How to Edit Videos on iPhone

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How to edit videos on iPhone

Editing a piece of video on your phone is not very complicated nowadays. You don’t need a professional studio setup or video editing software to configure a piece of video. The query for how to edit videos on iPhone now has a more straightforward solution. All it needs is to install this Video Editor app on your iPhone and keep video editing at your fingertips.

Edit videos on iPhone can be done in two ways.

  • Edit video using Video Editor
  • Using default video editors of iPhone

Once you have recorded a video on your iPhone, you can choose either of these two ways. Both work fine and can give you flexibility when it comes to manipulating a video. However, a quality video editor app works the best to trim a clip, add an audio file, or crop video efficiently.

How to Edit Videos on iPhone: Using the Video Editor App

How to Edit Videos on iPhone

Wondering how to cut a video on your iPhone or configure a video editor with sound effects? A rational reply is right in front of you; A competitive and easy-to-use video editor app.

Unlike some of the best photo editor apps for iPhone, many think that working with a video editor app is complex. Fortunately, the video Editor app’s video clipping and audio manipulating features are easy to use. Moreover, this app automatically grabs videos available on your device, making media content search even more effortless.

In this context, we will describe every aspect of the iPhone video editing app. We will highlight amazing features and explain how video editors with sound effects work using a fantastic third-party app.

How to trim a video to perfection on your iPhone

How to Edit Videos on iPhone-trimming video

Often you find that not all parts of your video are necessary. Trimming iPhone videos become essential, especially to keep a video clip aesthetically proportional and save some device storage. iPhone, however, has its own video editing tools that can crop video short. Nevertheless, the trimming process of the Video Editor app is way smoother and provides a more professional finish.

Trim video on iPhone is much convenient using this video editing app. The trimming bar on this iPhone application is easy to maneuver. It is so accurate that you won’t miss a single frame when narrowing down the video length.

Steps of using the video trimmer function on the Video Editor app

  • Open a video file on the Video Editor app’s Gallery or Videos option. You can create a new video straight from the app by using the Camera function.
  • Once a video file has been opened, you will find a timeline bar at the bottom of your video screen. This bar shows video sequences frame-by-frame against time.
  • Tap on that bar which will take you to a new interface. Here you will get a dedicated video clipping bar for the video cropping process.
  • Select the portion of a video you want to keep using the clipper on the bar and tap on the tick at the upper right corner of the app interface.

Unlike narrow clipping bars on other apps, the UI here has been well-designed. The clipping bar is wide enough so that you can easily select each frame of a video without skipping one.

Video editor with sound effects manipulator

How to Edit Videos on iPhone-trimming audo

Next comes the sound manipulating function. This function is very effective and works excellent when making a short video on your iPhone. This feature comes in handy when the default video playback sound is not sufficient.

Using this intelligent app, you can crop or configure the existing audio file of a video. Subsequently, the app allows a separate sound editing module to add, trim and edit new audio files from your storage. Now removing a default sound and replacing that with a new one of your preference is much easier.

Steps of audio clipping and fine-tuning process

  • The app boasts a separate Add Music option just beneath the video timeline bar
  • You will get three music adding options on this app; Tracks, iTune Music, and Record Audio
  • Pick music using Tracks or iTune Music or simply record customizable audio or music
  • The app automatically syncs the newly added audio file with the corresponding video upon selecting an audio file.
  • Click on the newly added audio bar. A new interface for dedicated audio editing appears
  • Crop the sound file up to your need. Additionally, adjust volume and toggle on or off the Fade In, Fade Out, or Loop option for better playback.
  • Tap on the tick at the upper right corner of the app interface to finalize the audio integration to your video.

Trim video on iPhone and share instantly

How to Edit Videos on iPhone-easy sharing

The Video Editor app didn’t end up only at video trimming and fine sound configuring features. It does more. The app has impressive multi-channel video-sharing gateways. Now store video on the cloud storage after editing or share with peers via mail, messages, or other popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, skype, etc.

Enjoy magic video effects with no watermarks

Say goodbye to the annoying watermarks on your video. A watermark on a clip admittedly ruins the focal attention of a streaming video. The premium version of this app has an effective watermark removing option. It removes branding from a video and gives you an upper hand while editing.

How to Edit Videos on iPhone: Using Built-In Editor

How to Edit Videos on iPhone: Using Built-In Editor

There’s an in-built option if you don’t want to use a third-party video editing app on your iPhone. The phone on-boards several video editing and enhancing tools. This video editing module does the basic configuration and enhancement process.

Once you have recorded a video with your iPhone, open the video file and select the edit option at the bottom. The newer iOS version provides an exquisite number of video editing options. This includes video cropping, quality tuning, filter add-up, and three different orientation adjustment functions.


Still wondering how to edit videos on iPhone? We recommend you install the Video Editor app on your iPhone and experience the clean video enhancing and trimming functionalities on the go. People who try casual video editors also seek photo editors.

Try some of the best photo editor apps like Photo Editor or Blur Photo Editor from the App Store.  Experience a full-fledged multimedia configuring package that gives premium functionalities with the most satisfactory outcomes.

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