How to Get Different Fonts on Instagram Story and Bio

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How to get different fonts on instagram story and bio on iPhone

To follow your favorite media persons, socialize with friends, and more, Instagram is a popular platform. If you’re a regular, you probably have noticed an increase in the variety of fonts used in the bios and posts of Instagram accounts. You can do the same and alter your Instagram fonts like all. So, here we will discuss the guidance on how to get different fonts on Instagram.

How to get different fonts on Instagram | Best 4 ways

If you’ve seen profiles on Instagram that use typographies other than the platform’s default, you might be curious about how to get different fonts on Instagram. In simple words, changing the typeface of your Instagram profile and posts is a simple way to attract more attention to your account. Fortunately, the ways are very easy and mostly online platform based.

To get different fonts for Instagram bio, you can just copy the text from your bio or captions, then paste it into one of the various Instagram font-generating platforms. From our experience, we found these platforms work best for this task:

  • Lingojam
  • Fontix

Method 1: How to get different fonts on Instagram using LingoJam

Lingojam is a free-to-use, open platform to change the font in Instagram bio and story. You can also use LingoJam to get fancy fonts that you can use with side by side pictures for a fancy caption. To change fonts, you must go to the LingoJam web platform and select your favorite fonts. With added benefit, there’s no subscription or app download required. So, you will have complete freedom of use.

Want to change the fonts of your Instagram bio easily? Try LingoJam and get a cool eye-catchy font for your Instagram bio easily.

Steps to use LingoJam as an Instagram bio font changer

how to change the font on Instagram bio with LingoJam
  • Open your browser and go to
  • Next, type in your desired bio or story on the “Text goes here…” designated box.
  • Then, scroll down from the list of font designs and copy the fonts you like.
  • Finally, paste it on the Instagram bio section or story section as you wish.

Method 2: How to make different fonts on Instagram using Fontix

The Fontix app gives you access to a wide variety of stylish fonts that you may use anywhere. Share amazing narratives on social media, and express your feelings with the letters you use. With Fontix, you can quickly and easily text in any font within most of the app.

Want to try easy fancy fonts for your Instagram bio or story? Try Fontix and write with exclusive fonts on your iPhone.

Steps to use Fontix to change fonts on Instagram bio

how to change the font on Instagram bio with the Fontix app
  • Install and open the Fontix app on your iPhone.
  • Next, when typing, hold the Globe button and choose Fontix.
  • Then, choose a font of your liking by sliding the font list on the top side of the keyboard.
  • Finally, write your bio or story in the Instagram text box.

Method 3: How to write in different fonts on Instagram using

Metatags is a tool that is mostly used for SEO-related content. But due to its wide variety of functionality, you can also use it to change your Instagram bio fonts too. Furthermore, it’s an online tool, so you don’t have to download any additional apps to use it.

Trying to find out how to get different fonts on Instagram? Instagram bio font generator is here to save your day.

Steps to use for changing bio fonts for Instagram

Using as an Instagram bio font generator
  • Go to your web browser and visit
  • On the “Edit Text” box, type in your bio or story. You will be provided with many different font options to choose from.
  • Then, select and tap Copy the font you wish to choose.
  • Finally, go to Instagram and paste the text you copied to the designated place.

Method 4: How to get different fonts on Instagram using

The website generates its various looks by randomly selecting characters from a vast Unicode character set. In other words, you’re not truly making fonts with this tool. Rather, you’re making Unicode characters that Instagram can read. In a gist, it is a very easy and user-friendly process for any Instagram user.

Trying to get different fonts on Instagram bio? Check out and explore your favorite custom fonts for Instagram posts.

Steps to use for changing Instagram bio font

Using as an Instagram bio fonts generator
  • Open your web browser and visit
  • Tap on the box that says “Add text here” and type in the text you want to put on your bio or story.
  • Next, scroll down to select your desired font and copy that.
  • Finally, open Instagram and paste the copied text with custom font into your desired textbox.


Here we have tried to answer your question about how to get different fonts on your Instagram. If you find this helpful, consider checking how to watch Instagram live on TV or how to post on Instagram from iPhone.

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