How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone – Full Guide

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How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone

Changing the password of your Yahoo mail on your iPhone is a salient factor in maintaining the security of your personal information. Your Yahoo password can be used to get access to your Yahoo email and other services as well that threatens your privacy if your password gets exposed.

If you are wondering, “How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone?” then we can show you the way, as your security of personal information depends upon it. Web security experts often suggest changing your important passwords 2 to 3 times a year.

In order to change the Yahoo password on iPhone, you would go through the Yahoo mail app to the settings menu. There you will get the option to change your Yahoo password.

We are going to demonstrate the process in detail on how to change Yahoo password on iPhone so that you can learn the easy steps to protect your privacy on Yahoo.

So, without delaying any further, let us get into the topic.

How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone – Two Ways

There are 2 options for changing the Yahoo password on iPhone. You can either change your Yahoo password through the Yahoo Mail App or follow the path through any web browser.

We are going to demonstrate both procedures so that you can follow what suits you the most.

Let us begin with how to change the Yahoo Mail password on the iPhone using the Yahoo Mail App.

Changing Password Using Yahoo Mail App

Changing Password Using Yahoo Mail App 01

To change the password on the Yahoo mail app, follow this:

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail App
  2. Tap on the Menu located at the top left corner of the screen
  3. Tap on the Manage Accounts
  4. Press on the Account info
Changing Password Using Yahoo Mail App 02
  1. You will find Security Settings there, tap on it
  2. If you have set any Touch ID or Face ID, then unlock it using that password
  3. There is an option “Change password“, tap on Change password
  4. Now enter your new password
  5. Confirm your new password by entering that again
  6. Tap on Continue to confirm and set your new password

Changing Password Using Without Yahoo Mail App

  1. Open any Browser on your iPhone
  2. Visit the Yahoo Website
  3. Tap on your Profile Icon
  4. Tap on the Account Info
  5. Go for Account Security
  6. Press on the Change password
  7. Type your new password
  8. Type the new password again for confirmation
  9. Tap on Continue

Your new password for Yahoo is all set.

So if we simplify the process, we can say that following this pathway Yahoo Mail App > Menu > Manage Accounts > Account info > Security Settings > Change Password > Enter new password > Continue for Yahoo Mail app.

Also can follow this pathway Browser > Yahoo website > Profile Icon > Account Info > Account Security > Change password > Type new password > Continue to update your Yahoo password on iPhone without using the Yahoo mail app.

How to Reset Yahoo Password on iPhone?

Sometimes you might forget what we have set the password for our Yahoo. In that case, you need to reset your password. You need to use the sign-in helper, which is a password recovery tool for Yahoo.

To reset your Yahoo password on iPhone you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go through the Sign-in Helper
  2. When you tap on forget password
  3. The system will ask for a missing phone number for that phone
  4. After successfully submitting the correct mobile number, the system will send you a verification code
  5. Put that verification code to verify your mobile number
  6. Then a page will appear consisting field to enter a new password
  7. After putting a new password, tap on continue

That is all you need to do to reset your Yahoo password on your iPhone.

Why does my iPhone Keep Asking for my Yahoo Password?

There might be many reasons for your iPhone to keep asking for your Yahoo password. The possible reasons are:

  • The issue with account authentication. Changing the account password or entering the wrong password multiple times might create this issue.
  • Using third-party mail software for mailing might also create this kind of situation.
  • Weak or unstable networks might also be a reason for this issue.
  • Issues with the UI or mailing app might be responsible as well.

There might be more reasoning for this issue, but these are the possible ones found most often.


There are many common questions that we encounter very often. So let us clear up some of your confusion here.

What are the password requirements for Yahoo accounts?

According to Yahoo, passwords must be at least eight characters long, tricky, avoid common words, avoid containing personal information, and also avoid being sequential.

In order to ensure account security, uniqueness is essential. Enabling 2-step authentication is advised as well as using strong passwords to manage online accounts. go to Yahoo’s security website or help center.

Do I need to use the 2-step Verification on Yahoo?

By enabling the 2-step verification to log in (often a code texted to your phone), it increases security by preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, it offers account recovery, personal information security, and protection against phishing attempts.

Even if the user shares their password, enabling two-step verification guarantees that unauthorized access is avoided. Additionally, it improves account recovery and safeguards private data kept in Yahoo accounts.

Do I need to update my Yahoo password regularly?

It’s essential to often update your Yahoo password to lower your chance of a data breach, stay up to date on security measures, ensure account recovery, safeguard sensitive data, and stop unauthorized access.

You can reduce the chance of opportunities for attackers to use seized information, ensure the security of sensitive information, and prevent unauthorized access by adhering to current best practices. The most recent instructions must be found on Yahoo’s official website or in your account settings.


We have given you a complete guideline on how to change your Yahoo password on your iPhone. This comprehensive guideline also provided information on resetting Yahoo passwords on iPhones and the importance of frequently changing Yahoo passwords.

Step-by-step demonstrations of the procedures are enough to assist you during the whole process. We hope that it is helpful to you.

We would appreciate it if you ask any kind of questions related to this topic.

Hope that you are going to take preventive measures to protect your Yahoo privacy and change it often following the simple steps we have discussed here on how to change Yahoo password on iPhone.

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