How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Duplicate contacts are annoying, especially when searching someones’ phone number and if that number has multiple entries on your device. So, how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone? We know this query may arise; that’s why we have prepared the two most optimized routes to get rid of duplicate phone contacts.

Duplicate contacts are usual glitches when you are an iPhone user, and your device has hundreds of important contacts stored. The process of keeping this glitch at zero level is pretty easy when you have Cleaner for iPhone. This specialized application for iPhone manages and merges duplicate contacts in a blink of an eye. This saves time and effort, especially when you got a busy schedule.

The other option is the default contact deleting process of the iPhone. iPhone allows you to delete repetitive contacts. However, the process is time-consuming, and you have to manually sort the contact with duplicate attributes to delete them.

2 Easiest Ways of How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Throughout this content, we will explain both methods of duplicate contact deleting process. If you have questions about how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone, keep reading this article to the end. By reading this content, you will get to know about two methods of managing duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

We got two best solutions that answer how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone:

  1. Delete duplicate contacts on iPhone using the Cleaner for iPhone app
  2. Remove duplicate contacts manually using iPhone’s contact deleting function

How to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone: Using Cleaner for iPhone

Using Cleaner for iPhone app is, by far, the most optimistic and time-saving way of removing repetitive contacts on iPhone. Nevertheless, this iOS application is not confined to duplicate contact removal only.

This powerful application also manages the images and media content of your device. Along with duplicate contacts remover options, Cleaner for iPhone also has options to merge similar contact data.

Suppose you have saved someone’s contact number but forgot to add their address details. Later on, you have again added the same person on your phonebook, but this time without the name.

What Cleaner for iPhone does is brilliant. It identifies similar numbers and identifies field gaps. The app compares both entries. If matched, merge or delete contacts and fill up missing data fields accordingly.

Steps of removing duplicate contacts using the app

If you want to delete any contact, our featured cleaning app for iPhone made the process easy for you. You can delete single contact or a group of entries conveniently from your phone memory. The process is simple:

  • Start the Cleaner for iPhone app
  • Tap on the Contact segment of the app
  • You will get a button that tells you the number of contacts you have.
  • Tap on that button, and the list of contact is there for your next action
  • Select a single or multiple contact information
  • As soon as you select an entry, a ‘Delete Selected’ button will appear
  • Tap on that button, and a confirmation message pops up
  • Upon allowing it, your chosen phone entry will be deleted successfully

Merging duplicate contacts on iPhone using Cleaner for iPhone

Apart from deleting any phone number, the app can intelligently identify similar contact information. Then it compares both entries and, upon following a few steps, merges duplicate contacts instantly. The processes are as follows:

  • Start the app
  • Go to the Contacts section of the app
  • The app shows the number of duplicate contacts is available on the device phonebook
  • If any contact detail remains incomplete, the app shows it under the heading ‘Incomplete.’
  • Next, click on the box under the Duplicate tag that shows a count against each duplicate data found.
  • When tapped, you will be directed to the ‘Duplicate Phones’ page. Here you will get the list of all duplicate phone numbers.
  • Select them collectively or individually and click on the ‘Merge Selected’ button.
  • A confirmation pop-up message appears. Proceed with the process by clicking ‘Yes.’
  • The app will merge duplicate contacts automatically

How to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone: The default process

The other most convenient approach of removing duplicate contacts on iPhone is the device’s default phone contact deleting option. The process is straightforward. Simply go to the Contacts option of your device.

Here you will see the contact list you have saved over time. Unlike the Cleaner for iPhone, the duplicate contact removing process at the default level is not a one-tap process. You have to browse through the list to find out the entry that has been added repetitively.

Another way of searching for a duplicate contact entry is by searching it on the Contacts function’s search bar. This process can save some time. Following that, manually select information and scroll through the end to find the ‘Delete Contact’ option.

Tap on that option, and another confirmation button appears. Tapping on this delete contact button will permanently remove the phone entry forever.

Brief steps of deleting duplicate contacts using the default function

Wondering how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone using iPhone’s default function? the brief steps below may come in handy for you:

  • Go to the Contacts function of your iPhone
  • Scroll through the contact list and manually click on any data you think has been added as a duplicate
  • Or, search any contact name on the search bar on your Contacts function
  • Tap on a contact you found has been added as a duplicate entry
  • You will get into the contact profile
  • Scroll through the end, and you will come across the ‘Delete Contact’ option
  • Tap on this option, and you will again get a confirmation option. Tap on it again
  • At this point, your duplicate contact data will be removed permanently.


In doubt of how to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone, one app often comes forth, which is Cleaner for iPhone. Of course, you can find several other apps on App Store doing the same task. However, when considering duplicate contacts and media content management, this particular application is absolutely unparallel.

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