How to Extract Audio from Video on iPhone

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How to Extract Audio From Video on iPhone

Do you have a video clip that has a more useful audio voice-over than the video itself? Users often look for reliable tools and guides to extract audio from video using just their iPhone. If you are among them and wondering whether that’s even possible or not, the answer is yes.

It is possible to extract audio files from a video on iPhone. However, the process requires an iPhone running iOS 15 and an app called Shortcuts from App Store. Throughout this tutorial blog, we will guide you to your query about how to extract audio from video on iPhone.

How to extract audio from video on iPhone- A quick walkthrough

This blog segment will bring up the in-depth steps of extracting audio from video in the easiest possible way. In this writing, we have covered solutions for users who got iPhone devices with both iOS 14 and iOS 15. Let’s begin with the processes.

How to extract audio from video on iPhone- With iOS 15

The first step of how to extract audio from video on iPhone is by preparing the Shortcuts app. The Shortcuts carry out all extraction processes.

Launch the app and make a new shortcut for audio extraction. Toggle the ‘Show in the Share Sheet’ from the Shortcut’s settings and tap Done.

This will make a new directory where your extracted file will be added. Next, tap on add action followed by Media on the following interface.

Now you will get a long list of functions. Scroll down, and find the Video section at the bottom of the list. Here you will get Encode Media that you have to select.

On the next interface, tap on the small arrow icon beside Encode Media, and you will get a dropdown option. You will get a toggle option tagged as audio-only.

Toggle it on. Now, tap format to select M4A or AIFF. You can also configure the extracted audio’s speed or rename the audio export file.

Saving file format and preferences on Shortcuts

The final step of the shortcut settings is by saving file functions, which comes after the renaming option. The saving setup comes under the ‘Next Actions Suggestions’ banner.

Under this banner, you will get Save File along with two other options. Tap Save File and toggle on the ‘Ask Where To Save’ function. Cross out the interface from the top right corner to save your shortcut preferences.

Extracting audio from video on iPhone

Once your shortcut preference has been set, the next process is to prepare the video file for audio extraction from it. To do that, go to your camera roll on iPhone that has your video file.

Select and play the video. While playing, you will see a share function in your video player’s bottom left-hand corner.

Tap the Share icon, and the returning interface will contain a long list of share options. Scroll down, and get Extract Audio Shortcut that you have created previously.

Tap this option, and your iPhone will automatically start extracting audio from the video. The extraction progress can be seen at the top of the screen.

Once the audio extraction process is completed, you will be given a file directory menu where you want to save the newly extracted audio file on your iPhone. Select the preferred folder to save the file.

It can be your audio folder, custom folder, or even iCloud. When relocated, tap on Done. You will get a confirmation notification at the top of the screen that says ‘Extract Audio Shortcut.’

Accessing your extracted audio file on iPhone

At this stage, your new extracted audio file is ready and relocated to your directed folder. All you have to do is to go to the file app on your device and navigate through the folder where you have to save your audio file.

Play the audio file, and you will hear only the sound without any video. You can play and pause the sound file and use it as a plain audio file on your iPhone.

How to extract audio from video on iPhone- With iOS 14

The video to audio extraction process is slightly different when you have an iPhone with an iOS 14 or older version. The Shortcuts process is also different than the phone on iOS 15.

Launch the Shortcuts app and tap the ‘+’ icon beside Select at the top right-hand corner of the app to launch ‘New Shortcut.’

Renaming and setting the share sheet on shortcuts

Now tap the three-dotted icon at the right top corner of the New Shortcut interface. Here you can name the extracted file and share sheet processing function.

Once renamed and toggled on the Show in Share Sheet, it will give a secondary option’ Share Sheet Types.’ Tap Share Sheet Types, and you will get a plethora of share options, all selected. Unselect all and only select Media from the list.

Move out from the page and tap on Done on the Shortcut’s Detail interface. Once tapped, you will be redirected to Extract Audio which includes a big blue ‘+’ icon.

Tap on it, and you will be again navigated to the share page, where you have to tap on the Media and its associated functions. A long list of functions appears. Scroll down the menu to the video section of the list and tap on Encode Media.

Configuring video encoding and file save destinations

Once you tap on the Encode Media option from the list, you will be guided to the Extract Audio interface. Here tap Show More, and further options will appear as a dropdown.

Toggle Audio only, followed by configuring the output file’s M4A or AIFF audio format, speed, and Metadata.

After file configuration, tap the blue ‘+’ button again, then tap the Documents on the next interface. Scroll down the functions under Documents and select the ‘Extract Audio’ service.

On the Extract Audio page, set the file location. That is where the final audio file will be saved. Complete the process by tapping on Done.

Extracting audio from video

The final process to solve the mystery of how to extract audio from video on iPhone is to play the selected video file from the camera roll on iPhone.

You will see the share icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Like iOS 15, you will see the share sheet with many share options, including the audio extract shortcut you have made. Tap it, and the extraction process will begin.

Final saving of the extracted audio file

Once the selection process is done, you will be directed to the file-saving options. Here you can save the final product either on the iCloud or on a custom new folder on your iPhone.

Once a folder is renamed and created, tap on the Save option at the right top corner of the screen to finish the new file relocating process. Navigate to the folder from the Files app on your iPhone to locate and use your new audio file.


To solve the mystery of how to extract audio from video on iPhone, we mentioned the solution for both versions of iOS 15 and iOS 14 iPhone devices. In summary, the processes are simple, and audio extraction is relatively easy.

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