How to Connect a Stylus Pen to iPad – Full Guide

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How to Connect a Stylus Pen to iPad

No matter how digitalized we become, the satisfaction of using a pen to jot down daily tasks or draw anything with our hands is always beyond any comparison. To experience that homely touch while using technology, stylus pens got introduced. If you have an iPad and got a stylus pen for it, the next thing is to connect them to work along. Being new to this, you might be about how to connect a stylus pen to iPad.

In this guide, we will get you through the details of it in the easiest way. So, stick around to the end of this blog post.

What is a Stylus Pen for iPad?

A stylus pen for iPad is an accessory used to write, take notes, draw or sketch on the iPad. It is a pen or pencil designed likewise to use on iPads for various purposes.

The best stylus pen for iPad is undoubtedly the Apple Pencil. Indeed, this is because they are from the same brand and manufactured exactly compatible to be used with each other.

However, you can also use other stylus pens with iPads while saving a lot of money.

Different types of Stylus Pens

Before you get to know how to use a stylus pen on an iPad, it is necessary that you know the different kinds of stylus pens. It is because they connect differently with the device.

Following are the two types of stylus pens.

Passive Stylus Pen

Passive stylus pens are like an extension of our fingers swiping on capacitive touch screens. Suppose you have an iPad and can generally write, swipe or draw on it using your finger because of the electrostatic distortion created between your finger and the screen.

A passive pen works the same way and doesn’t require any active connection. You use the pen just like your fingers and get a more grippy, sturdy work done with it.

However, passive pens are not suitable for sketching and flawless drawing.

These are the cheapest kind of stylus pens, best suited for people who want to do random swipes, write and do other basic work with a stylus pen.

Active Stylus Pen

Active stylus pens involve technical implementations and contain a built-in battery into them. They require an active connection to get connected to your iPad. Either a Bluetooth connection or a wired connection is needed for this.

This kind of stylus pen is best suited for more professional work like sketching, drawing, making notes, and other work that require a stable connection and grip of the stylus.

The powered pens are comparatively higher in price than passive stylus pens. However, the accuracy and effective features of this type justify the price point in all cases.

How to connect a Stylus Pen to iPad – Step-By-Step guide

Now that you know the types, you’ll better understand how to connect the stylus to iPad. Follow the simple steps below for connecting a stylus pen to an iPad.

Steps to follow for Passive Stylus Pen

Passive Stylus Pen

Step 1 – Turn on the iPad

Simply turn on the iPad and open any application you want to use the stylus. It could be a note-taking application or a painting app.

Step 2 – Grab the Passive stylus pen and stroke

Next, grab the stylus and stroke it on the application that is opened on the iPad. You’ll see it is working and creating the structure you’re stroking on the application interface.

Step 3 – Stop and redo

Once you’re done with your work, just keep the pen down. Again, directly work with the stylus on your iPad when you need it. It is always ready to go.

Steps to follow for Active Stylus Pen

Step 1 – Power on your iPad and toggle on the Bluetooth setting

Firstly, turn on your iPad and go to the Settings app. Then, go to Bluetooth and turn it on by tapping the toggle icon for Bluetooth.

Step 2 – Turn on the the Active Stylus pen

Active stylus pen need a power source to work. So, if it is a wireless active stylus pen then you need to turn it on. You can do that by pressing the power button. This action will also turn on its Bluetooth, which will then make it pair with your iPad, and it is done.

Some active styluses may come with a wired connection. In that case, you must use the stylus by connecting it with a wire to your iPad.

Step 3 – Apply the stylus to an application

Once the stylus is paired with your iPad, open a sketching or note-taking application and write or draw on it. You’ll see the stylus working just fine.


Finally, you know how to connect a stylus pen to iPad. Remember, the steps are very straightforward. But you have to know which stylus you will use for your work.

If you are looking for a stylus for random scrolling and writing, a cheap passive stylus can do the job. However, if you are looking for something to work with extensively and professionally, you should go for an active stylus.

Let us know in the comments which stylus pen you got and how our guide helped you connect it to your iPad.

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