How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone

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How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone

Before we start

Apple has been using the MOV format since 1990, and it still works well on their devices. On the other hand, the newest video formats are more efficient in file size. Significantly, the MP4 format is well established as the most supported and optimized video format. Although the difference between MOV and MP4 is marginal, MP4 videos are easy to edit, making it the better video format for handheld devices. So, if you want this format on your iOS device, you may learn how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone from this post.

Discover how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone

You have two options for converting MOV format to MP4 on your iPhone. The first convenient method for you to try is video converter sites. This post will discuss the best place for you to convert a MOV file to MP4 format easily.

The second option is installing a third-party converting tool from the App Store. However, it would be best to consider not installing such an app. Most of the third-party converting apps are not stable. To be precise, they don’t have any advantages over converting websites.

Utilizing VideoProc Converter is the third choice. Although it is a desktop video converter, there are some advantages you can enjoy:

  • Convert MOV to MP4 HEVC/H.264, AVI, WMV, MKV, MP3, and 420+ outputs in simple steps
  • Batch converts multiple MOV video files to MP4 without sacrificing quality
  • Powered by GPU hardware acceleration tech, 47X faster speed than most video converting sites or apps
  • Convert large 4K/long videos smoothly and without no watermarks
  • Free add-on features: save videos for offline viewing, record screen/webcam with sound, built-in editing toolbox

How to use video converting sites to turn MOV to MP4 on iPhone

Video converting websites are the best and most convenient ways to change the format of a video. For example, the Cloudconvert website is a place where you can convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone for free. You need to go to the website and upload the video. This site even gives you other useful tools to tweak the video the way you want. Let’s look at the steps below to learn how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone with Cloudconvert.

Here is the procedure on how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone using the Cloudconvert website

Steps on how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone with Cloudconvert
  • Go to the Cloudconvert site.
  • Then, choose the MP4 format from the convert tool.
  • Now tap on the Select File, and upload your video from Photo Library.
  • Next, tap on the Convert button and wait for the process to finish.
  • Finally, select the Download icon to get the converted video on your iPhone storage.

How to use The Video Converter app to turn MOV to MP4 on iPhone

The Video Converter app is one of the rarest apps that can do a decent job of turning a MOV file into an MP4 file. It gives you fast and straightforward tools to do the job. This app is not entirely free as the app implements an in-app purchase mechanism. However, this app is the best solution if you are looking for a MOV to MP4 converter app on the App Store.

Step by step instructions on how to change MOV to MP4 on iPhone with The Video Converter

Step by step guide on how to convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone with The Video Converter
  • First, download and launch the app.
  • Then select your input file from your iPhone.
  • You may now want to choose your output format (MP4, MP3, AVI, M4A, etc.)
  • Now, tap on the Convert File button to begin the process.
  • Finally, you may save or share your file.

How to convert MP4 to MOV on iPhone

Converting an MP4 file to MOV is almost identical to the steps discussed above. You can begin the procedure by going to the Cloudconvert site. Then input the MOV format in the convert tool. Upload the MP4 file on the site and tap on the Convert button to finish the process. After that, select the Download icon to save the converted video on your device.

Final words

Your iPhone device is a powerful tool. To convert a video in the past, you had to rely on a PC or Mac. Now you can do the same with your iPhone simply by using a browser. The advantage is you don’t need to install an unstable third-party app on your device. Although this article has shown a third-party app, the best approach is if you learn how to convert MOV to MP4 through browser-based converter tools.

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