How to Connect JLab Earbuds to iPhone – A Full Guide

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How to Connect JLab Earbuds to iPhone

Long gone are the days of wired headphones. They used to be a hassle getting all wrapped up and tearing apart. Now, there are wireless headphones that make our audio experiences much smoother and more durable. A famous brand that gives some of these amazing wireless earbuds is JLab. They are affordable and have great sound quality. But if you are a new user of them, you may be confused about how to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone.

But put all your worries aside, as I will give you all the details on operating the JLab earbuds. To know more, read below:

How to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone – Step-by-step guide

JLab has been in the business since 2005. Ever since then, they’re only growing in popularity. Their earbuds come in mainly two styles- True Wireless and Wireless. The True Wireless ones look like AirPods with no wire connected to them.

Meanwhile, the Wireless ones have a wire style you can wrap around by your neck. They are more popularly known as neckband earphones. Nonetheless, both types work on Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your iPhone.

You can easily pair JLab earbuds to your iPhone by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Put JLab earbuds in pairing mode

Step 1 Put JLab earbuds in pairing mode

The first and perhaps the only complex step in this whole process is knowing how to pair JLab earbuds to a new device. It will be a new process if you haven’t used Bluetooth earbuds before, so pay attention.

At first, you have to know whether you’re using a true wireless or wireless. If you have true wireless, for most models like JBuds Air, Air ANC, and Air Sport:

  • Take out the earbuds from the case. This will put the earbuds off charging and ready to use.
  • Press and hold on to both the touch sensors with the JLab logo for about 3 seconds
  • This will make one of the earbuds have a white light, and the other will blink with blue and white light.

That’s it. JLab earbuds blinking blue means they are now in pairing mode.

However, if you own one of the earbuds from the GO Air series, simply taking out the earbuds from the case will put it in pairing mode. You will see the blue-white LED blinks.

Now, moving on to the Wireless earbuds, pairing them is slightly different. Depending on the model, you must press and hold the power button of these earbuds for anywhere between 8 and 10 seconds. Rewind Wireless takes around 10 seconds, while Studio Pro takes about 8 seconds to go into pairing mode.

This will make a blue and red LED light blink appear on the earbuds, and you’ll know that they’re ready for pairing.

Therefore, this is how Jlab earbuds pairing can be easily done. The “ready for pairing” indicates that other devices, like smartphones, can now find the earbuds on their Bluetooth devices list and pair with them.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone

Step 2 Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone

The next step in this whole process lies in your iPhone. Go to ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone and reach the Bluetooth Settings. Next, turn the Bluetooth on.

If you can’t find the Bluetooth settings, search for it using the search bar. Typically, the Bluetooth setting is one of the top options on the list.

When you switch on Bluetooth on your iPhone, the phone will be able to scan for other nearby devices and connect to them. Without turning it on, the Bluetooth signals will not be enabled, and connecting JLab earbuds will become impossible.

Step 3: Connecting JLab earbuds to iPhone

Step 3 Connecting JLab earbuds to iPhone

That’s it. The last step to connecting JLab earbuds to iPhone is here!

  • After you’ve turned on the Bluetooth, you will see an option called ‘Other devices‘ in the Bluetooth’s extended menu.
  • There, look for your respective JLab earbuds’ name.
  • Then tap on your earbud’s name.
  • After that, your iPhone should instantly connect to the earbuds now.
  • You will hear a voice confirming the connection through the earbuds itself. And you’re now ready for a seamless audio experience!

Why JLab earbuds not pairing together?

Worry not if the above steps do not help you and your JLab earbuds fail to pair to your phone. Earbuds not correctly pairing with phones is a common issue. One can solve it very quickly.

You can take the following steps to troubleshoot why your JLab isn’t connecting:

Turn Off Bluetooth on Nearby Devices

It is possible that when you turn on your earbud’s pairing mode, it tries to connect with another device with Bluetooth instead of connecting with yours.

Hence, when connecting your JLab earbuds to your iPhone, first make sure all the devices nearby have Bluetooth switched off. If there are other networks, it will disrupt the connection.

Restart The Earbuds

Restarting your earbuds is the simplest way to go when they are not pairing properly. This step is very easy. Most Jlab earbuds have options to power off the buds both manually and automatically.

It will automatically power off when you put the buds back in the case. You can also do it manually by long pressing the touch sensors. See your user manual for the best guidance.

Check the Charge

When the earbuds are in the case, they are charging. If we keep our earbuds out of the case for too long, the earbuds will, at one point, run out of battery. They will cause pairing issues like failing to connect to your phone or keep disconnecting abruptly.

So, if the earbuds are not pairing right, check their charge. Keep them back in the case and leave them to charge for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. If the battery is low, it should indicate so with lights.

Forget Device

If the earbuds are having trouble pairing with your phone, the problem might also be lying in your phone. It’s a common glitch for phones to act up on Bluetooth devices after long hours of connection.

Hence, you need to go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and disconnect the phone from the earbuds. Then, click on ‘Forget Device.’ Afterward, try restarting the phone and try newly pairing again.

Reset the Earbuds

Last but not least, the reason for not pairing could lie in your earbuds. For this, you have to click on ‘forget device’ on your phone.

Then, put the earbuds back in their case and close them for a few minutes. After that, open the case again and tap on each bud’s touch sensor seven times. For some models of earbuds, it’s four times tapping.

You will see that after the taps, each earbud will blink with blue light four times and shut off.

Take them out of the case afterward and redo the pairing process. This method is highly recommended by JLab themselves if you don’t know how to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone due to pairing failure.

However, remember that resetting methods differ from model to model. So, it is always best to check the user manual to know how to properly reset the earbuds.

If all else fails!

You should follow the above-mentioned steps if your JLab earbuds are not pairing with your iPhone. However, if none of these ways work, the last option is to contact JLab customer support. You can claim a warranty if the earbuds are within the given warranty dates.

Are JLab Bluetooth earbuds compatible with iPhone?

Yes, JLab Bluetooth earbuds should be compatible with all iPhones as long as Bluetooth functions. Pairing JLab earbuds to iPhone is a very convenient process. All you need to do is put the earbuds in pairing mode and turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone consecutively. You will enjoy a smooth audio experience you’re your iPhone afterward, just like pairing with any Android device.

Can you pair JLab earbuds to iPhone while inside its case?

No, the JLab earbud cannot be connected to iPhones while the earbuds are still inside the case. Because inside the case, the buds are in charging mode and not ready to pair. They are technically off in that position.

How to Reset JLab earbuds?

Resetting the JLab earbuds can be done by clicking on ‘Forget Device’ on your iPhone. Then, tap the earbuds 7 times while inside the case. Each earbud will blink 4 times when you tap on them. That would mean that it has reset. After that, take the earbuds out of the case, and you’ll see one of them blinking blue/white lights. That means it is ready to pair.


How to get JLab earbuds to pairto iPhones or any other device is a question I’ve heard from many new users. But this connection process is very easy and requires almost no effort. All you have to do is turn on its pairing mode and connect it to the phone.

Therefore, through this article, I hope you now know how to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone. If it is not pairing correctly, there is a fix for that too.

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