How to Delete Keyboard History on iPhone

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How to delete keyboard history on iPhone

Your iPhone keyboard is very smart as it can learn from your typing history. It then applies this information to generate words and phrases that you will likely use in your chats. This feature is designed to help you type faster. However, sometimes it offers wrong suggestions and hinders your typing by replacing your typed words with unwanted words. So, in this article, we’ll explain you how to delete keyboard history on iPhone.

Learn how to delete keyboard history on iPhone

Your iOS keyboard has a built-in dictionary that learns your typing habits and stores words from your usage. Nevertheless, if you aren’t happy with the words suggested by your keyboard, then you can just reset the dictionary. And you can do this easily from your iPhone’s Settings. So, in this part of the article, we will see how to delete keyboard history on iPhone.

There is one thing you should bear in mind, though. If you have reset your keyboard history for your iPhone, there is no undoing this. Your keyboard history is permanently removed.

Here’s how to reset your keyboard history on your iPhone

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  • Open the Settings app
  • Then select General
  • Next, scroll down and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Then tap on Reset from the bottom
  • After that, tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Next, enter your passcode if asked
  • And finally, tap on Reset Dictionary

What are predictive text and autocorrect on iPhone?

Predictive texts are words suggested by your iPhone’s keyboard that complete your sentences. Sometimes they will even offer emojis to replace some of your words. These suggestions are made based on your recent activity and information from apps. Whereas the autocorrect feature, as the name suggests, spellchecks and automatically corrects words from the keyboard dictionary.

So, when you reset your iPhone’s keyboard dictionary, it will start relearning your typing habits and save new words from scratch. And after some time, the keyboard will start giving you suggestions again. Nonetheless, if you don’t want any word recommendations from your iPhone, you’d need to turn off the predictive text and autocorrect.

Here’s how to disable predictive text or autocorrect on iPhone

How to disable predictive text or autocorrect on iPhone
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Then tap on General > Keyboard
  • To disable auto-correction, turn off the Auto-Correction toggle
  • To disable Predictive Text, turn off the predictive text toggle
  • If you want to enable them, visit here and turn on their toggle

How to add a word to your iPhone dictionary

How to add a word to your iPhone dictionary

Your iPhone has a feature called Text Replacement, where you can add words so that your keyboard doesn’t try to correct you every time you enter them. For this, go to your iPhone’s Settings app, and then go to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Here, tap on the Plus + to add a new word to your iPhone dictionary. Next, enter the word on the Phrase box, but keep the Shortcut box empty. After that, tap on Save. Once you’ve done that, your iPhone will no longer try to correct the word every time you type it.

How to delete autocorrect words on iPhone

You can also delete words from your iPhone dictionary, and it is almost the same as adding them. So, on your iPhone’s Settings app, navigate to the General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. After that, tap on Edit, located at the lower-left of the screen. Next, tap on the red minus icon beside the word you want to remove and tap Delete.

How to remove specific words from predictive text on iPhone

You cannot remove specific words or phrases from the predictive text on your iPhone. You can only reset or disable the predictive text feature from your iPhone.

How to change the keyboard on iPhone

First, you’d need to install a keyboard and then tap on the Globe key located at the bottom to change keyboard on iPhone. Next, select your keyboard from a list if it supports multiple keyboards or languages. Also, you can use third-party keyboard apps for iPhone to get some beautiful keyboard backgrounds.

Concluding remarks

Whenever you have enough of your iPhone keyboard’s unwanted and unnecessary autocorrect and suggestions, just reset your iPhone dictionary. You can start anew with our detailed guide on how to delete keyboard history on iPhone.

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