How to Download Twitch Streams on iPhone

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How to Download Twitch Streams on iPhone 01

Twitch provides a very convenient platform to record and live stream gameplay footage. On your iPhone, you can also save any twitch videos you want to watch later. You’ll need a third-party program to download the content in addition to watching the live streams and playing the game. Let’s check out how to download Twitch streams on iPhone in the following.

How to download Twitch streams on iPhone easily

If you are looking for a straightforward process on how to download Twitch video streams on your iPhone, this guide will be helpful for you. With, you can easily download Twitch videos for later use. As it is an online tool, you don’t have to install any suspicious or unreliable third-party apps. Also, you get an additional function to select video quality. Note that better video quality will result in a larger file size.

Steps to download Twitch streams on iPhone

How to download Twitch video streams on iPhone
  • Locate and open the Twitch app on your iPhone.
  • Open your desired video to download. Touch the Share icon at the top and select “Share to…”
How to download Twitch video streams on iPhone 02
  • Then hit Copy to grab the link.
  • Next, open Safari or any web browser.
  • Go to and paste the link of your desired content into the given box.
  • Finally, select the video quality and tap on the Download button.

How to upload a video to Twitch

Alongside gameplay streaming, you can easily upload any video content on Twitch. Twitch supports both live video sharing and recorded video uploading. Additionally, you can upload your Twitch live game stream or IRL (In Real Life) stream with your iPhone or PC. Note that you need a PC or Mac to upload a recorded video as the iPhone app doesn’t have the feature.

Here’s how to upload a video on Twitch

how to upload a video on Twitc
  • Find Safari or any web browser on your PC.
  • Then, log into your Twitch account and tap on the profile icon.
  • Find and click Video Producer; it will take you to Creator Dashboard.
  • Tap on Upload and select the contents you want to upload.
  • Finally, after uploading, you can choose to publish the contents or keep them unpublished.

How to delete a video on Twitch

You can easily remove your videos on Twitch from your profile. To delete, simply log in and go to Video Producer tab. Then, navigate to your video collection. Then, by selecting the videos you want to delete, tap on the three-dot icon. Here, you will find “Delete Videos.” In addition to deleting a single video, you can also delete all videos at once from here.

How to download Twitch on Roku TV

If you are searching for ways on how to watch Twitch on Roku TV, you are in the right place. Official Twitch channels, sideloaded Twitch channels, and screen mirroring from a different device are all options for watching live Twitch on Roku. Although there is a minor problem, the official Twitch channel is no longer available on Roku Channel Store. So, to download Twitch on your Roku TV stick, you have to follow the sideloading option.

From a web browser on your iPhone or Mac, log on to Then navigate to Add channel with a code. Type TWOKU, and click Add Channel. Finally, tap OK on the warning message and proceed.

After completing the process successfully, you will be greeted with an Add Channel prompt. There, click on Yes, add channel to enable Twitch on your Roku TV.


Enjoying your favorite video conveniently on a big screen is always a great experience. Therefore, we have provided you a thorough guide on how to download Twitch streams on iPhone. If this was helpful, you might also consider checking out the best free live stream apps for iPhone.

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