How to Edit PDF on iPhone

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how to edit pdf on iphone

Are you wondering how to edit PDF on iPhone? PDF format is secured, especially in a scenario when someone attempts to alter texts in an unauthorized manner. The PDF or Portable Document Format is so rigid that most typical text editors cannot edit or modify its content. However, there are instances when text editing gets necessary under authorized permissions. An app such as Scanner App- PDF Editor is the right app for your iPhone in this scenario.

What Scanner App- PDF Editor does is useful. It allows a certain level of editing that you can apply to PDF files. That means, although you cannot alter the PDF text entirely, but can add some minor modifications to PDF content.

How to edit PDF on iPhone: Different processes

Although altering PDF content is challenging, but it’s not impossible. There are tools to edit PDFs up to a certain limit. For instance, if the PDF contains only text, apps like Scanner App- PDF Editor can add some degree of modifications.

On the other hand, PDFs with tables, graphs, or diagrams are more difficult to modify. Anyhow, in this app, we will explain two distinct methods that will help edit a PDF file on your iPhone.

  1. Editing a PDF file using Scanner App- PDF Editor
  2. Free online tools to convert and edit a PDF file

How to edit PDF on iPhone using Scanner App- PDF Editor

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As mentioned earlier, Scanner App-PDF Editor is, without any doubt, a robust text scanner. At the same time, it is one of the best handwriting to text apps for iPhone. We simply don’t want to leave it in a mere statement.

Therefore, we have justified our opinion about this app’s efficient functionalities. This blog segment illustrates features that answer the query, how to edit PDF on iPhone using Scanner App of PDF Editor.

Scanning content accurately using OCR

ocr and text extraction

Scanner App- PDF Editor is a fantastic text scanning app that can extract contexts from various sources, online or offline. It has state-of-the-art OCR technology, which gives accurate content extraction in each scan. The scanned files get collected as a JPG image file on the app gallery, which you can modify as per your preference.

Edit PDF on iPhone up to a permissible limit

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Next comes the PDF or image modifying function. Need to markup something important or underline important text on a PDF file? Now you can easily do that on this app. Add highlight or underline directly on a PDF file and even scales or erasers for more precise tasks.

Adding remark and even a signature is now at your fingertips when you have Scanner App- PDF Editor. Add your signature on a PDF file to give it further authentication. even better is its JPG TO PDF conversion function. Using this function is simple and very handy when in need. Additionally, highlighting a whole paragraph or a mere sentence is instantaneous with this iPhone app.

More features of the scanner app

wide range of features for pdf

Scanning and adding a signature are not the only functions Scanner App- PDF Editor has. It also offers a useful JPG to PDF conversion, a proper magnifying tool function, and so on. Your scanned file needs extra light? Use filters to brighten up your text. Other features include effective cropping, file rotating, and a one-tap converting option from PDF to JPG. Don’t forget the fast-sharing getaways to send a processed text online.

Online tools to convert and edit a PDF file

The answer to how to edit PDF on iPhone has a parallel solution: free online tools. There are apps on the web that can edit PDF files text-by-text. They are convenient when in need, but online free tools come with a cost.

We don’t recommend those applications in most cases. This is because uploading files with sensitive data on free online apps always leave room for unauthorized scrutiny. However, those apps can come in handy if your content doesn’t have confidential information.

Typically, most online-based apps provide a markup, note-taking, or PDF to other text format conversion functions. Nevertheless, few tools on the internet can force the PDF format into text form. This allows you to edit the main text word-by-word.

Drawing Conclusions

PDFs are stubborn when it comes to text editing, but this is what it’s supposed to be. However, when necessity calls and you need solutions of how to edit PDF on iPhone, you have the answer. Scanner App- PDF Editor; one of the best document scanner apps for iPhone. It gives you a sufficient level of content extraction, editing, and sharing flexibility over any PDF content.

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