How to Find Copied Links on My iPhone – A Complete Guide

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How to Find Copied Links on iPhone

To operate an iPhone on a daily basis, certainly, you have felt the urge to copy any link and paste that copied link somewhere else on your iPhone. But you might’ve wondered how to find copied links on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can copy a URL link on your iPhone and paste it somewhere else, but you do not have any visible clipboard feature on your iPhone.

Then you are wondering again, “If I cannot see a visual clipboard, then how to find copied links on my iPhone, and how to manage those?”

Do not get tense. There are certain ways that can solve this issue to a limit. However, you cannot do anything for this lacking from the Apple ecosystem, but you can go through some techniques that can serve you up to a limit.

So let us begin expeditiously without wasting time.

What is a Clipboard?

A clipboard is a feature that is designed to function as temporary storage in mobile phones and computers. The main purpose of this clipboard is to store texts or URL links in the device memory and to paste that copied links to another location.

This enables the user to copy essential texts or URL links from one location to another location for storing that information or to share with others. The clipboard gets reset whenever the device is restarted.

It minimizes the effort of retyping anything multiple times and gives us the opportunity to use it within a jiffy.

Where to Use My Copied Links?

The links you have copied to the clipboard of your iPhone can be used wherever you are required to enter an address of a website or any link that will redirect the user to a certain location.

There are various uses for the links you copy on the clipboard of your iPhone. Some of the fields are:

For Sharing URL Links

You can use your iPhone clipboard for copying URL links to share with others or to save for yourself.

URL of Web Pages

Addresses of any website or webpage can be copied and shared or stored.

You just need to press and hold on to the URL address field and select copy when the option appears on the screen. Later on, paste it wherever you want to. The process is the same.

URL of Images

The URL addresses of any image that you have found on the web can be copied and shared with others or stored.

Just press & hold on to the image and select “Copy Image Link” when the options appear on the screen. Later on, paste wherever you want to.

URL of Videos

You can also copy the URL addresses of any videos you have found online and can use them to share among friends or store them for personal purposes.

The process is the same as copying the URL of a webpage or images.

For Sharing Texts

You can copy text from any website or from any place and paste it wherever you want.

It lessens the time you would have needed if you had to retype the same thing multiple times to send to others or to save for yourself.

It provides you with swift access and reduces the chance of errors as well as using the same text for multiple locations multiple times.

For Creating Shortcuts

If you frequently use the same text, you can use your iPhone’s Notes app. Just copy and paste the text into the Notes on your iPhone. Then whenever you are required to use that text, you need to just tap on the shortcut in your notes, and spontaneously the text will be copied to the clipboard.

How to Copy a Link on iPhone?

How to Copy a Link on iPhone

Copying any link or text on your iPhone is very easy. You can follow these steps:

  1. To copy the website URL on your browser, press and hold the link.
  2. Press & Hold on the text or link you want to copy to your clipboard
  3. Options will appear on the screen
  4. Tap on “Copy” to copy the URL in the clipboard.

That is all you will need to copy any text or URL links on your iPhone clipboard. However, if there are hypertext links then press and hold on to that link and select Copy Link from the options menu. So, the link will be copied in the clipboard not the text.

How to Paste a Link on iPhone?

Pasting the copied links on your iPhone is also very easy, like copying the texts or links. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Notes app or any other place where there is an option to write texts on your iPhone
  2. Press & hold on to a blank space
  3. Options will appear on the screen
  4. Tap on the “Paste

That is all you will need to paste the copied texts or links from the clipboard.

How to Find Copied Links on My iPhone?

It is already discussed that the iPhone does not have any visible clipboard like Androids. So, the users might get frustrated not being able to see the clipboard.

But we know some techniques that can give you the chance to see and manage your clipboard on your iPhone.

There are 3 key methods that can be followed to find the links that are copied to the clipboard iPhone:

  • Via Notes app
  • Via Clipboard shortcuts
  • Via third-party apps

Now we are going to demonstrate each of the methods sequentially and help you to find the copied links on your iPhone.

Via Notes App

How to Find Copied Links on Via Notes app

This is the easiest and simplest method to know what you have copied on your iPhone clipboard, and yet they are saved there properly or overwritten due to any issue.

To find your copied links on the Notes app on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Notes
  2. Open a new note by tapping on the “+” icon
  3. Press & Hold on to a blank space
  4. Options will appear on your screen
  5. Tap on the “Paste

Your copied link is pasted from the clipboard of your iPhone.

You simply need to follow these simple steps.

Via Clipboard Shortcuts

How to Find Copied Links on Via Clipboard Shortcuts 01

This gives you a chance to create a shortcut in the iPhone’s Shortcut app in order to copy and paste and find your copied texts and links just in one tap.

Just follow these steps to do so:

  1. Copy a text to your iPhone clipboard
  2. Open the “Shortcuts” app
  3. Look for Gallery, which is located at the bottom right portion of the screen
  4. Tap on the “Gallery“> “Search bar” and search for “Adjust clipboard
How to Find Copied Links on Via Clipboard Shortcuts 02
  1. Tap on the “Adjust Clipboard Shortcut
  2. Tap on “Add Shortcut
  3. Now go back to the “Home” of the Shortcut app
  4. Tap on the recently created “Adjust Clipboard Shortcut
  5. Your iPhone clipboard will appear on the screen, and there you can edit and adjust the contents saved in your clipboard

That is all you will need to find your clipboard on your iPhone using clipboard shortcuts.

