How to Change Your Keyboard Background on iPhone

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How to Change Keyboard Background on iPhone
How to Change Keyboard Background on iPhone

If you are bored with your iPhone’s typical flat on-screen keyboard, we got news for you. This content will explain how to change your keyboard background on iPhone and make it look more vibrant. Background themes for iPhone or fancy keyboards are unavailable at default state on your iPhone. You have to have a third-party keyboard app such as Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard.

How to change your keyboard background on iPhone using Fontix

An iPhone doesn’t have customization options for its default keyboard app. Fontix is an excellent keyboard application that has been developed exclusively for iPhone. This app gives full access to attire your iPhone’s keyboard.

Fontix- Fonts & keyboard is a fantastic keyboard app for your iPhone. It brings on-board a unique bunch of fonts, keyboard themes, and cool emojis.

But the most anticipated function of Fontix is its colorful custom keyboard background. Whether you like a solid bright color or vibrant images background for your keyboard, Fontix has them all. The implication of a custom keyboard background is also kept very linear.

Process of adding custom background

To enjoy a new on-screen keyboard that offers multiple keyboard backgrounds, you first need to install the app. Once you have the app installed, the native keyboard registers the new keyboard app on its list.

Next, launch your default keyboard and long press on the globe icon at the bottom left corner of the keyboard. If the installation goes right, you are supposed to see the new entry on the list. Tap on the Fontix on the list, and it will take over your current default keyboard.

Now comes the actual answer to your query; how to change your keyboard background on iPhone. Time to change the old keyboard background. For that, simply tap on the pallet icon at the top left corner of the Fontix keyboard app.

You will get an entire grid of custom background themes for iPhone to choose from. Select one colorful theme for your keyboard module, and the old background will be replaced instantly with the chosen one.

Do you want to know how to change your keyboard background on iPhone? Try installing the Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard app for free from the App Store.

Steps of how to change your keyboard background on iPhone in brief

Let’s make the whole thing more straightforward for you. Below are the steps of adding background themes for iPhone using Fontix:

  • Install and launch the app, which will show you all the pictorial instructions on how to use the Fontix app.
  • Open a messaging app such as Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc., to access your default keyboard theme.
  • Long tap on the globe icon that you will find at the bottom left corner of the keyboard theme.
  • It will show you the list of keyboard options you have, including the new one; Fontix
  • Tap on Fontix, and this app will take over the existing one
  • Tap on the Pallet icon at the top left corner of the keyboard. This is where you can alter the theme or background of your keyboard
  • You will get a library of background themes for iPhone
  • Pick one and see your keyboard background changes instantly

A comprehensive collection of keyboard themes

Getting an answer to how to change your keyboard background on iPhone can naturally lead you to a new query. What are some of the different fancy keyboards you can use when using Fontix? The answer is fifty unique background themes in precise.

You will get several plain color themes, which some elderly users prefer. On the other hand, the vibrant image backgrounds are for those who like their keyboard background to be more characteristic. So, basically, with Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard, you have a broad spectrum of background themes to choose from for your keyboard platform.

Unique sets of fonts on your keyboard app

Now, if you are thinking of how to change your keyboard background on iPhone, you have already got the solution. But did you know that Fontix offers more than just fancy keyboards? This keyboard application comes with a distinct collection of fonts that makes your texting stand out perfectly.

Once you launch the Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard, you will get a plethora of unique fonts. Fonts will be displayed before you as horizontal slides. So, slide around the fonts and select on, and you will find your on-screen keyboard changes instantly.


Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard offers beautiful keyboard backgrounds and comes with awesome fonts and emojis. Besides colorful keyboard backgrounds, this keyboard application gives a rich bundle of unique fonts that can enrich your texting experience.

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