How to Send Fax from iPhone

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How to send fax from your iPhone

Before we begin

Tired of running to your local fax machine store to send a UPS fax? Instead, thinking about how to fax from iPhone? Well, we at xlightmedia have the perfect solution for you. With extensive app usage (and tons of online fax sent), the Fax app for iPhone is by far the best fax app around. You can grab it for free now at the App Store.

This electronic fax app can send a fax to over 100 global destinations. It accepts JPEG, JPG, PNG, and PDF files, so there are no restrictions on what you may transmit. Plus, import docs from cloud bases sites like Google Drive and iCloud with this fax app.

How to send fax from iPhone with the Fax app?

Fax is a widespread method of transmitting personal and official fax documents to a dedicated fax line. Although everything today is going digital, it is still used by folks from all walks of life. The sending of printed material to a designated fax number is known as faxing.

Sending and receiving fax used to necessitate a fax machine, with eFax, to send a fax from phone is just a click away with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1:                 

Install eFax free on your iPhone

To get started, download and install eFax free on your iPhone from the App Store . Once you open the app, you’ll find a straightforward UI with useful functionalities the right way.

Step 2:        

fax document from iphone

Attach the specific document you wish to fax and add a recipient number of choice at the top by tapping “Add Document.” You can also include a cover sheet with important information such as your name, phone number, fax subject, and specific messages if need be. Doing so clarifies the sender’s message and expresses what you intended to say in greater detail.

Step 3:

fax from iphone

Within the app, use your iPhone camera to do a genius scan of any raw documents in your photo library to send as a fax. Then, convert your doc to virtual fax and simply hit send phone fax. Compose, electronically sign easy and, edit your documents to your liking with eFax. Personalize your fax online by managing all sheets and forms with traditional filters. Write, add, crop, and merge documents to create genuinely unique fax.

How to send fax from iPhone using an email service

Using email to fax from iPhone

You can fax a document from your iPhone in two ways. The ideal option is to use a virtual fax application, while another option is to use email. To do so, you must first join up for an online fax service and link your mail account. Following that, you may send faxes through email. Even if sending faxes via email is feasible, we strongly advise you to download an online fax app from the app store. eFax, for example, is popular because of how smooth and straightforward the entire faxing procedure is.

Closing statements

Of course, there are quite a few faxburner apps around today. Nonetheless, we at xlightmedia have found that the majority of the popular ones are web-based. Faxing from one of such websites frequently necessitates the use of a MacBook.

Nextiva gives 6 good reasons to use internet fax over traditional fax. Mobility is a crucial feature of eFax for iPhone, which sets it apart from other online fax providers. Having a powerful virtual fax machine in your pocket is incredibly useful.

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