How to Delete All Alarms on iPhone – Full Guide

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How to Delete All Alarms on iPhone- Full Guide

Sure thing! So, when it comes to deleting alarms on your iPhone, you’ve got some options. You can cancel or delete all alarms in one go or take them on one by one – totally up to you. The Clock app is where the magic happens. It lets you set, disable, or remove those alarms whenever you want. And hey, no worries if you’re a fan of having many alarms! You can handle each one individually in the Clock app.

But here’s the scoop: If you’ve got a bunch of unwanted alarms to deal with, you can save time by deleting them all at once. Or if you prefer to keep some alarms but want to get rid of others, you can selectively delete the ones you no longer need.

This article will simultaneously walk you through the steps on how to delete all alarms on iPhone.

How to delete all alarms on iPhone at once via Siri

Are you tired of removing all those iPhone alarms individually? Good news: Siri can help you delete them all at once! No more hassle. Let me show you how to do it easily using just your voice. Here are the steps to erase all alarms!

  • To begin, you need to activate Siri on your iPhone. If your iPhone is in always listening mode, you can say, “Hey Siri.” Or you can press the Side button or the Home button to wake Siri up, depending upon the model of your iPhone.
  • Then say “Delete all my alarms“to Siri.
  • Next, Siri will seek confirmation from you before taking any action.
  • Then tap on Yes to provide that confirmation.
  • After your confirmation, Siri will respond with a message like “Alright, no more alarms.”

Alternatively, you can ask Siri to only disable your alarms instead of deleting them. This action will not remove all your alarms but will just turn them off. 

How to delete your alarms on iPhone from the Clock App

The Clock app on your iPhone is a great way to set alarms and wake up on time. But sometimes, you may need to delete your alarms. Maybe you don’t need it anymore or accidentally created it. Whatever the reason, deleting an alarm on your iPhone is quick and easy.

How to delete your alarms on iPhone from the Clock App

To delete an alarm using the Clock app, follow these steps:

  • Begin by swiping the alarm from right to left, and a “Delete” option will appear.
  • Next up, give tap on “Edit” to kickstart the process. From there, you’ll spot the red minus sign – go ahead and select it, then confirm with a tap on “Delete.”
  • For a more targeted approach, tap “Edit” again. This time, tap on the specific alarm you aim to remove permanently. Wrap it up by tapping “Delete Alarm.”

How to delete sleep schedules or alarms on iPhone from the Health app

The Health app for iPhone is like your personal health command center. It’s getting even more incredible with upcoming mental and vision health insights. You can track your sleep, including your schedule and alarms. If you no longer need a sleep schedule or alarm, delete it from the app.

Here is the steps:

  • Begin by accessing the Health app on your iPhone.
  • Locate the “Browse” option in the lower right corner and tap it.
  • In the Browse section, choose “Sleep” to access all your sleep-related data.
  • Scroll down until you reach the “Your Schedule” section and proceed to tap “Full Schedule & Options.”
  • To deactivate all sleep schedules and alarms, find and toggle off the “Sleep Schedule” option.

For removing a specific sleep schedule and its associated alarm:

  •   Select the “Edit” option beneath the desired schedule you wish to delete.
  •   Finally, scroll down and tap on “Delete Schedule.”

If you intend to turn off the alarm for a particular sleep schedule permanently:

  •   Click “Edit” under the schedule you want to work with.
  •   Scroll further to toggle off the “Alarm” option under “Alarm Options.”
  •   Confirm your decision by tapping “Done.”

In the Health app, you can turn off alarms, disable Sleep Mode, or delete sleep routines. If you’ve got multiple schedules, you can switch them off at once or just the next bedtime alarm. The app automatically turns off all alarms if you turn off all schedules.

How many alarms can you set on your iPhone with the Clock App

With the Clock app, you can set as many alarms as you like on your iPhone. There is no official limit from Apple, but it may depend on your storage space. You can also use Siri to set, edit, or delete your alarms quickly. The Clock app also lets you set repeat, label, sound, and snooze options for your alarms.

How to cancel all your alarms in the Clock app on your iPhone

When we mention canceling alarms, we’re talking about temporarily turning off your active alarms, not deleting or removing them permanently. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Open Siri to get started. Saying “Hey Siri” or holding the Home or Side button will accomplish this.
  • Then, tell Siri to cancel or turn off all your alarms. For example, you can say, “Cancel all my alarms” or “Turn off all my alarms.” Siri will say, “I turned off all of your alarms,” to confirm.
  • Then Siri will deactivate all your active alarms. But don’t worry; they are not gone forever. You can still turn them on again later if you want.
  • To turn on an alarm again, tap the switch next to it. Now the alarm is active again.


To wrap things up, we’ve covered various ways how to delete all alarms on iPhone.

We’ve discussed how to delete them all at once or remove them individually with the help of Siri or the Clock app for a more focused approach. We’ve also shared how you can even control your Health app’s sleep alarms and schedules.

Whatever route you take, rest assured that deleting alarms is simple. So, if there are any alarms you no longer need, go ahead and remove them without hesitation!

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