How to Get Fancy Fonts on iPhone

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How to Get Fancy Fonts on iPhone

Plain text is boring when your conversation passes through online instant messaging and social channels. It’s time you come out bold with your statement in distinct fonts and make your comments eye-catching. Here we will answer how to get fancy fonts on iPhone and upgrade your on-screen text quality from typical to extraordinary.

How to Get Fancy Fonts on iPhone: The Processes

Answering how to get fancy fonts on iPhone returns only one best result; Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard. It is a fantastic app that you can integrate and replace with the iPhone’s default keyboard. This application stashed many lucrative keyboards background themes. You can also get a wonderful collection of fonts and fun-filled emoticons through this application.

In short, you can alter the fonts style on the keyboard in two different ways. However, choosing Fontix can open up a wide range of fonts, themes, and emojis before you. Keep reading this article, and you will eventually find out the differences. But right now, the two different processes are:

  1. Using Fontix as your new keyboard for iPhone
  2. Sticking with the default iPhone keyboard function

Using Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard apps for fancy fonts and keyboard

With Fontix, adding new fonts, keyboard themes, and emojis is pretty simple. The app opens up a wide array of fabulous fonts. The rich collection of fonts will surely rocket up your texting attires and experience to a whole new level.

You will get various other functions that this app is ready to offer. Keep reading this blog till the end, and you will eventually come across all features Fontix is offering to you. Therefore, with no further delay, let’s find out how to get fancy fonts on iPhone using Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard app.

Integrating Fontix for a wide range of fancy fonts and themes

Fontix readily offers you an incredible collection of fonts, emojis, and themes. To choose from a vibrant fonts list, you first have to download Fontix: Fonts & Keyboard App from App Store.  Next, install it on your iPhone. You will see all the necessary instructions for using this app as soon as you tap open this app.

For instance, the default keyboard will automatically register Fontix as soon as you install it on your device. Simply long tap on the Globe symbol at the bottom left corner of your default keyboard. You will get multiple keyboard options, including default keyboard, Emoji, Fontix, and so on.

Tap on Fontix, and the app’s keyboard will launch. Now you can configure different keyboard fonts using the horizontal font slider at the top of the keyboard. Get access to custom background themes by tapping the color pallet symbol at the top left corner of the keyboard. The emoji symbol lies right beside the pallet offering emojis and special characters enough to make your text more expressive.

Do you want to find out how to get fancy fonts on iPhone? Then install the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for free from the App Store.

Brief processes of how to get fancy fonts on iPhone with Fontix

Below is the process in simplified steps of how you can add unique fonts to your text. Fontix also offers great functions which allow you to customize your keyboard with vibrant colors and background images:

  • Install it on your iPhone and launch the app. Go through a simply instruction given
  • After installation, iPhone’s default keyboard automatically registers Fontix to its keyboard list
  • Open keyboard function on your device
  • Long tap on the Glob Symbol of the keyboard. You will get this at the bottom left corner of the keyboard
  • Along with the default keyboard option and Emoji, you will now see a new entry for Fontix
  • Tap on Fontix on the list, and the Fontix: Fonts & Keyboard apps will replace your default keyboard function
  • Now you can enjoy a rich collection of unique fonts, keyboard background themes, and 100+ emojis all in one app

How to get fancy fonts on iPhone:  With default keyboard

Are you wondering how to get fancy fonts on iPhone without using a third-party application? The simple answer is to stick with the default keyboard. The default keyboard, however, won’t give you a customizable keyboard theme and fonts. All you can do is decrease or increase fonts size and add bold effects to your texts.

In this case, you have to sacrifice varieties of fonts that Fontix readily offers to you. You will get a default set of emojis and choose the language of your preference on the default state. The Emoji segment will allow you to send Memoji and Animoji stickers on your keyboard at default state.

Altering fonts style with default keyboard function

Although the default keyboard won’t give you multiple fonts styling functions, you can change the size of your fonts. Users can either increase or decrease their texting fonts’ size and add bold effects to texts.

For altering the size and weight of fonts, you have to follow the process mentioned below:

  • First, launch the setting option of your device.
  • From there, tap on the Display & Brightness option
  • Now you will see several options, including Text Size
  • Tap Text Size, and you will get a slider button for ascending or descending font size
  • Drag the slider to set a preferable fonts size
  • You will get the Bold Text toggle button right after the Text Size option
  • Toggle on that button for bolder fonts on your text on the keyboard.


Unfortunately, the default keyboard option of the iPhone doesn’t have fancy fonts. So, keyboard customization and fancy texting are pretty much limited to impossible. Therefore, when answering how to get fancy fonts on iPhone, the Fontix- Fonts & Keyboard is the best alternative. With this application, you can send texts with custom fonts and customize your keyboard distinct from others.

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