How to Compress a Photo on iPhone

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How to compress a photo on iPhone

Everywhere we look on our gadgets, we see pictures of our loved ones, friends, and favorite places. However, the size of a photograph might be a drawback sometimes. Sending huge images through email or text can be difficult. Therefore, here we will talk about how to compress a photo on iPhone.

The size of the picture file depends on various criteria, including the photo’s format, resolution, and dimensions. When it comes to transmitting or sharing an image, even if you have enough storage space, it doesn’t help. There are also numerous websites and social networks that limit the size of a photo that you may post. So, here we’ll guide you on how to reduce picture size on iPhone.

How to compress a photo on iPhone | Reduce image size easily

For iPhone users, effective storage management is essential. You’ll need a lot of storage space on your iPhone to store high-quality photographs taken with the iPhone’s camera. Many websites and email applications have size restrictions on the files that may be uploaded, which makes it difficult to use these photographs.

So, you might be wonderinghow to shrink a photo on iPhone. On iPhone, there are a few options for compressing images. Explore the following list and find the perfect one for you.

To shrink photo size on iPhone, Photo Compress and Compress Photos & Pictures are two of the best apps. With a simplified user interface and stability, you will be able to compress your iPhone photos easily with these apps. Additionally, both of them are free to download. So, you don’t have to worry about a hefty charge for completing some quick image compression tasks.

How to minimize photo size on iPhone using the Photo Compress app

Photo Compress is a simple app to compress photos on iPhone. Users can easily alter photo sizes from a single image to batch files. Furthermore, you can select the compression ratio and image quality alongside compressing pictures.

Steps on how to compress a photo on iPhone with Photo Compress

how to compress photos on iPhone with Photo Compress
  • Install and open the Photo Compress app on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on the Plus icon and select an image.
  • Next, click Done and select your picture’s image quality and percentage of size reduction.
  • Finally, hit Continue. After processing, you can select Delete Originals or just tap Finish to end the process.

How to reduce file size of photo on iPhone with Compress Photos & Pictures app

With Compress Photos & Pictures app, anyone can easily compress the image files with convenience. It has an efficient encoding facility to reduce file size without losing image quality. Its simple and intuitive user interface is easy to navigate. Therefore, it is one of the best options to shrink the image size on your iPhone.

Steps to reduce file size of photo on iPhone with Compress Photos & Pictures app

How to reduce the file size of photo on iPhone
  • Install the app from App Store and open it on your iPhone.
  • Next, click on Select Photos to Compress.
  • After that, navigate and select the pictures you want to reduce size.
How to reduce the file size of photo on iPhone
  • Then, hit Next and select Photo quality and Photo dimensions.
  • Finally, tap Compress and finish the process.

How to make iPhone pictures smaller file size

If you are trying to figure out how to reduce photo file size on iPhone, using High Efficiency mode from camera settings is the best option. On the Settings app, you will find the Camera section. Tap on it, and you will find the Formats section to choose image quality.


Here we have provided a thorough guide on how to compress photos on iPhone. If you find this guide helpful, consider checking how to shorten a video on iPhone or the best duplicate photo cleaner apps for iPhone.

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