Website name, URL, or Password individually by tapping the respected box
  • You can set custom notes against each login credential you set
  • The Edit module includes the Generate Password which you can use to encrypt the password

How to change saved passwords on iPhone: The default method

iPhone has its default login data managing options. It is like the Password Manager app that has lesser flexibility. We will now explain the default password editing and managing process that iPhone offers firsthand. This answers how to change saved passwords on iPhone using default functions.

Steps of default password editing functions on iPhone

  • Launch the setting app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down the menu and locate Passwords
  • Tap the website credential you like to modify
  • Touch the Edit option at the top right corner of the screen
  • Change Username, password, add a note
  • If needed, delete the website or password. The delete option is available at the bottom of this page
  • Tap Done to implement the changes after finishing the editing process

You can change the password from the website using a specialized function available on your iPhone. A user can get this function under the ‘SECURITY RECOMMENDATION’ banner. It is the ‘Change Password on Website’ function. Tapping this feature will redirect you to the website’s password resetting option. Now you can reset the old password to integrate and improve the security of your profile.


Throughout this writing, we tried to answer the question of how to change saved passwords on iPhone. We have highlighted two distinct methods in our writing. The Password Manager app makes login data management more effortless.

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