How to Empty Trash on iPad -Full Guide

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How to Empty Trash on iPad

A common problem iPad users face is their storage says that it’s full, but in reality, they don’t really have many files saved in the iPad. Then what is taking up all this storage? Well, the secret is many files may have been taking up space in your trash folder. And how to empty trash on iPad?

The methods are easy. I will give you a detailed outline below on how to clear out your iPad trash. So, keep reading below to know more.

How to empty trash on iPad for Photos, Files, Notes & Mail app

No one likes it when they can’t install a new app or take new pictures just because the memory is in the iPad. iOS keeps popping out an annoying notification that prevents you from saving ANY new files.

To solve this issue, you generally delete files like pictures and documents. But sadly, that doesn’t clear out storage space either. Files, after being deleted, go to the Trash folder in the iPad, which stores the file for 30 days before they’re permanently deleted.

The iPad trash bin folders are great if you want to recover any files. But keeping too many things in them wastes a lot of storage, so it is better to empty them from time to time. But the problem is that trash can folders exist individually in each app.

So, if you want to delete Trash on iPad, it must be done individually, too. Below, you will find some detailed instructions on how to delete trash from your iPad and empty it.

Emptying Trash of Photos App

Photos is one of the top apps with most Trash stored in it. Even though there will not be as many pictures as an iPhone, there will be screenshots and saved images. So, deleting them will de-clutter the trash can.

Therefore, to empty the Photos app trash, take the following steps:

How to Empty Trash on iPad using Photos app 01
  • Open the “Photos” app
  • Next, you need to scroll down and click on the Recently Deleted folder
How to Empty Trash on iPad using Photos app 01
  • Choose ‘Select
  • Next, tap on Delete All from the bottom right corner.
  • Then tap on Delete From This iPad to confirm.  

That’s it; you will have successfully de-cluttered your Photos app’s trash can afterward. This will permanently delete every photo or video you have just deleted from the Photos app in the last 30 days.

Empty Trash on iPad in Files app

For iPads, perhaps the second most popular folder where a lot of Trash gets stored is the Files app. We’re always downloading PDFs and docs on our iPads, and all of them get stored in Files. Files from other apps get stored here as well.

So, where is Trash on iPad in the Files app? Pretty easy to figure out. It’s almost the same navigation as the Photos app, in fact.

Here’s how to empty trash from the Files app on iPad:

how to empty trash from the Files app on iPad 01
  • Go to the Files app
  • tap on the Sidebar icon in the top left corner
  • Then click on “Recently Deleted” folder
  • Next, choose ‘Select‘.
  • You will see a ‘Delete All’ option. Click on it.
  • After that, you will have to select Delete again for confirmation.

Alternatively, you can select the Recover All option instead of “Delete All.” Doing so will also empty your trash as the content will then be returned to their previous location before they were sent to the Recently Deleted folder.

Clean out the Notes App

We know many people who like taking notes during classes or working on their iPads through the Notes app. Once the job with those notes is done, deleting them helps one organize the app better.

But de-cluttering the trash can should also be done, as too much trash looks messy.

So, here’s how to empty trash on the iPad’s Notes app:

how to empty trash on the iPad's Notes app
  • Open the Notes app
  • Then tap on the Sidebar icon in the top left corner
  • There, you will find a folder called ‘Recently Deleted.’
  • If you click on ‘Edit‘ there, you can select and delete specific notes you want.
  • Or you can simply click ‘Delete All‘ to empty the trash can. You have to tap on Delete Note to confirm your choice.

Empty The Mails App Trash

how to empty trash on the iPad's Mails App 01

Last but not least, another application that has a trash can is the Mail app. From here, you can delete spam and very old emails and shift them to the Bin folder. To permanently delete them, click on the Sidebar icon from the top left corner and then tap on ‘Mailboxes‘. You will find a folder called ‘Bin‘ under it.

how to empty trash on the iPad's Mails App 01

Go to Bin and click on Edit. If you want to delete a few files, select them and delete them. To delete them all together, click ‘Delete All‘ and you’ll be done.

Therefore, these were how you could empty all the Trash can folders available on an iPad.

How to empty trash on iPad using Third-Party Apps

Some people find individually emptying Trash from each app very monotonous. Getting to delete files from all the apps at once is much more convenient for them. And for iPad users like that, a solution does exist!

There are various apps on the web that help you de-clutter your iPad trash cans all at once. All you have to do is download them on your laptop or MacBook. And then, connect a USB to your iPad and go to the downloaded software.

The downloaded software will help you further navigate and delete the Trash of all apps together. Usually, it can be done through a few simple clicks.

Where is the Trash located on my iPad?

There is no specific folder that stores all the Trash in an iPad. Instead, specific apps like Photos, Files, Notes, Mail, etc., have separate folders from which you have to clear the trash individually. For Photos, Notes, and the Files app, the folder is called the Recently Deleted folder, and for the Mail app, the folder is aptly named as Trash.

How long does Trash stay on the iPad?

The trash files stay for 30 days on an iPad. After 30 days, the files will be permanently deleted from the Trash. Before the 30 days, you must delete the files by yourself to permanently delete them. And if you’ve mistakenly sent the files to the Trash folder, then you can get them back within the 30-day period.

Is permanently deleted trash gone forever?

Yes, there is no way to recover permanently deleted trash files from your iPad or any other Apple device.

Can iCloud see deleted Photos?

Yes, if photos were backed up before they were deleted, they will remain in your iCloud folder. You need to go to iCloud and specifically delete them.

Final Words

Emptying Trash in iPads is necessary as it still takes up much of your storage. Besides, if the trash folder is cluttered, it’ll be difficult for you to pick out the important files.

That’s why, in this article, I’ve given you detailed instructions on how to empty Trash on iPad. You have to do it individually from each app or with a third-party app for the best efficiency.

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