How to Connect JBL Headphones to MacBook – Complete Guide

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How to Connect JBL Headphones to MacBook

It comes as no surprise that JBL headphones have some amazing audio quality. And as such, JBL headphones are currently well-liked among music lovers. Sometimes connecting your JBL headphones to your Mac might seem really difficult and challenging.

Thankfully, we’ll walk you through the process of how to connect JBL headphones to a MacBook in this article in a few easy steps. After all, the last thing you want to do is not be able to use your JBL headphones when you have some amazing music to listen to on your MacBook.

Even so, each set of JBL headphones includes an easy-to-follow manual that you can rely on to assist you in connecting the device to an output source. Yet, more clarification will be provided by explaining all the details needed to make pairing your JBL headphones with a Mac quick and easy.

How to connect JBL headphones to MacBook – Step-by-step guide

Let’s now discuss about connecting your JBL headphones to your Mac. So, if you have a pair of wired JBL headphones, you can simply connect them to your MacBook by plugging the headphone jack into the headphone port on your MacBook.  And you can skip the rest of the blog. 

But if you own a pair of wireless JBL headphones, the process is different. So, in this section, we will focus on how to connect wireless JBL headphones to your MacBook. This process involves enabling Bluetooth on both your headphones and MacBook and then pairing them together. Once paired, you can enjoy wireless audio on your Mac without any hassle. 

Step 1: Ready your JBL headphones for pairing

Ready your JBL headphones for pairing

Before you even start the pairing process, you need to prepare your JBL headphones for pairing. There are a few things you need to check before proceeding. 

  • You should make sure that your JBL headphones are fully charged or have a sufficient charge.
  • Make sure that your JBL headphones and your MacBook are in close proximity to each other, as the pairing process requires them to be within a certain range.
  • Also, remember that different JBL models can be powered on differently due to slight differences in features.  For example, on models like the JBL TUNE 500BT, the power button is easy to locate.

But with models like the JBL Tour One, there is a sliding power button. And, on models like the JBL Live 650BT, the power button must be pushed upwards to power it on. If your JBL headphones do not power on, then your MacBook will not be able to connect to your headphones.

Step 2: Put JBL headphones in Pairing Mode

Put JBL headphones in Pairing Mode

Now that everything is set, you need to put your JBL headphones into pairing mode. If the JBL headphone is brand new, turning it on will put it into pairing mode automatically. The same happens if you power the JBL headphones after resetting them. However, if your JBL headphones have been previously paired with another device, you may need to put them into pairing mode manually. To do this, simply press and hold the Bluetooth/power button for 5–6 seconds on the headphones.

After that, the LED light will start flashing. This means the headphones are in pairing mode. Once in pairing mode, you can then connect your MacBook to the headphones via Bluetooth and enjoy your music wirelessly. 

However, the process for turning on different JBL headphone models differs slightly. For instance, models like the LIVE 650, LIVE 500, and JBL E55BT have Bluetooth buttons labeled with the Bluetooth logo. But other models, like the JBL TUNE500BT’s volume button and multi-functionality key, have to be used to enable the pairing mode. 

Also, models like the JBL Quantum800 have a dedicated Bluetooth button with the Bluetooth logo. Thus, you have to press it for 2–3 seconds to enable pairing mode. Models like the JBL Tune 510 BT have multifunctional features, so you must press the power button for longer than two seconds to activate manual pairing mode.

Step 3: Connecting JBL headphones to MacBook

Now you are just a few clicks away from connecting JBL headphones to your MacBook. In this very step, once you have put the JBL headphones in pairing mode, just follow the below-stated process:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your MacBook.

To turn on Bluetooth, first, click on the Apple menu from the top-left corner of your MacBook. Then click on Bluetooth and then make sure to turn it on otherwise, the wireless headphones will not connect.

  • Locate your JBL headphone name.
Connecting JBL headphones to MacBook 02

Once the Bluetooth is turned on, go to the “Nearby devices” section and search for your headphone. You will see that the name of your headphone will pop up. Even if it does not come immediately, there is no need to panic. It might take a few seconds to show the name of your device.

  • Now connect the JBL headphone to your MacBook.

Once you find the name of your JBL headphones, click on the connect button, and you are done. Once connected, the LED light will stop blinking, and you will get an audio confirmation from the headphone speakers.

Hope this method helps you to learn how to connect JBL headphones to your MacBook. Now, if you want to try JBL on other devices, make sure to disconnect them from your MacBook. Otherwise, it might not connect to any other devices.

Why won’t my JBL headphones connect to my Mac?

Sometimes the JBL headphones might not connect with your MacBook, which might be really frustrating. Many factors might contribute to this issue, and below those common reasons and its troubleshooting steps will be discussed:

Bluetooth Connectivity issues

Wireless headphones have one of the most common issues, which is Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • Make sure that both the JBL headphones and Mac have Bluetooth turned on. 
  • Before trying to connect with the Mac, make sure the headphones are disconnected from any other devices so that it can connect to your MacBook.
  • Bluetooth connections have a limited range. Hence, ensure that the Mac is close to your headphones. 
  • Furthermore, make sure to try to avoid any barrier that might disrupt the signal, like other electronic devices.

Low Battery

If your headphones have critically low battery life, they may not be able to establish a stable Bluetooth connection with your Mac. It is recommended to charge the headphones fully before attempting to connect them. Additionally, keeping the Mac’s battery level sufficiently high can also help maintain a reliable connection between the devices. 

Software-related issues or glitches

Software-related issues or glitches can also cause disruptions in the Bluetooth connection between your headphones and your Mac. Ensure that your MacBook is running the latest version of macOS software. Updating your macOS software can help resolve any connectivity problems you may be experiencing.

Also, try powering off and on your headphones and restarting them. This can help refresh the Bluetooth connection and resolve any temporary glitches. If the problem persists, try resetting the JBL headphones or the Bluetooth module on your MacBook.

Device-related Issue

Sometimes your MacBook might not be able to connect because of some internal issues. Therefore, try restarting your device and pairing the headphones again. 

Remove any additional Bluetooth devices.

If updating your MacBook or restarting it has not worked, then there is a possibility that too many Bluetooth devices are connected. So, disconnect some devices and try again. Below are the steps provided on how to disconnect: 

  • Go to Apple Menu> System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  • There you will find a list of devices connected to Bluetooth; select the device that you want to disconnect.
  • Then right-click on the device and click on Disconnect.
  • Next, repeat this process for all your devices, and lastly, restart your Mac.

Interference from other devices 

Try temporarily turning off your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices. Sometimes, due to interference from other devices, JBL headphones might not be able to connect to your Mac. 


So, to conclude, this article provides thorough steps on how to connect JBL headphones to your MacBook, allowing you to enjoy the music peacefully on your MacBook. Connecting JBL headphones to a MacBook should not be a stressful process that ruins all the fun of getting into the mood of listening to music. 

JBL has many amazing things to offer; thus, it is not worth missing the chance to listen to some awesome music through JBL headphones on your MacBook. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the necessary guidance to connect your JBL headphones to your MacBook easily. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try and immerse yourself in the world of amazing music with JBL headphones on your MacBook. 

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