How to Delete Screenshots on iPhone

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How to delete screenshots on iPhone main

Screenshots, as useful as they are, may quickly clog up your photo bank. Particularly if your screenshots are dispersed throughout your primary photo library. Fortunately, there is a way to have exclusive access to your screenshots and remove them all at once. Here’s a quick approach on how to delete screenshots on iPhone.

How to delete screenshots on iPhone using the Cleaner app

If you snap screenshots on your iPhone on a daily basis, your collection may quickly expand. Fortunately, deleting screenshots from your iPhone is a straightforward process with the help of the Cleaner for iPhone app.

Here’s what you should do:

How to delete screenshots on iPhone using the Cleaner app
  • Visit the App Store to download the Cleaner app
  • Open the Cleaner app and tap the “Photos” section on the main menu
  • Select “Screenshots”
  • Select one or multiple screenshots to delete them in bulk
  • Tap on “Delete” when prompted

How to delete screenshots on iPhone via Photos app

How to delete screenshots on iPhone via Photos app

Your screenshots are stored as picture files on your iPhone. They can be easily located in the Photos app. To access the Camera Roll album, open the app, tap on Albums, and then on Camera Roll. If you simply want to see screenshots, there is a separate collection called Screenshots in the Photos app that you may see.

Here’s how this is done:

  • Open the Photos application
  • Scroll down the Albums tab until you find Screenshots under Media Types
  • Select All Tap Select All
  • Select the Delete button (the icon looks like a trash can)
  • Make sure you want to get rid of these screenshots.

What sort of stuff can you screenshot on iPhone

Virtually anything. It’s possible to snap screenshots on your iPhone if visible on the screen. Only streaming material, which tends to return a black screen if you capture a screenshot, and some password-related choices, which may block off some sections of the screen, are exceptions.

If you’re going to snap a screenshot of something someone has emailed you, make sure you have permission beforehand.

Taking screenshots might come in handy if you need to keep track of anything or just want to share an amusing image with someone.

How to delete screenshots on iPhone and some other relevant information

Here we cover some related information on deleting screenshots on iPhone.

Is it possible to disable screenshots on the iPhone?

No. you can’t turn off screenshots, but iOS 12 and later only enable them while the screen is turned on. Turn off Raise to Wake in Settings > Display and Brightness to avoid accidental screenshots.

Why can’t I use my iPhone to take a screenshot?

If you can’t capture a screenshot on your iPhone, it’s possible that one of the buttons is stuck or that there’s a technical issue. However, you can take screenshots by swiping with AssistiveTouch.

Why are the screenshots on my iPhone so blurry?

If your iPhone screenshots appear fuzzy when sent in a message, go to the Messages app’s Settings and turn off Low-Quality Image Mode.

In conclusion

To be honest, screenshots are a daily part of our lives, it seems. Everyone needs to save and record information and images for later use. However, too much of this single thing can be cumbersome to maintain, much like an overwhelming amount of screenshots on our iPhones. Though we believe we have provided a remedy for this in this article.

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