Via Third-party Apps

You can use any third-party keyboard or clipboard app to manage and edit your clipboard contents.

In the case of keyboards, you can use Gboard or Microsoft Swiftkey, and in the case of clipboard manager apps, you can use Clipboard++, Copied, etc.

We are going to demonstrate the processes on the Gboard and Clipboard++ hereafter:

Via Gboard

  1. Download, install, and set up the Gboard app on your iPhone
  2. Select Gboard as the input keyboard through the Settings
  3. Now copy any text
  4. Open Notes app
  5. Tap on the Compose (pencil on a small square) icon to create a new note
  6. Tap on a blank space, and then the Gboard will appear on the display
  7. There is a clipboard icon on the top portion of the Gboard keyboard interface
  8. Tap on the Clipboard icon
  9. There you will find all of your saved texts and links. You can easily edit, manage and delete the notes here

That is all you will need to find copied links on your iPhone using the Gboard app.

Via Clipboard++

  1. Go to App Store and install the “Clipboard++” app
  2. Now copy any texts or links to your iPhone clipboard
  3. Go to the “Clipboard++” app
  4. All of your saved texts and links will appear there in the app interface
  5. You can edit, adjust and delete the saved texts and links easily from there.

That is all you will need to find copied links on your iPhone using the “Clipboard++” app.

That is how to find copied links on my iPhone following these methods. All of them are easy, as we have demonstrated step by step. The rest depends upon your preference.

Where do I Find My Copied Links History on my iPhone?

You can find your copied link history on your iPhone by following 2 methods:

  1. Via Clipboard Shortcuts
  2. Via third-party apps

Both of the methods have been discussed previously. Kindly go through that portion of the article.

How to Delete Copied Link on iPhone?

Are you willing to delete what you have saved on your iPhone clipboard but do not know how to delete the link you copied on your iPhone?

You can delete the copied links on your iPhone in 2 methods:

  1. Via iPhone Keyboard
  2. Via Clipboard Shortcuts

We are going to demonstrate both of the methods sequentially step by step here:

Via iPhone Keyboard

You have copied something important and confidential. Now you are willing to erase that thing from your clipboard. So do this:

  1. Go to Notes
  2. Open a new note by tapping on the “+” icon
  3. Type anything on the note
  4. Now press & hold on to that note
  5. Copy that text

Now it has overwritten your previously written confidential information with the newly copied text.

As we know, the iPhone clipboard can contain only 1 note per use, so saving a new text will simply overwrite the previous one.

Via Clipboard Shortcuts

  1. Open Shortcuts app
  2. There is a “+” icon at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Tap “Add action
  4. Search for “Nothing” in the search bar
  5. Then tap on “Nothing
  6. Now at the bottom of the screen, search again for “Clipboard
  7. Tap on “Copy to clipboard” [This indicates to copy nothing to the clipboard or to remove what is already saved in the clipboard]
  8. Name it “Clear Clipboard
  9. Tap on the “Play Button” symbol at the right bottom of the screen
  10. Now tap on the “x” button at the right top of the screen
  11. The command is saved

Now, we need to check if it is working or not. To check the shortcut command, follow these steps:

  1. Now go to Notes again
  2. Copy any text
  3. Now go to the Shortcuts app
  4. Tap on the Clear Clipboard
  5. Now go to the Notes again
  6. Try to paste that copied text
  7. Noting will appear as the command has done its work

That is how you can delete your copied link on your iPhone using Clipboard Shortcuts.

Why Does the iPhone Not Allow Access to the Clipboard?

The Apple ecosystem is exhaustively dedicated to providing us with intensive security for the user’s personal and sensitive information.

Storing the data of any user to the clipboard for a long time and granting anyone access to that clipboard might cause data theft. Any kind of third-party app might use the backdoor or trapdoor to access the iPhone’s clipboard and steal that data. It might cause a possible security breach.

That is why the iPhone does not allow anyone to access the clipboard directly and to store more than one text or link at a time. Whenever you copy a new text or link, the previous one will get deleted.

There are many common questions that we encounter very often. So let us clear up some of your confusion here.

Can I view my copied links without pasting them somewhere?

It may come as a surprise, but iOS does not have a built-in feature that allows you to view a list of copied links without having to paste them somewhere. In order to see what you have copied, you will need to paste it into an appropriate application, like the Notes app.

Are there privacy concerns related to using clipboard manager apps?

Giving access to confidential data to third-party clipboard manager programs should be managed carefully. Some applications could ask to access your clipboard data, which might include sensitive information. Before allowing such access, make sure that you review the app’s privacy statement and reviews from customers.

Can I use Siri to edit the copied links to the clipboard on my iPhone?

Yes, you can make edits to the links and texts that you have copied to your iPhone clipboard. But you need to create a shortcut for adjusting the clipboard in the Shortcuts app, and then you can command Siri to make changes in your saved texts and links by accessing the Shortcut app.


At the end of the discussion, we discussed how to copy a URL on iPhone and how to paste a link on iPhone. Later on, we answered how to find copied links on my iPhone. We have also suggested some easy ways to manage iPhone clipboards.

Managing iPhone’s clipboard is not that much easy as you might have seen in the Androids. However, we have figured out some methods that can serve our purpose of managing our clipboards, as it is a very crucial thing to do in our daily life.

We have gone through the methods step by step. Yet, if you have any kind of queries or suggestions regarding how to find copied links on my iPhone, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you a fantastic time using your iPhone with the authority to manage the clipboard that you have never had before.

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