How to Change Wallpaper On iPhone

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How to change picture background on iPhone

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Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone is the simplest way to customize its appearance. Although, you’ll need a detailed and high-resolution wallpaper for this. Fortunately, there are sources from where you can get high-definition wallpapers. Live Wallpaper 3D is one such source. This article will show you how to change wallpaper on iPhone with the app. It’s a free-to-install application featuring high-quality live and static wallpapers that you can get from the App Store.

Setting wallpaper on iPhone is a simple process. But first, you must learn how to use the Live Wallpaper 3D application to obtain high-resolution wallpapers.

How to change wallpaper on iPhone through Live Wallpaper 3D

The wallpaper on your iPhone screen can reveal a lot about you. It’s relaxing to look at a clean home screen, and if you select an HD wallpaper, your iPhone’s entire appearance will change. Wallpapers are the simplest and most basic method to personalize your iPhone screen, and Live Wallpaper 3D comes in handy in this situation. You’ll appreciate the app’s adaptability and wallpaper selection from the start.

This app has cool, unique home screen wallpapers, and they get updated regularly. On top of that, it has a variety of functions like a dedicated section and tools for live wallpapers. You can learn more about how to get live wallpapers on your iPhone if you use Live Wallpaper 3D extensively.

You’ll find out more about them soon. But first, let’s look at how to use the app to change your wallpaper on iPhone.

If you want to set amazing 3D wallpapers on your iPhone, install the Live Wallpaper 3D app for free from the App Store.

Step by step procedure on how to change wallpaper on iPhone via Live Wallpaper 3D

How to set wallpaper on iPhone via Live Wallpaper 3D
  • Download Live Wallpaper 3D from the App Store
  • Launch the app
  • Now, select categories of wallpaper from the Explore menu
  • Select the wallpaper of your choice
  • Next, save the picture by tapping the Download icon
  • Tap on the photos icon to find the downloaded wallpaper on the Photos app
  • Select the Share icon that will lead you to select the Use as Wallpaper option
  • Finally, choose the Set button to set the wallpaper for Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both

Features of Live Wallpaper 3D

Live Wallpapers 3D makes no compromises to ensure the quality of wallpapers. It has only the highest-quality wallpapers in its baggage. Users can create and change the background on iPhone devices by using an integrated tool of this app. It’s a rare functionality that you won’t find in most other wallpaper apps.

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The features you will receive with Live Wallpaper 3D are listed below:

  • A large variety of 4K and HD wallpapers
  • Categorized section of wallpaper ranging from abstract, fantasy, cyberpunk, nature, and many more
  • Wallpapers are updated regularly
  • Ability to preview the wallpaper before downloading
  • Users may create custom live wallpapers from any video with the live wallpaper maker feature
  • Accessible user interface with a simple user interface
  • You can save or mark any wallpaper as your favorite

Live Wallpaper 3D is undoubtedly one of the best wallpaper apps available on the App Store. This app’s extensive feature set and ease of use make it a one-stop solution for any iPhone user wishing to customize their device’s appearance. There are, however, various ways to change the background on your iPhone. This article will show you how to change wallpaper on iPhone in different ways.

How to change wallpaper on iPhone from Settings menu

Suppose you are still not impressed with the advanced tools and collection of wallpapers on third-party apps. You have two simple ways to change wallpaper. The first method is using the Settings menu to change wallpapers on iPhone. To learn the technique, follow the steps below.

Steps on how to change iPhone background images via Settings menu

How to change home screen on iPhone from the Settings menu
  • Open Settings
  • Now, select Wallpaper from the settings menu
  • Tap on Choose a New Wallpaper
  • Additionally, you can turn on the Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper button for darker looking wallpaper
  • After you tap on Choose a new Wallpaper, in the following menu, you will be able to select from three different types of wallpaper – Dynamic, Stills, and Live
  • Alternatively, you can choose photos from your gallery
  • After selecting an image, you can set it as wallpaper for your iPhone

How to change wallpaper on iPhone from Photos app

The shortcut method for changing wallpapers from your device storage is by going to the Photos app. If you have downloaded an image from the internet, you can set it easily as your new wallpaper from the Photos app. To change the wallpaper on your device, follow the easy steps outlined below.

Here is how to change wallpaper on iPhone from the Photos app:

How to change background pictures for iPhone from the Photos app
  • Launch Photos app
  • Next, locate and select the image you want to use as your background.
  • Tap on the Share icon at the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Now, select Use as Wallpaper
  • Tap on Set on the following menu
  • In the end, choose how you want to set the wallpaper on your iPhone

Wrap Up

Wallpapers are an integral part of our device. You can make your device look unique by downloading cool home screen wallpapers. It can be from a third-party app like Live Wallpaper 3D, or it’s one of those awesome stock wallpapers from Apple. The fantastic retina display of the iPhone enhances the vibrancy and beauty of the wallpapers furthermore.

Most other wallpaper applications on the market focus exclusively on the number of wallpapers available, regardless of quality. On the other hand, Live Wallpaper 3D takes a unique approach to teach you how to change wallpaper on iPhone with stunning images.

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