How to Keep Passwords Safe on iPhone

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How to keep passwords safe on iPhone

Before we begin

People have long prioritized keeping online passwords, financial, and other personal information safe and secure from potential intruders. Still, it’s becoming increasingly important for consumers and individuals to follow data protection advice and use reliable methods to keep their sensitive personal information safe and secure. This article will explain how to keep passwords safe on iPhone using Password Manager – PassKit.

How to keep passwords safe on iPhone with Password Manager – PassKit

To be realistic, keeping up with your digital life these days can be very cumbersome. An ordinary individual is responsible for at least dozens of internet accounts, each with its own login and password.

Strong login credentials are critical for safeguarding your identity and keeping your data out of the hands of criminals. However, there’s no way to keep track of all these passwords in your head. Thus, we have composed this write-up on how to keep passwords safe on iPhone.

PassKit is one of the finest Password Manager Apps for iPhone because it uses sophisticated RSA encryption to secure your passwords. It features a strong password generator, autofill, and highly secure password sharing.

Here’s how to use the PassKit app on your iPhone to keep passwords safe:

how to use the PassKit app on your iPhone to keep passwords safe
  • Open the Password Manager – PassKit app on your iPhone
  • Press and hold the Plus + button
  • Then decide what kind of information you wish to preserve. To store passwords, go to Logins
  • A list of prominent platforms, including Apple, Amazon, PayPal, Instagram, and others, emerges. Select your account, or press Create login manually if your chosen account isn’t on the list
  • Enter your account’s User Name and Password. Tap Generate Password if you wish to create a new password
  • When you’re finished, hit Save, and your password will be kept in your vault

How to keep passwords safe on iPhone using autofill from the PassKit app:

how to keep passwords safe on iPhone using autofill from the PassKit app:
  • Access the iPhone Settings app
  • Scroll down to Passwords and hit it
  • Then select AutoFill Passwords from the drop-down menu
  • If AutoFill Passwords is deactivated, touch on the toggle bar to enable it
  • From the available app list, choose Password Manager – PassKit app

How hackers get access to your passwords

How hackers get access to your passwords

Having a solid password reduces the chances of a cybercriminal obtaining your login information. But how exactly can hackers get their hands on your credentials anyways?

Leaks of passwords

  • From time to time, even the most prominent corporations get hacked, resulting in millions of passwords on the internet (data breach). Not only may a criminal possibly obtain access to your compromised account, but they may also log in to your other accounts using the leaked information from such breaches.


  • Phishing can be defined as a type of social engineering that takes advantage of people’s natural tendencies. This disguises harmful websites and apps as genuine services to deceive consumers into freely divulging sensitive data such as login passwords, credit card numbers, and so on,

Attackers using brute force

  • Brute force attacks are when hackers try every conceivable combination of characters to enter into your account until they find the correct password. As you would expect, this would be impossible to perform manually. Therefore, hackers employ purpose-built programs capable of processing millions of tries per second. A brute force assault will be able to steal a password faster if it is short.

Concluding statements

It is essential to keep all of your passwords safe at all times, whether you use a password management app or not. It’s almost impossible to remember all of your passwords, and it’s inconvenient to have to check in every time, hence why we wrote this “how to keep passwords safe on iPhone” article.

As stated earlier, you can use the Password Manager – PassKit app to improve the security of your stored passwords on your iPhone, thus vastly reducing the risk of having your password hacked.

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