How to Disable YouTube Shorts on iPhone

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how to disable YouTube shorts on iPhone

YouTube Shorts is a video service that allows users to upload 15-second or shorter films to YouTube. It is indeed a popular feature with a large user base and has been operational since 2020. However, YouTube Shorts is inconsistent when it comes to sharing and searching based on your preference. In addition, Shorts may also lack quality content as well. Consequently, you’re not alone concerning how to disable YouTube Shorts on iPhone.

How to remove or get rid of shorts on the YouTube app? If you are worried about it— you’ve come to the right place. Short videos might spoil your watching experience because they may not be up to the mark. Hence, this article will show you two ways to disable YouTube shorts on your iPhone.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts on iPhone – 2 Easy Ways

How to disable YouTube Shorts — this could be a query for some users, despite the fact that some users enjoy YouTube short videos. This article focuses on the former, which describes how to turn YouTube Shorts off in two different ways. Although there isn’t a straight-cut method to disable them, there are a few things you can do. So, let’s get right to the question, “how can you turn off YouTube shorts?”

Method 1: How to disable YouTube shorts on iPhone using the Not Interested option

how to disable shorts on YouTube
  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Locate a YouTube Shorts video and press the three dots.
  • Then, tap the Not Interested option.
  • Repeat these steps until none of the Shorts appear on your homepage.

Method 2: How to disable YouTube shorts on iPhone using the browser

Instead of using the YouTube app, you may open YouTube without Shorts in your mobile browser anytime. And thus, you won’t see the Shorts section of YouTube while using a mobile browser. Find out the steps below to know how to disable YouTube shorts:

how to get rid of shorts on YouTube
  • Open your iPhone browser.
  • Type – and enter.
  • Now, scroll down and explore Shorts-free YouTube from your phone browser.

How to get rid of YouTube Shorts on your iPhone

There are two options to get rid of YouTube Shorts. You can either choose the “Not Interested” option from the three dots menu. Or, type into your iPhone browser to access YouTube without the short films.

How to remove suggested videos from YouTube

To remove suggested videos, open YouTube and follow this method. First, tap on your Profile in the top right corner and follow the directions: Setting>Notification>Turn off the Recommended videos.

However, you can’t turn off the suggested videos that appear as thumbnails at the end of YouTube videos.

How to disable YouTube Autoplay permanently

  • Open YouTube and go to the Home menu.
  • Tap your profile image and go to Settings.
  • Tap Autoplay, then turn off the feature by tapping the switch.

To Wrap up

Some people dislike YouTube Short clips since they may sometimes be rather bothersome. So, you can use YouTube without watching short videos using the methods described above.

Now that you know how to disable YouTube Shorts, read more on how to make a YouTube reaction video and turn a YouTube video into a ringtone to utilize the platform more.

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