How to Hide Subscriptions on iPhone

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How to Hide Subscriptions on iPhone

Subscribing any app on iPhone enables the user to get access to a wide range of features of that app which lets the user take full advantage of the app.

But subscriptions on iPhone of apps might be so many sometimes, or the user intends to hide the presence of the app in the subscription list due to that user’s privacy issue. In that case, the user thinks about “How to hide subscriptions on iPhone?”

Well, managing Apple subscriptions on the iPhone is very easy. Simple steps will do the work. The user just needs to visit the subscription settings of the iPhone, and everything about subscribed or unsubscribed app data is organized there.

You need to know everything to manage app subscriptions on iPhone to know how to hide subscriptions on iPhone and how to access previously subscribed apps also.

So, without delaying any further, let us get into the topic right now

How to check your subscriptions on your iPhone?

Just follow the following simple steps to check your subscriptions on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on your Apple account at the beginning of the screen
  3. Tap on the Subscriptions located in the first section of the screen

Here you will get to see all of your subscribed apps and can manage subscriptions on your iPhone. You will find both subscribed and unsubscribed apps with their history and next renewal date.

Where to Find Subscriptions on iPhone?

If you are searching for where you find subscriptions on iPhone or how to view your subscriptions on iPhone, then just follow this route to find and manage all of your apps subscriptions on your iPhone:

Settings > Apple account ID > Subscriptions

Here you will find all the subscriptions on your iPhone.

Why hide subscriptions on iPhone?

There might be many reasons behind hiding subscriptions on iPhones. We are going to demonstrate some of those reasons here.

  • Too many subscriptions may make a mess and create complications while finding a particular app. So hiding unimportant apps can reduce the mess.
  • Managing too many subscriptions is tough. Hiding a few of the less used apps can make managing other important apps easier.
  • You might be using any subscription that you are not willing to let others know about. Then you can hide it.

These are some of the possible reasons though there might be more of them depending upon the user.

How to Hide Subscriptions on iPhone?

Hiding app subscriptions can be done through the settings of your iPhone.

We are going to delineate the process here step by step.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Tap on the Apple account ID
  3. Tap on the Subscriptions
  4. Select the app to be hidden
  5. Left swipe that app
  6. Tap on the Hide

That is all. Your app is hidden from the subscription list on your Apple account.

In simple words, just follow this path :

Settings > Apple account ID > Subscriptions > Left swipe the app > Hide

Though you can easily unhide the apps again if required. We are going to discuss that also later in this article.

How to Hide Subscription History on iPhone?

Hiding iPhone subscription history is not possible. There is no way to do that. The history of the subscription on the iPhone is automatically deleted after 1 year. You can do nothing but wait for 1 year to be deleted automatically.

You can use another false or dummy Apple ID to purchase your confidential apps and then just switch to your main Apple ID when you do not need to use those apps anymore.

How to Unhide Subscriptions on iPhone?

The process is almost similar to the process to hide subscriptions on the iPhone.

Just follow the steps to unhide your hidden apps from the subscription list on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apple account ID
  3. Tap on Media & Purchases
  4. Select View Account
  5. Tap Hidden Purchases
  6. Select the app and tap Unhide

That is all. Your previously hidden app is done unhiding following these simple steps.

So, in simple words, just follow this route:

Settings > Apple account ID > Media & Purchases > View Account > Hidden Purchases > Unhide


We face different kinds of questions related to the app’s subscriptions and how to hide Apple subscriptions. We have discussed the process to hide apps in this article. Now we would like to give you an overview of the frequently asked questions.

How long does the expired subscription history remain on the Apple ID?

Generally expired or any kind of subscription history remains on the Apple ID for about 1 year from the day of the expiring date of the subscription. There is no way to delete the history. Apple does this for a purpose. They do not delete the subscription history due to security issues and record purposes.

How to cancel subscriptions on your Apple ID?

Canceling subscriptions on your Apple ID can be done through the Settings menu or through the App Store.

The route through the Settings menu is:

Settings > Apple account ID > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription > Confirm

And the route through the App Store is:

App Store > Apple account ID > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription > Confirm

Does uninstalling an app remove subscriptions?

No, uninstalling an app does not remove the subscription. Subscribing an app lets the user get full access to their offerings in exchange for currency. But installing an app refers to the removal of the app from the iPhone only but not from the Apple account. To remove a subscription, you need to follow other processes. So you can not remove your subscription just by uninstalling the app from your iPhone.


After all the discussions on how to hide subscriptions on iPhone, now you know properly if you can hide subscriptions on iPhone or not and where you find subscriptions on iPhone. In simples words, you just need to go to your Apple account through the settings menu or from the App Store, there you will find all of your subscribed, unsubscribed, to be expired, and active app subscriptions all in one place, and it gives you the authority to manage all of those subscriptions under one roof.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to this topic, please contact us without any hesitation.

Hope that you know now how to hide a subscription on your iPhone and protect your privacy onwards.

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